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  1. you have the rogue trader imperial noble the explorator- fixes the ship, makes it run, and if you don't play nice with him cause a diplomatic incident with the admec the navigator- the mutant that allows you to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time/ imperial noble and has a house that is just as powerful as the trader's backing him. the astropath- the only guy that can send a distress call and has access to the warp. the missionary- the god emperor is on his side, who's on the RT's the senchel- irratate the one guy on the ship who has the job of hiring assassins? great idea! the voidmaster- do you really want to irritate the guy driving the ship or the ship'd gunner? the archmilitant- the ship's troops are probably more loyal to him than the trader. they see their commander more often.
  2. how much of the ship is already open to space by the time boarding starts. very rarely do boardings start without a shot being fired by those macrocannons. another option what happens when said guardsman uses a grenade to kill enemy and blows a hole in the water stores/reclamation. void suit will keep you from drowning too. fuel stores and shell storage will be armored. but sewage? exhaust from some piece of equipment? most will know not to have a fire fight in the gun bays or other high explosive areas. but might want to keep a close eye on the ogryn. short temper with a big gun? while i agree that breaching the outer hull with infantry or even vehicle class weapons is unlikely, if you are using them on a ship. the SHTF long before that point and the hull could look like swiss cheese at that point.
  3. i'd suggest to keep adding to your list. any entries that don't appeal to certain users could swap them out for alternatives. it's simple enough to not like 5 entries roll the third that you don't like and count down three on the alternate list and take that instead.
  4. on the number of worlds. i'd suppose that was to mean inhabited worlds. sooo i can't remember the name of the theory but it is used for intelligent species, but it applies here as well. we don't know but lets say 1 in 10 stars have planets. 1 in 10 of those have a planet in the "goldylocks belt" 1 in 10 of those have every thing it needs to support life. 1 in 10 of those actually support life. and 1 in 10 of those have an intelligent species. so only 1 in 10,000 stars have systems that can support life. and 1 in 100000 have an intelligent species. the galaxy has between 100 to 400 billion stars. let call it 250 billion. so 25 million stars can support life and 2.5 million have intelligent life. just something to think about.
  5. if you're looking at them from a RT bonus point of view. consider the differences between a navy rating, a navy armsman, and your standard guardsman. the rating isn't usually armed except for a club or knife. (wrench of butcher knife) and no armor. he probably has a voidsuit though. not combat trained 80% of crew. knows not to create a hull breach. the armsman is armed, but most of his weapons are for crowd control, not combat/killing. he may or may not have armor, but does have a voidsuit. combat trained 20 % of crew. knows not to create a hull breach the guardsman is armed and armored for combat. if he's lucky he has a voidsuit. he's combat trained. probably doesn't know jack about fighting in space and has lots of high penetration exploding toys.
  6. they have several uses. counter ordinance, ground support, escort duty, "bug hunt", scouting, ect. or you could go with something like the young RT scion duke starwalker in his fury fighter flying along the chaos planetkiller commanded by a death crater chaos space marine, having to send a missile into a warp drive vent the size of a shoe box. or has that been done before?
  7. zayth could be considered a hive world. it has several mobile hives. though they are trying to kill each other.
  8. now lets step in with logistics once again. lets say they did salvage the LoT. congratulations you now have a battleship, a really powerful hole in space that eats thrones. when the USS Missouri fired one of her main guns, 14 inch i believe, it cost the same amount as a new cadillac. that was every shot. how many macro cannons does this thing have? after you shoot something with it will there be any salvage left? plus fuel, food, pay, ect. the navy may have a battleship per sub-sector. why is this? cause it takes a sub-sector to support one. a developed sub-sector. you can always point this out to them.
  9. missionary (insert name here) abord (insert ship name) that can walk in the void with out a void suit. no one knows how or why. frontier planet that worships the emperor and his 20 sons. (planet separated from imperium before the heresy. and they know the names of the 2 "lost" primarchs,) deathwatch/chapter fortress. they have been out of contact for a few thousand years and their gene seeds have become mixed from the original contributing chapters. (haven't been able to send any to earth for those years either. deathworld with a 'nid hive fleet over it. the catch. the local flora and fauna ate every creature the nids sent down now they don't have enough energy to leave to find easier pickings. a world with a rogue (and mad) magos who has populated the world with hybrids of human, ork, kroot, elder, and several other races. all combinations covered. indestructible blue box that says "police". never found in the same place twice.
  10. another thing to consider. when a crusade is declared in a expanse, time is running out to claim everything in sight. while many rogue traders might work at "their own speed." once massive armies of a crusade show up they either have to consolidate their power in their holdings, step up their conquest for more holdings (or steal holdings from rivals), or move on to greener pastures. i think a crusade would cause a feeding frenzy to occur among the trader families. each one trying to secure as many rights to resources/land/factories/ect as they can before the new sector is "settled".
  11. I've always thought the older the warrant the shorter it was. as time passes new traders have more and more restrictions. limits to power, tasks to fulfill, ect. the "new" letters of marque arn't even hereditary. so one signed by the emperor or a primarch might be a couple pages saying you can go outside the imperium, trade with xenos and heretics, ect. most of it remaining vague and giving immense power to the holder. while the newer ones get continually longer the newer they are, as stipulations are added and powers are more narrowly defined. as for the topic. I was in a game where the lords of terra issued a few hundred warrants that stated that anyone that could obtain them was the rightful holder. no name on them just "the holder of this warrant". didn't matter how you got the warrant just as long as you had it on you. that was the catch. you had to keep it with you and anyone that wanted a warrant just had to take it from you to be the warrant holder and leave you dead or with nothing. made things interesting.
  12. i know they are different lines but the chimera in 2e seems to be the same as in only war. if both DH2e and OW are on the same power scale then the sentinel should have a armor rating of f 25, s15, b15. cruse speed of 45. man +10
  13. it was my turn to gm so i came up with a lure of the expanse type game. the current warrant holder sends out his many children to earn a certain amount of pf. he gives them about 50 options to do this. most require 5 to 6 or more to come up with the required pf. however it could be done with just 2. kill a nid hive ship and make it back alive to collect the bounty, and re-capture a ark mechanicus that a group of pirates and herateks had betrayed and stolen. with out damaging any of the systems on board. these weren't serious ideas of mine just thrown in as filler and something to kill off a few siblings. the players had other ideas. insane but effective ideas. their ship had a teleportium. this comes in later. first thing they do is cut a deal with the magos of the lathes for a dozen best quality stasis units. they proceed to convert them into traps while on their way to catachan. after arriving they proceeded to trap 12 greater barking frogs with the stasis traps. only killed about 1/10 of the crew and several outposts. heading back to the expanse they lost 4 of the 12 frogs and had to replace the crew 3 times and burning 2 fate each. they proceeded to track down the ark and found it just as a sibling did. poor lil sis became the test subject of the first one. teleporting a frog to the air recyclers of a lunar class cruiser. no survivors. 2 more to the ark's enviro plants and one down. they lost 2 going through the gate. replaced the crew again and burn another fate point. found hive ship and used same strategy. 3 frogs to different parts of the ship. killed 3 cubic kilometers of the beast and drove the rest of the creatures insane from the sudden shock of losing such a large chunk of the collective hive mind. did not see that strategy coming. just goes to show never under estimate your players.
  14. they don't fall to chaos because they were designed not to. they follow gork and mork. however evolution being what it is a few have started to. further chaos has little to offer orks. there entire life is controlled by instinct. they want to fight because their instincts tell them to. this makes them bigger which allows them to get into more and better fights. no fear. their biology means they don't have to worry about injury of illness or age. no greed or envy. the drive for better stuff is so they can get into better fights. they have no secrets really. thats theory 1. theory 2. they are designed to fuel 2 powerful warp devices (gork and mork). don't know what they do but.... the orks were designed to fuel them and all the energy that would normally be used by chaos is funneled into these devices. any ork that falls to chaos is killed for being un-orky.
  15. it was ruled with our group that due to the reaction of the teleportium tech and radioactive materials in a working nuke couldn't be teleported safely. 10% chance it gets where it's going and goes off, 10% chance it gets there but doesn't go off. (50/50 chance the bomb is broken in some way preventing it from ever going off.) 10 % it detonates in the teleportium (on your ship) 10% it doesn't go anywhere with the 50/50 broken. 20% chance it appears between target and you and goes off. 20 % between and doesn't go off with 50/50 rule. 20% chance it goes somewhere else. (GM decides where and when this is. could go off in the warp, or you could find it 10 years later in the crypts of some forgotten xeno world balanced on the edge of a dropoff with crystalized prometium covering every rock.) by these rules they can send it at their own risk, it has both saved the group and party wiped us before. nuke/boarding torp/bomber/other small craft. the radioactivity of the bomb acts as a homing device and targeter for turrets.
  16. granted this was in a rogue trader game, but servoskulls wit target beacons worked well. drop off a dozen, have'em fly in all directions. watch the vidfeed from orbit. Lance/macrocannon/torp the site when a necron pops up on the feed. worked till the tomb ship showed up. another option is mortars. get behind a hill and indirect fire. mines were a good option. booby traps. ambush and strike and fade strikes. artillery/air strikes. without a tech priest don't know if you could pull it off but a tech virus might work. large electro magnets might work too.
  17. another consideration is medicine might just be the only place knowledge (not technology) has moved forward. new plants and animals are constantly being discovered in the imperium. most are tested for military use, but some are undoubtedly used for other purposes. most through trial and error during early colonization most likely. then there is the divisio biologis. the STC is a record of perfect technology that can be applied to any circumstance in any environment. but to apply that tech you have to know the properties of your raw materials. hence research and new knowledge in natural resources. and by extension medicine.
  18. into the storm p. 240 the bounty ring. they are low g farms around port wander. only about half of port wander is 1 station. the rest are a series of mined out astroids that are farms, hab blocks, dry docks and assorted other things. so not only can the imperium do it, it has. probably several times over.
  19. more established routes also allow you a fairly good idea of how far a place is in the warp. as stated before footfall to damaris is 150 days. but footfall to grace is 90 and grace to damaris is 40. 130 days. that cuts the time from footfall to damaris by 20 days. return trip is even more. demaris to footfall is 200 days. demaris-grace-footfall is 85. this is unaltered times, add in components that lower warp time, good navagators, and compoents that extend time in space. travel can be dangerous but not impossible or especially dangerous. right now my group has a orion clipper. between the milo warp engine, runecaster and best starcharts. warp travel is fast(1/4-10 days.) and a base speed of 10 with grav sails, modified sprint trader drive, and a energy conversion matrix we squeeze 18 out of it. makes for short trips in and out of system. yes this is a highly specialized ship but between planning, components, and navagation, running low on supplies souldn't be too hard to avoid.
  20. in ground combat i would allow it for a number of turns equil to their toughness bonus if standing or kneeling. prone i would probably rule x2 or x3 TB. this assumes that they arn't doing something while waiting, even talking. this reflects that strain of lifting the weapon and keeping it on target. these are more guidelines for a sniper waiting for that perfect shot. if it's just for a round, or fraction of a round, (say you aim at a spot just outside a corner waiting for the enemy to come put to shoot) then as long as they arn't diving for cover or something then it just makes sense to let them.
  21. i've found that it works great to discourage raiders from stern camping a cruiser or larger ship. preventing a docked ship from leaving port. and to keep a ship from docking. modified mines make a good substatute for general explosives.
  22. current city that fits is footfall. even has a xeno embassy of sorts there. as for pre-hersey i don't know.
  23. their are reasons ships like that are called ESCORT carriers. they escort other ships. what you have is an experimental ship that wouldn't last very long except in more civilized space by itself. a lc or cruiser and you have a decent raiding team. fighter/bomber squadrons for fast response and "flush team" while the cruiser is the defense and big guns. then i has the space to carry away the goods. by itself it is a sitting duck. as an escort it is decent. for just 1 ship though get a different hull with a landing bay. you need either better weps or more squadrons for a swarm ship. as a side note once played a short game with a avenger GC as the ship. she had 6 jovan pat. launch bays.
  24. think outside the box. the gm wants a combat effective group. you want a raider. you have 72 points. lets look at the options: 1. a raider that has been ruled out. 2. a frigate that you could upgrade pretty decently. 3. a LC that IMO has the worst of both frigs and cruisers. a glass jaw and slow, also have problems concentrating fire. the up side is more room leaves you with less points for upgrades but still you can do that later. 4. a cruiser it doesn't leave you with many upgrade points but it's still a cruiser. they are made to suck up hits and keep fighting. now here's where it gets tricky. 5 a transport upgraded for speed and stealth. i would suggest the orion. 6. 2 raiders. you run into the same problem as with a single cruiser, but you retain the speed, get the advantage of squadron tactics, can be in 2 places at once, and have plenty of room for both cargo and upgrades later. also each ship has a background. 2 cobra's both with the same components. modified jovian pat 2 drive, miloslav warp engine, mezoa geller void intergrent, combat bridge, m1 life sustainer, pressed crew quarters, m201 auger array, grapple cannon, gryphonne pat. torp tubes, barracks. space and power left over. 36 sp each. or 7. a raider and a transport. same advantages as 2 raiders with a few more points to work with. personally i would go with 4, but i like getting the biggest ship possible eairly on and upgrading it as i go. barring that i'd go with 6.
  25. set up is configuration, ship name, discription. 1. a skull (teeth clenched) headed figure (body is covered in robes) with a bared sword in a skeletal hand with a snake wraped around the blade. - the striking serpent- this reaver has been seen around the near expanse and calaxis sector. it is said that no quarter will be given by the crew. 2. a skull (mouth wide open) headed figure holding a goblet up. - the laughing reaver- these gentlemen pirates perfer not to fire on their targets. only taking the most valuable cargo. they don't mistreat the crew and the officers are courteous for reavers and such. many vessels don't even atempt to run or fight when faced with this pirate. 3. hooded figure with hands up sleeves of robe- the vow of silence- this smuggler is one of the more successful ships around the maw. suspected of having ties to the cold and beast trades this ship has a large bounty on it from the commander of port wander. 4. hooded figure with upraised goblet. - the drunken traveler- this tramp freighter has a bad reputation. the crew are a rough sort and there is rumor that the reports of it loosing cargo to pirates may be true, just the pirates are still onboard. while well armed it isn't suggested to hire this ship to carry anything but the cheapest of cargos. 5. skull headed (teeth clenched) figure with hands in sleeves- the baleful glare- this smuggler is successful if a little blood thirsty. more likely to blast it's way through than to run this ship can be dangerous if there is a chance of it destroying the picket that discovered it.
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