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  1. Hi guys, just was wondering if anyone can help me figure this one out. When using the compass to search the top 5 cards for a new location, if one of the cards has immune to player card effects, can you select that one? Is the immunity in effect when it isn't in play?
  2. The game is hard to be sure, especially with nothing but the core set and a few expansions. However, Journey Down the Anduin is not a quest that uses any unfair or gimmicky methods to beat you, and you can definitely build for it. What I mean is, taking the deck you've thrown at it 14 times, its starting threat is 32. The Hill Troll has an engagement of 30, so you're taking a troll on turn one before any cards are even up! So you'll probably want to find a way to be below that. Multiplayer in that quest is going to be a bit more forgiving I would say though, since only one of you will have to deal with the troll. Each quest is unique, some are easier multiplayer and some are easier solo.
  3. 1. Erestor 2. Aragorn (Tactics) 3. Beorn 4. Gandalf 5. Grima
  4. Three Trials was harder. If anything this almost feels like Encounter at Amon Din to me, where the mechanic is very cool and makes up for the quest being a little bit easier. Like GrandSpleen said, Nightmare mode with this one is gonna be really cool.
  5. Thanks for the help guys! I thought I had read that somewhere, but the confirmation is much appreciated!
  6. Hey guys, was just wondering if cards like Burning Brand and Armored Destrier work against enemies with the "Immune to player card effects." While these cards do kind of sound like they're targeting the shadow cards themselves, part of me was having doubts during our last game. Thanks!
  7. It's not too bad, we got it on our first try without really building for it. It has the makings of a very tough nightmare quest though, the only reason it's not too bad is the lack of very punishing enemies. If you game the exploration mechanic and just kinda stay safe and scout stuff ahead of time you can make very direct routes to what you need and avoid falling into the nastier stuff. Very fun though, both this and Thing in the Depths are definitely top 10 quests in my opinion!
  8. I rotate them, but when I copy and paste them into here, it has a mind of its own! I'm sure I'm just not doing it correctly, so sorry again.
  9. Quest basically has you looking for the guardian with the key first, and then you have to find the right Temple of the Deceived. Locations in the staging area are any of four locations directly North, South, East, and West of your current location as you travel through the map.
  10. Having a hard time getting these rotated correctly, but here's the remaining player cards, as well as the quest cards and new encounter cards. Any questions let me know, again, sorry they're all over the place direction wise! Lol.
  11. Sorry for the massive wait everybody! I was delayed when I got home last night. Here they are!
  12. Quest is everything that was promised too. Exploration is a neat twist on locations, this cycle has been awesome so far.
  13. Very satisfying when you get him with like King Under the Mountain or something! Can't kick at a free ally.
  14. He's leadership. It's capped at +1, not +1 for each mount, if I recall correctly. If nobody else has posted pictures before I get home, I will!
  15. I'm not trolling you, I wouldn't do that with something as sacred as spoilers! Lol. Glad you got what you wanted.
  16. I just got my pack last night! Wasn't expecting it so early, but anyway, the new hero is Elfhelm. Rohan, Scout, Warrior traits with 2/2/2, 4 health 10 starting threat. Text is: Spirit heroes with a mount gain 1 willpower, tactics heroes with a mount gain 1 attack, and leadership heroes with a mount gain 1 defense. I think the other cards that hadn't already been spoiled were a lore event that does 1 damage to enemies in the staging area and can pay extra to do 2 more, and a tactics event that blanks an enemies text box, as well as a neutral dwarf ally, 3 cost, 1/1/1 with 2 health that is put into play if it's discarded off the top of your deck. If nobody posts their names and stuff I'll do it when I get home from work.
  17. Ahh, yeah, I suppose you're right.
  18. Did you already pose this question to Caleb Seastan? I'm very curious to see how far he wants to take this time rewinding nonsense.
  19. Suggesting a quest be more like Emyn Muil? Bold move.
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