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  1. Hello, How do I calculate the Reserve if I play Kings of Winter, the Frostfangs and the Strategy Card Wraiths in their midst? Kings of Winter says it gives -1 Reserve. The Frostfangs do the same. But Wraiths in their midst say that every Enemy gets -2 Reserve, but with a minimum of 2. If the enemy has printed 4 Reserve... how much does he have after this?
  2. Hi all, I will master the enemy within campaign but one question still remains: at which story points do I give the Players one XP? The campaign should go to level 5 but if I give one XP for one session wie will end at rank 2 or 3. (Wie are playing long sessions). Any Ideas at which points we should be rank 2?
  3. Hi, I have one question: I read a few weeks ago that in some Hero and Monster Collection are not the four colors, but instead one color more than once. e.g.: 2 red heroes, 1 blue hero and 1 yellow hero but no green Hero. Which Hero and Monster Collection has all four Colors (one hero of each) and which not? Thanks!
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