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  1. LEGEND good Tagging there, well done. Shame you dropped as you were on a roll by the end. I can hardly talk though given children have seriously hampered my campaign to make Tagge Greater Again. The important lesson for everyone Tagging is that while you should set up to go all in for a turn 2 smash up, you should be willing to slow down and not actually do it if it’s going to kill you and by not engaging in turn two you throw off your opponent. again, LEGEND
  2. Do not run tripledictors it is boring as ****. Tanks like a sponge and punches like one two
  3. There’s been a fair few tournaments announced on Facebook this week. It’s like the OP kits just landed
  4. Seriously, my forum life got so much better after using this feature. Don’t get banned, ignore people.
  5. Dr Alex v @Beginner2Winner is over. b2w had the bid and went first picking my jamming barrier as he hadn’t played it before. I put the barrier about 1 third of the table from his edge in front of my fleet, he had deployed admiral and jaina’s light to flank on his right into my devestator, bright hope and the armoured cruiser in the middle opposite me and quantum storm with slicers flanking on his left. I used Pryce for turn 2, which was probably a turn early. We approached each other but Jan was able to keep his MC75 and bright hope just behind the barrier so my Pryce turn didn’t do much. Turn 3 Jan sliced pursuant to a nav, which turned out to be really critical. I then used that nav to race pursuant to just over speed 1 from my side of the barrier blocking the MC75 from flying past devastator. Jan then learnt why intel officers aren’t great against a Tagge Devestator as I used his intel officer to shed a defence token and start powering up devestator. I also used a contain against 1 blue hit, just in case. devestator and some bombers stripped the front shield from the MC75. the MC75 failed to hit pursuant through its front arc through a combination of the barrier, two accuracies and Brunson. It then shot Devestator powering it up a bit more. Then rammed Pursuant poking it’s nose through the barrier, but not the side arc’s LOS dot. Admo flew around the back of devestator and quantum storm sliced devestator to a nav. turn 4 and the MC75 opens fires from it’s side into Pursuant. The LoS however passes through the jamming barrier which combined with some dreadful dice means pursuant loses one shield on it’s side. The MC75 then rolls a perfect 12 from its front with CF and ER on 4 blue and 4 black. No accs however mean brace, redirect and Brunson keeps pursuant alive on 2 hull. 1 hull after th MC75 rams. Pursuant then gets the rhymer ball to do more damage to the front of the MC75 and then shoots it itself. Finally it tries to dash past but can’t make it and rams itself to death, leaving the MC75 in the front arc of a powered up devestator on 4 hull. Admo comes in a shoots Devestator not achieving much then devestator blows the MC75 out of the water and strips admo of what is left of it’s shields and most of its defence tokens. Then rams bright hope who in turn has to ram devestator in a slow motion recreation of the end of Rogue One. The bombers strip the rest of the defence tokens from admo leaving it on 3 Health. turn 5 and Tagge brings back my brace, which is crucial in not dying. Admo is just out of black range by the smallest of margins (the plastic is in black) admo has a conc fire dial so can’t easily escape but has a quick shot and then runs as far as it can staying in the side arc of devestator behind the barrier. Devestator then opens up on bright hope through the barrier. A 12 dice front arc goes to 6 blue which despite leading shots the whole lot doesn’t get a single acc so bright hope scatters. Jaina’s light which has snuck in the rear arc loses its shields and its antisquad dice from a crit. Bright hope then dies through ramming. Jaina’s light shoots then rams devestator to avoid flying into the middle of the rhymer ball. The bombers then fail to kill it leaving it on one health. Quantum storm slices devestator to a repair. Turn 6 and jaina’s light opens fire on the shieldless rear of Devestator then rams it bringing it to 2 health and killing itself. Devestator repairs one hull and moves a shield to it’s side, it shoots admo bringing it down to one health and then has to fly into an asteroid to avoid being in black range of admo. The asteroid doesn’t inflict anything important and leaves devestator on 2 hull with 1 shield on front and 1 shield on the right. Admo shoots it’s side getting two hits which brace to 1 and takes down the shield protecting that arc. The rear then rolls a crit which makes my heart stop beating while I reveal it, it is not a structural damage so devestator survives on 1 health. Admo flies off and shara kills a TIE advanced. in the end I win, 253-100 MoV 153 so 8-3. dead on my side: pursuant 2 TIE advanced dead for beginner2winner: MC75 Bright hope Jaina’s light Tycho in the end Jan sliced me to victory as that nav on pursuant let me block the MC75 in devestator’s front arc. It was an awesome game which ended with both of us being one hull point from being ranked, Tagge saved my backside completely (take that Tagge doubters) and the jamming barrier worked for both of us completely changing the flow of the game at different times. That’s my tournament done. Thanks to my opponents for putting up with having to split games over multiple nights due to an angry girlfriend and newborn baby. I’m not doing the World Cup because I just can’t dedicate the time this year which is rubbish, someone else needs to run complete jank for me. I still have my tripledictors list if anyone wants it?. thanks for organising @CaribbeanNinja
  6. Ps @Dupy is awesome to play, even if every time I play him my brain hurts from trying to work out time differences. Good luck!
  7. @Dupy that was the most charitable write up of a game I have ever seen. If I had done it it would have been: Dupy played well and deservedly won, I made every conceivable error I could including stupidly getting my ISD killed by using a repair dial I had thought was a nav to shift shields away from the arc I then put in range of a TRC kitten
  8. Dr Alex vs @Zamalekite finally finished last night. i won the dice off and chose first. We played Zamalekite’s solar Corona, which he played annoyingly perfectly. Asteroids went down accross the front of my deployment zone, which given he has Dodonna pushed me to deploy slightly to my left to avoid them, he went everything on his left to avoid flying into me. We then played a couple of turns of dancing around the obstacles with Coran Horn using Adar to dart in and out to snipe my escorts for not much damage. Come turn there I had Pryce but still no real engagement. I thought I had the chance to fling my tar pit alpha strike at his bombers to kill Coran and hopefully Dagger and then tie a lot of the rest into a war of attrition leaving my bombers free reign to smash things. My 5 squad alpha strike completely whiffed, didn’t even kill Coran. I at least thought ‘my counter shots will do some damage’. Zamalekite gritted his teeth and began using his squads to unpick the big ball of barbed wire I’d just thrown at him. Which he did carefully, while pretty much every single counter shot I had missed. Every bloody time. He therefore was able to pick Fel’s flying circus apart, while I had to commit my remaining TIE Advanced to scragg Coran Horn. that then left my bombers easy pickings so Tycho flew at them to tie up Rhymer and a bomber while Zamalekite’s ships flew carefully around my big scary ISD. My Pryce last first came and went with little to show for it because everything was hiding from me. My last real throw of the dice was to then try and use my ISD to block the pelta and murder it next turn. Unfortunately with a nav dial the pelta just managed to get out of my front and into my side. At that point I lost all chance of winning and it became a question of how badly I’d lose. The answer to that was pretty badly. All my squads got picked apart which was understandable given the fighter cover was dead (and good riddance to them, appalling shots that they were). Then in the last turn managed to reel in the quasar and blow it up with bombers. Yes my dice were rubbish at the key point, but Zamalekite’s played his side basically perfectly, which was a glory to watch, just a shame it was against me. final score: Zamalekite 205 Dr Alex 22 MoV 183 so an 8-3 to Zamalekite. for FART: I lost all squads and quasar. Zamalekite lost Coran Horn back to the mid table for me...
  9. I was just wondering if people thought this thread would be allowed to die?
  10. Why should I ignore this thread? that reminds me: there is an x-wing thread I need to bump
  11. Bump so I can find this rather than crap about VSDs not being good when you try to use them as ISDs
  12. Dr Alex vs @Realadmiralsdoitinspace Was a game best forgotten by all involved due to catastrophic failings on both parts. It was all going fine until we tried to re-load from a save after a weekend break and spent 30 mins failing to even manage that. It then became a catastro***** when squadron activation became a mess in round four. Thanks to @rasproteus for coming and sorting us out. Dr Alex had the bid, chose first player. Played realadmirals’ fleet ambush. Tagge got serious and actually used his ability. Jaina’s Light and bright hope got Devestated, then Home one chose to repair rather than let the Liberty destroy the quasar it had dead to rights. The quasar and devestator then escaped leaving home one to get nibbled to death by squads, eventually flying off the board on turn 6 while flakking hard. dead: dr Alex: 2 x TIE bombers, 1x TIE advanced, my dignity. Realadmiralsdoitinspace: Home one Jaina’s light bright hope his dignity. final score: 252-30 to Dr Alex: MoV 222 so a 9-2 let us never speak of this again
  13. Combined they are already more popular than Vader
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