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  1. IRL, the shield is called tinbe and the spear, rochin. In Rokugan, the reverse is true. Why is that so? I've done some googling and found it appearing as the reverse in L5R since forever - is that a mistake that's carried over across publishers and editions, or is that intended for some reason?
  2. We already know about Force and Force-sensitive pilots. We also know that a small mark near the Force stat means that its reserves slowly replenish each turn. What if we could get a ship with such a mark near its shields or hull in the future, thus getting the first ship with innate regeneration?
  3. However, this is detailed in Iaijutsu, not in the quality description.
  4. The name of the Razor-Edged weapon quality might sound like it implies a beneficial effect, but its actual innate mechanical effect is definitely a drawback. Maybe it should be renamed for a more fitting connotation? Painstakingly Honed or something like that.
  5. The table with sample TNs, tasks, and times for MA [Unarmed] is doubled as 3-23 and 3-24.
  6. Hello there, comrades! I have a question. If a specialization has a skill in its "bonus skills" which already is in main career skill list (for example, bounty hunter: assassin - this choice has Ranged (Heavy) both in main career and bonus skills), does it mean that one can get two free levels in it on character creation?
  7. How about adding lists of typical equipment to Home World and Background layers and moving an equipment choice to Role layer? For example, axe, bow and beast furs for Feral World, chain blade and autopistol for Outcast; characters choose equipment from listed depending on Role (Warrior - two weapons and armour, Mystic - one weapon and psy-focus).
  8. It's the Rite of Duplessence elite advance from ItS.
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