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  1. BH - Frodo Baggins BI - Beregond BJ - Elrond BK - Aragorn (T)
  2. AZ - Sam Gamgee BA - Frodo Baggins BB - Legolas BC - Beregond BD - Elrond BE - Gandalf BF - Aragorn (T) BG - Arwen Undomiel
  3. Ships don't make sense? Like... the kind that are explicitly mentioned in the source material? I would understand if you were drawing the line at airplanes, but boats? This is the weirdest "the game is ending" post I've ever seen.
  4. AJ - Pippin (Lo) AK - Glorfindel (S) AL - Beorn AM - Eomer AN - Aragorn (Lo) AO - Grima AP - Beregond AQ - Mablung AR - Elrond AS - Merry (S) AT - Gandalf AU - Erestor AV - Eowyn AW - Aragorn (T) AX - Arwen Undomiel AY - Faramir (Le)
  5. Yeah, that's the way me and my friends have all interpreted it, that the card is referring to progress being placed on itself. I'm just worried that I'm on that stage, have quested successfully, and am placing progress as a result of that. Sounds like what the card is talking about as well.
  6. Hey guys. I'm playing through the Murder at the Prancing Pony and I'm stuck on some wording for Stage 2B. The second forced effect - is that when I place progress on the quest card itself, or whenever I place progress anywhere (active location)?
  7. Treebeard is keeping pace with Boromir? Oh man, didn't expect that one. Grima being criminally underrated however, fully saw coming.
  8. I voted for her, I've never been a fan of Galadriel. Mirlonde fits into an Elrond deck I'm very fond of. On a related note, Galadriel got the "new and flashy" vote last year to beat my favorite hero for the championship, so...
  9. D. Mirlonde E. Dain Ironfoot F. Glorfindel (S) G. Sam Gamgee H. Frodo Baggins I. Beorn J. Eomer K Aragorn (Le) L. Aragorn (Lo) M. Prince Imrahil N. Legolas O. Grima P. Beregond Q. Merry (T) R. Haldir of Lorien S. Thorin Oakenshield T. Elrond U. Faramir (Lo) V. Merry (S) W. Bifur X. Gandalf Y. Gimli Z. Boromir (T) AA. Erestor AB. Eowyn AC. Eleanor AD. Amarthuil AE. Aragorn (T) AF. Celeborn AG. Arwen Undomiel AH. Theoden (S) AI. Faramir (Le)
  10. Yeah, committing zero and then picking the second option is all good, since each can include 0 like you said.
  11. Ohhh, yeah you're right. I just re-read the little card inserts for Fog on the Barrow Downs, I thought it said something about Frodo. It alludes to him with the rules part about "immune to player card effects" getting cancelled, but that's about it.
  12. Hey guys. So I was just playing through the Nightmare Three Trials (very fun by the way) and I got into a situation that I wasn't sure about. After completing the Trial of Strength as my last stage 2 quest (where you simply kill the guardian with the key attached to claim it), I moved onto Stage 3 after killing the Wolf Guardian, and all of the guardians re-engage me. Since it is still my attacking step, I killed the Boar Guardian. But I was wondering: could I have killed the Wolf's Guardian? I had already attacked him that phase, but he was discarded and then put back into play. I could've sworn I saw a ruling like this floating around, but I can't seem to find it. Anyone know?
  13. I've always thought that the Fellowship heroes were used regardless of whether or not you're playing campaign mode since they so closely mirror Baggins sphere Bilbo, who is specifically mentioned on a few quest cards (Flies and Spiders comes to mind).
  14. Yes, each step is seperate, and yes, players can take actions at the end of each step. Everything starts with the first player and goes from there.
  15. Yeah, I just re-read the setup and I can see where that's a touch confusing. However, the next line says you're "adding" them to the staging area, so you're all good. You end up with the safe location guarded by the side quest. To my knowledge, guarded cards can't be guarded by more than one card. Hope that helps.
  16. Maybe a few of the cards you really want to see in that opening hand? Obviously Love of Tales, but any others that you get and know you're set?
  17. Just to clarify: Q: So do Blood of Numenor and Gondorian Fire work the same way? They are also "until the end of the phase" effects, so they too have to be recalculated whenever resources in that characters pool change? Does the effect on those cards give a static bonus to attack or defense at the time of activation, or are those two operated the same way as Lay of Nimrodel? A: Any card effect that lasts until “the end of the phase” or “the end of the round” is a lasting effect and must be recalculated anytime the board state changes. This includes Blood of Numenor and Gondorian Fire. I then went on to point out the prior ruling, which is where the other answer came from.
  18. I will get you my exact question, because I asked specifically about Fire/Blood. Make no mistake, they are absolutely affected.
  19. Yeah, at first I was thinking "Oh boy, what a shocking ruling!" But there's a good chunk of the time where this works for you too. I think this was how I originally played Blood and Fire too, until I saw the prior ruling.
  20. I don't think you'd lose the bonus though Seastan, because Blood of Numenor already triggered it's phase long effect.
  21. Ignore the part where Caleb yells at me, but here it is guys. New ruling for all of these cards. When I asked if you had any prior rulings that you were referencing, this is what I was asking for. My current ruling does indeed contradict this previous one, but my current ruling is the correct one. We long ago established that encounter card effects that last until “the end of the phase” or “end of the round” must be recalculated when the board state changes, so it follows that it must be true for player card effects as well.
  22. I was just asking Caleb about Lay of Nimrodel, and now he's saying that Blood of Numenor/Gondorian Fire/Lay of Nimrodel all are phase long effects that work similar to passive effects and get recalculated as needed. I'm going to show him the prior ruling, I'll post what I learn!
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