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  1. Was wondering what happens if you use Saruman’s staff to lower the doomed value to 0? Does it still count as having played a doomed card for the purposes of readying Saruman, etc? Seems like it would to have synergy but I’m unsure. Anyone know or have thoughts?  

  2. So this is a simple question, and the rules lead me to believe it is the case, but play, reap, and fight affects are not optional, correct? I was mostly wondering because if you say reap with a creature who does 2 damage when they reap, and they’re the only target, they have to do it on themselves, right? Just wondering. Thanks!

  3. Hey all. So I’m just wondering if “before fight” works the same way as “fight”- where it only happens when you’re attacking with that character. I’d assume it does, I’m just a little confused from the wording on “before” in the rule book. Thanks!

  4. Yeah, they pop up less and less on eBay the further out from their release you get. Typically ones released at Gencon are going to be more expensive than the ones included with Fellowship events, as there are far less of them. You could try Boardgame Geek? I've bought/sold some alternate art cards on there. Also, depending on which ones you're looking for I have a few I'd be willing to sell. Faramir, Legolas, and Celeborn. 

  5. It's fun, but hard. Not the longest quest ever, but with 2 player I think it took us a little over an hour. The first stage can throw a lot of threat your way, and there's a particular enemy that will have attacks flying your way as it's revealed that surges, which is a pain. It wasn't one of those "this card comes up and you lose" type of quests though. Me and my partner had a good time playing it! I especially liked the second stage, it has you sneaking past guards and it really captures that with an interesting mechanic. Great pack all in all, considering the player cards and solid quest!

  6. Anyone get tickets for Attack on Dol Guldur this year who might want to set up a time to play it? I didn't get any tickets but I'm hesitant to cancel my trip just yet. Very willing to purchase any tickets or quest/alternate art cards as well, but at the very least I'd like to try it out. Gonna be rough being so close yet so far away to the event.

  7. 20 hours ago, PocketWraith said:

    Yeah, I'd say no. It works for using Vilya on attachments because they're put into play rather than played, but events are still played by Vilya, so the restriction would apply.

    What'd you mean by "works for using Vilya on attachments?" Just curious what restrictions that gets around.

  8. No, Jenny was delayed and another investigator gained a debt condition. Can Jenny still use her once per round ability to discard a debt gained while delayed? Sorry for being unclear, re-reading my question I realized how confusing that was, lol.

  9. Hey all, just wondering - how does flamethrower work? Is the damage reduction cumulative and stacking every time you encounter a monster, or does it only reduce it by 1 for the duration of the  encounter? Thanks!

  10. Hey all! Was just hoping to clear up some questions that nagged me and my partner after our first play through. Most confusion came from the final battle. First, what happens if an investigator is downed when entering the final battle? Does he still participate? Secondly, the rules state you can trade items as if you're in the same location, but what about casting spells on one another? Is that fair game, does it only work if you wind up at the same location entering the final battle, or not at all? Thanks in advance!

  11. Are their stat boosts dependent on the other actually readying? Just wondering if Legolas is a viable target for Light of Valinor.

    The text instructs us to ready a hero, we can't ready a ready hero, so for us to ready a hero, that hero must be preemptively exhausted.

    Fair enough, just that ever since Sam I like to clarify. Thanks.

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