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  1. New big Lord of the Rings game! 😲 Oh my god! Shut up and take my money now, FFG! And thank you :-)
  2. I completely agree. Overlord could be sometimes a little like dungeon master to others, not just an oponent. So he can increase the fun in many ways. He can choose different monster just because of new situations and experience on the table.
  3. I understand. You think you found too quickly the only best or most effective way to play overlord and that the game does not force you to change it. Maybe there is that problem, I have not played so many games I could confirm if that is really true.
  4. You mension a specific of the competitiveness of this game. This game is special, it so not like one gainst one as in some other games. It is most of the time one against 2, 3 or 4. Therefore I think the overlord role is not for everyone. The man must find fun in celebrating alone and in loosing alone against a group who want to destroy him. It is psychical state and psychical problem I think.
  5. I know they are not dependent, I just personaly wish to give some order to what I buy, because I like every pack of Descent. So I decided to buy base set lieutenants first, then first expansion (when reprint comes out), where other lieutenants were introduced and then buy those lieutenants, then second expansion, etc. But I know that it doesn't need to be that way.
  6. I have to say I'm really jealous you have such daughter
  7. I decided not to buy lieutenant packs that bind to expansions. I will keep the continuity, it is better for me.
  8. Someone has to loose every time
  9. I just found a good solution for 6 players. If you have a lieutenant pack, the last player can play with overlord as the lieutenant. So the grey figure is his and it brings new feeling to overlord game. He is not alone against the heroes.
  10. So, in roleplaying words: If a hero is infected and Outbreak card is played on him, the outbreak of his infection starts and he suffers from it more then before, infecting all other heroes near him.
  11. Even if you played two sepatate games in the same time, you'd have to buy this twice. You can always play two games consecutively, but the other half (maybe 2 people in your case) would have to watch or do something else. But it could be a good chance for competition, two groups playing agains the same overlord. They could compare which hero group is better in their campaign.
  12. Oh, really? Thank you, I have to look at this when my lieutenant packs arrive.
  13. For me personaly I love to buy any expansions in the order they came. The exception here could be lieutenant packs and Hero & Monster Collection packs. Lieutenant packs you can buy right after you have the expansion the are for and H&M Collection you cand buy any time. I have my new corre set, I ordered 2 lieutenat packs and will buy first H&M Collection imediately when it comes.
  14. I wanted to buy my first two lieutenant packs for core set and after some reading I choose Splig and Belthir. Is it a good choice? I want to have just two of them for now.
  15. What are your expectations for Shadow of Nerekhall? Will it change your current campaigns a lot?
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