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  1. I was just asking Caleb about Lay of Nimrodel, and now he's saying that Blood of Numenor/Gondorian Fire/Lay of Nimrodel all are phase long effects that work similar to passive effects and get recalculated as needed. I'm going to show him the prior ruling, I'll post what I learn!
  2. I'm sure you guys are right, seeing as how it would only make sense that Lay of Nimrodel is the willpower version of those two attachments, but I sent a question to Caleb because it will gnaw at me. I'll let you know what he says. This deck is pretty cool Seastan, made short work of NM Blood of Gondor. Nice work!
  3. The "give" on Gondorian Fire and Blood of Numenor vs. the "gets" on Lay of Nimrodel gives me pause. Makes it sound like a phase long event.
  4. Does Lay of Nimrodel operate like Gondorian Fire and Blood of Numenor? Where it's at the time that the card is played that the willpower boost is calculated?
  5. It's funny because the Nightmare scenario made the following one of my most feared treacheries in that scenario..."Oh, raise each player's threat by 18. Here, have some Surge too!" Burnt Homestead You're right! I did forget! But now that you mention it, I remember one time I was a turn away from victory and I got those back to back for like a 30 threat increase. That one is a doozy!
  6. Oh sure, surge and doomed 1! Because this doesn't already make the game incredibly difficult! Lol. I know it's Nightmare, but this one is always such a heart breaker to see pop up.
  7. Yeah, I wasn't trying to be smug or anything, my bad. I originally didn't even think that when the traps were being attached and that their game text might be active the first time I played Foundations, so I guess that one never got me. There's been plenty that have though, lol.
  8. Q: If a card is attached to Nameless Thing (D 125) as part of the resolution of its Forced effect, is that card’s game text active? A: No. Cards that are attached to Nameless Thing (or Elder Nameless Thing) as a result of triggering its Forced effect are considered attachments with no card title or game text. The only active part of the attached card is its cost. That'd be awfully tricky though.
  9. I'm just running 50, with 3 Will of the West and 3 Dwarven Tombs it doesn't run out, and the Tombs wind up being super useful for Elrond's Counsel if you get them early or if you haven't stumbled across a Will of the West yet. I'll send you a list when I get home, it's real fun.
  10. I've been running Erestor/Grima/Glorfindel and that's been working very well. Granted it's not a viable multiplayer option, but I've put it up against all the new stuff and even some Nightmares and it's done pretty good. Grima really helps smooth things out since you have such a limited time to play everything. Threat is never an issue because of Elronds Counsel coming up so often. I'm having a blast with it, I didn't think I'd like Erestor but he's quickly become one of my favorites!
  11. Yeah, each one requires a separate resource to get going. Keep in mind though that if you have like 6 resources, the first time you use it will give you +5, and the second time will give you +4, for a grand total of 9. Maybe I'm the only one that threw for a while, but it isn't how many resources are left in the pool when you attack, it's how many were left when you calculated the value.
  12. I'm exaggear I HATE to be THAT guy, I am no expert or anything and regularly get crashed by Nin-in-Eilph but... "Well, we didn't draw our key cards, so we never stood a chance" and "we lose turn one", especially in multiplayer, is indicative of some seriously problematic decks unless you are playing against a quest with a messed-up opening. I knew I shouldn't have put "turn 1" in there. I was exaggerating to make a point. And against lots of the Nightmare decks, I'm standing by that. Lots of times your game isn't over after turn 1, but it might as well be. Scoop and reset. And there are quests where there are very few options outside of some kind of relying on certain cards. Consistently bad opening hands are indicative your deck needs work, but at the end of the day your fate is in the hands of pure probability.
  13. If you're running 3 copies of a card, drawing 6 and then 7 cards, your chances of drawing any given card is like 57%. There are so many quests where that basically means my deck will lose, through no fault of my own, 43% of the time. And before there are shouts of "BUILD YOUR DECK BETTER!" we all know the most powerful decks revolve around some key cards. This is always one of the biggest hangups when I introduce people to this game. We set up, draw our cards, and lose turn one. When they ask why, I say "Well, we didn't draw our key cards, so we never stood a chance." It's part of the game, and I sincerely doubt it'll ever change, but I like the idea a lot.
  14. There's lots of quests where your deck has to be operating at full strength turn 1 to even have a chance against. I'm all for anything that makes the game less about random draw and more about strategy. Good idea.
  15. Just LoTR, the cooperative aspect appeals to me way more than the competive games do.
  16. Every time I've asked Caleb about these kinds of things, he explains that travel costs have to be paid before you can travel to a location. So neither of these can be traveled to if there isn't an enemy to engage. For example, I asked about Entwood, which is worded in basically the same way. Hello. When Travel effects on cards like "Entwood" from the new Voice of Isengard nightmare pack have you "engage the highest engagement cost Huorn enemy in the staging area," can you still travel there if there are none in the staging area, since the highest was 0, or do you have to engage a huorn to pay the "cost" to travel there? Thanks. Hi Chris, If there are no Huorn enemies in play, then you cannot travel to Entwood because you cannot pay its travel cost. Hope that helps.
  17. You can, but unless your Gandalf hero dies you won't be able to put your Gandalf allies into play since they're unique.
  18. No, it doesn't lift the way attacks are declared, so player 1 can attack it, and player 2 could send ranged characrers to help, and then player 2 can attack it again if be so chooses and player 1 could use his ranged characters.
  19. AI - Rumil AJ - Arwen AK - Gimli AL - Bofur (Spirit) AM - Treebeard AN - Legolas AO - Beorn AP - Gandalf (Core)
  20. Sure wish my retailer would run these, I don't like eBay but I want those alternate art cards!
  21. Things are looking up for leadership, they just got their first 3 attack ally!
  22. S- Eomund T- Elfhelm U- Saruman V- Arwen W- Haldir X- Gimli Y- Elrond Z- Orophin AA- Treebeard AB- Faramir AC- Legolas AD- Boromir AE- Bofur (Tactics) AF- Beorn AG- Bill the Pony AH- Gandalf (Core)
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