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  1. I'd be much more excited to see a surge cancellation card. Make it something expensive or of limited use, just not quite as limited as the Lampwright.
  2. A- Forlong B- Gwaihir C- Rumil D- Ingold E- Arwen F- Bifur G- Hama H- Gloin I- Kili/Fili J- Treebeard K- Faramir L- Quickbeam M- Legolas N- Boromir O- Anborn (Lore) P- Skinbark Q- Bill the Pony R- Gildor Inglorion
  3. Can't wait for Minas Tirith, especially with how cool Helm's Deep was!
  4. Hey I live in Green Bay, maybe we could figure something out? I've also got OCTGN, and could help you set that up if you don't.
  5. Elven jeweler arrived just in time to help me with Nightmare Voice of Isengard!
  6. 1. Yes, just any clue card that is on the board currently. 2. The treachery resolves, and then the clue is free of encounters (unguarded). 3. Right, so ideally you'd want to attach them to a hero who isn't involved in combat often. Also note you can place all of the clues on one hero or spread them out as you see fit. 4. Yes, he can gain one while you are on stage 3B and then could commit characters to the quest. If you only controlled one clue and lost it, you have to reset the quest deck to 2B. Hope that helps, enjoy the game!
  7. Mono Tactics new slogan: "It's theoretically possible!"
  8. Sure, but 3 of those are unique, they all cost more than 3, and Westfold Outrider can't pull locations, so I'm still completely unconvinced mono Tactics is working anywhere except the simplest of quests. I mean feel free to explain, I've got my crow eating knife and fork out, but I don't think mono tactics has any place outside of battle questing.
  9. You guys are kidding right? What quests are we talking about, Passage through Mirkwood? Mono tactics has a max of what... 9 willpower if you're questing with all your heroes? And like 1 ally who has above 1 willpower? There's plenty of scenarios where there are starting locations you wouldn't clear, and that's a wrap. Even if you're doing Trained for War, beating "90%" of quests seems a dubious claim at best. Maybe show a decklist?
  10. Oh man, how did I overlook that? Treebeard and Faramir = BFFs!
  11. It's too bad one of the allies he would synergize the best with is himself.
  12. That's a good point, and there are other examples of characters being present at seemingly impossible times, but I think many of the characters who should be cronologically dead are from Saga Expansions, and the adventure packs and deluxe expansions take place only pull characters who were alive during the 17 year period after Bilbo's 111th birthday party.
  13. Mablung is going to be a nice ally too. 2 willpower, 2 hit points for 2 resources with a useful effect? Sign me up.
  14. Either... Or structured instructions mean that you have to resolve one of the options completely. If that happens to say "all allies" or something, that could miss, because 0 still counts as all. Predatory wolves however targets one specific ally, so unless you can discard one, you have to search for a warg.
  15. The LOTR trilogy was a great adaptation of the book. And "Tolkien Purists" can say they're missing some key element that makes them inferior or whatever, but the point is that people who would never have approached the materials watched those movies and got to enjoy the story. Not everyone likes sitting down and reading a book that can be rather daunting at times, what with all the locations and characters and background information being thrown around. Having the films around takes absolutely nothing away from the books. I didn't much care for the Hobbit films- I still like the Hobbit. I will never understand the sentiment that the stories need to be protected and locked away. I guess if the goal was to make them more obscure so less people can enjoy them - mission accomplished, since I can't say I've ever had a discussion about Feanor or the Silmarils outside of internet chat rooms.
  16. Your second and third heroes wouldn't matter threat wise, would they? Unless there's some mechanic we haven't seen yet.
  17. Basically if something seems too good to be true - it probably is. Always look for the Golden Rule.
  18. It's the only way to use it, if shadow cancellation is your goal.
  19. Yeah, I don't think surge is Wastes biggest threat. I can only think of like two cards that even have it? The biggest issue I ran into was how questing worked, as a lot of people have mentioned. Between the treachery that removes all damaged characters from the quest, the treachery that switches or adds side quests, and all the hate that comes from having multiple side quests ON TOP OF only questing 1/2 turns (provided you don't get Sudden Darkness...). Questing was a mess in this one. It always felt like I had to commit way more characters than I wanted to (which played into yet another treachery) and was left defending a bunch of wargs and never killing them. I liked this quest though, it didn't kill you turn one most of the time, it was the fun kind of difficult.
  20. Weight of responsibility is such a brutal card in this quest. You can only make progress every other round, so you're more than likely gonna let side quests sit, and there's a very good chance you've got at least two thanks to Pressing Needs! I had quite a few games in a row where I thought "Okay, I've got this" and then I'm revealing 3 or 4 cards, plus the one at the end of the round when it changes to night... Blah.
  21. I love Nightmare pack announcements. They come out of nowhere, they're almost always really well done, and you can order them on the spot. Awesome surprise.
  22. Nah, green windows mean before, during and after you're able to take actions. Events are only limited to those. If it worked how you described, you couldn't play Steward of Gondor, activate it, and then use those resources to pay for allies or attachments that turn, for example.
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