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  1. Here the new version. The jpg is 2MB so it should be big enough! http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/7847/tyrantclassdeckplanfina.jpg Two points: 1. there are 78 squares in the ship, not just 77. i really wasn't able to fix that 2. The Tenebro-Maze: i don't know how to deal with this component. components are placed where they are not expected? how should that work? put the plasma-drive in the front? and where to put the component? it's spread over the whole ship. You could decrease the SPACE of the Ship to represent that. But this idea came to late to me though. Hope you like it anyway!
  2. here an alternative, experimental version, without using offical FFG Background
  3. Here it is, i hope you like it. Took me much longer than i though. Problem is, that I am just a noob in Photoshop and forgot all the details. And I made a lot of mistakes to, so I had to redo it. Anyway. If there is something you want to change, just say so. I made a very crude 3d model, to get an idea of the scale (~³), so it should be more or less accurate. There is one error that i know of: The Sensorium is on Deck 1, not Deck 2. When i realised that, it was too late. But if you really want, i can fix that. @ Telosse: I am proud to say: yes, yes, and yes again. But have you check THAT guy out? http://thelordinquisitor.com/ i mean... compared to him i am just drawing stick figures with watercolours... Here another pic of the hades
  4. Hi Maese, here is the result so far. You use some components I could'nt find in the books so please post the SPACE they use. About the plan: This time i used 1 Square = 1 SPACE Next question is about the postition of the other components. You could use paint or GIMP to colour the spots were you want them. Just make some simple marks. I used the same colours for the components as in the other plan. You can already see the plasma and warp drive, bridge, viod shields, weapons, crew quarters and life sustainers. If you want them some where else just say so. Thank you for your interest!
  5. well, it took me some hours to figure out how to do this, I used photoshop CS3 by the way to make a new ship that way should not be difficult, just give me the type of the ship and the components, and i will see what i can do, don’t know how long you will have to wait though… but please don't post ship-stats, that would be against the rules i believe
  6. thanks for the nice replys! the squares? gooooood question this took me a lot of work The basis for my calculations were the size of the ship according to the data, the silhouette of the ship and the SPACE (60) then i used the grid of Photoshop and tried around until i got 60 Squares inside of the silhouettes. As i said, not very accurate, but it gave me an idea of the ship for the 3d model i used the figure of the office fleet gothic kit and just a simple ruler..., then i started to build it up piece by piece next i checked how much volume the model had these are the numbers: bow: ~310.000.000m³ middel: ~330.000.000m³ stern: ~400.000.000m³ i had to leave some volume out of the calculation, because not everything you can find in a ship is included in the RT components (a small hanger oder storage for example) in the end i assumed³ volume for the main parts of the ship that means one unit of SPACE is roughly 20.000.000m³, that means ~ 270m*270m*270m all of this is not perfect of course, but that dosen't matter anyway. as other people had already pointed out, the SPACE is only an abstract unit. it makes no use to be to precice with your measurement when using SPACE. hope my answer was useful If you want more pictures, i can provide them
  7. Hey guys, were playing Rouge Trader for a year or so now, and as a Tech-Priest i though a lot about the construction of our ship. Unfortunately, there are only very informations... Therefore I had to experiment myself This is the first Result: every Square is 150*150 meter, but the plans are, dispite my calculations, not very accurate therefore i tried something else, this time in 3d a look at the different sections, already colored: according to 3ds max, the ship has a volume of over³ If someone is interested, i can post some more informations And i would be glad about some feedback oh yeah, the data of the ship Dauntless-class light cruiser Dimensions: 4.5 km long, 0.5 km abeam at fins approx. Mass: 20 megatonnes approx. Crew: 65000 crew, approx. Space: 60 Supplemental Components Prow Sunhammer Lance Weapon; Port Sunsear Laser Battery Starboard Sunsear Laser Battery Trophy Room Murder Servitors Tenebro-Maze Temple-Shrine To The God Emperor Teleportarium
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