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  1. Well, hopefully the announced fixes will bring this game up to FFG standards and industry par. Still wish the cards and dice were not dumbed down though. Future option?
  2. It is a poor product and compared to the quality level with which they are competing, vastly overpriced. My opinion of it has only diminshed, and that, quickly. The LAN vs. crashes so often a game is all but impossible. There is little to no content. No online play, no pass and play, etc... It is just a terrible release, quite unworthy of the FFG brand. I will be purchasing nothing else for this game unless substantial FREE improvements and upgrades are forthcoming. I would recommend the App to no one.
  3. It crashes constantly. Maybe waiting a bit for you folks will turn out to be a good thing.
  4. Having never played BattleLore in my life, nor even read the rule book, I utterly destroyed the AI in my first skirmish. As a side note, it was a scenario where one had to defend their own stronghold while attacking the other across a mirrored map. I had posession of both strongholds to no avail. I had to table the AI to win. Bug? Also, it has frozen to the point of requiring a reboot twice. Add in dumbed down card text, dumbed down dice rolls and no pass and play, and this might be the first $10 board game app I've ever regrettted. Hopefully fixes and updates are soon to hit. EDIT: I have now tried to play three more skirmish games vs. the AI. All, that is all fo them, in other words, each and every one of them, has ended in an irretreivable crash. This game is unstable in its current state. I would advise waiting.
  5. The game runs well and is fun for our BattleLore noob family. (EDIT: After further use, I realize that this opening statement is a marked error. This game has chronic stability issues and should not have been released in its current state). Our wishes: 1) Pass and Play. I mean, seriously. What the hell? Is this ommission meant to encourage me to buy the board game? If so, I garauntee it won't work. On the other hand, if the game DID have pass and play, I'd be about 500% more likely to buy each and every one of the eventual expansions. 2) Die rolls. I dig the cool icons and all, but I'd really rather see the faces of the dice. 3) Don't dumb down card rules. The text says things like, "you are twice as likely to get hits", instead of all (sword icon) faces count as (archer target) faces. I'd very much prefer to understand what the mechanic really was than nebulous laymen's desriptions like, "you are half as likely to suffer a hit".
  6. We always play at someone's house, not a store. So, we'd be limited to whatever they had at their place (+CC), for sure. In all but one of five's that pretty much means a long arm of some sort for everyone. Admitedly, someone would get stuck with a .22 but that beats a tennis racket all to hell. We'd probably have to nix the gamenight idea anyway and just start us off all together at a restaurant or, leaving a (zombie!) movie, etc...
  7. Any Monty Python sketch would have been from the days when US beer was confined to three or four corporate mega breweries and did, in fact, suck. When I say US beer is the best in the world it's because (well regionally in the PNW anyway) we have a massive craft brewery industry. Seriosuly, our beer is amazing. Of course I'm comparing it to European imports which might suck as bad as our US exports, so.... <shrug> @Korr: Yep. Ammo is heavy and the Army Rangers famously carry way too much weight.
  8. Honestly, I think the best beer in the world comes from the US. I'm about as far from a nationalist as someone can get, so understand that's a critical assessment, not rah rah USA. Always fun to poke Belgian's about their beer though, sure to get a rise. And for the record, German beer sucks. No, no FAL's or M1s at work. We were talking that we'd probably start the game at a restaurant or something, so CC pistols only. Then there's the fight and flight back home. God **** I love zombies.
  9. Yeah, Belgium makes great baked goods and guns. Decent beer too I suppose. The FAL is my best friend's, not mine. It's pretty sweet. He's 100% French and claims it as his heritage. When I point out it's Belgian, not French, he says "France makes crap guns, so, this is close enough for me." Haha. My brother has a SPAS-12. Not full auto but I think that's gratuitous for a shotgun anyway. Unless you're a cyborg or something I guess. @Doctor: Right, I get that, but I'm talking about systems and game mechanics. If this was just a setting it'd be no big deal, but it seems mechanics and balance are at issue here. Not only are we all armed, we're all more than competent shots. If the first few introductory adventures are based on hapless unarmed bystanders that won't work for us. It's a cool idea, I'm only hoping it's agile and deep enough to really account for its "You are who you are" aspirations. We're not the only armed nerds in the world, and, there isn't a nerdherd as armed as we are who haven't sat around many a late night talking zombies apocalypse. Don't forget our demographic!
  10. Right, I understand real world survival situations and potential threats believe me. What I'm pointing out is that the description SPECIFICALLY states how the game starts and then describes the situation from the assumption that the best any nerd playing an RPG can muster is a kitchen knife. That premise is critically and, for us, somewhat hillariously flawed.
  11. This: "Because you’re playing yourself at the end of the world, instead of a thousand-year-old elven warrior, the gear available to you is similarly restricted. As luck would have it, the apocalypse begins as you and your friends sit down to play a roleplaying game. There’s plenty of pencils and paper close at hand, but that won’t do much good against a zombie horde. Do you bring cash and hope that other survivors accept it as currency? How much battery life does your cell phone have left? A butcher knife from the kitchen might be the best weapon you can find at short notice." What if, like me and mine, you are utterly not described by the above? The paltry best any group of my friends could do on short notice (as in roughly 10-30 seconds) is a FN-FAL, Sig 232, Sig 226, a Winchester 1300, a Remington 870, an M1 Garand, etc... Not all nerds are helpless folks. Do we get all the above for free at character creation while other folks are frantically looking for steak knives and fyring pans? Bring it, zombies.
  12. SO EXCITED! Thought that Rock Band game was the death knell for this one. Glad to see I was wrong. Instant buy.
  13. Yes, we've got the game and expansion. Our two boys, 6 and 3, love the game. In fact my six year old says, with the expansion, that it is his new favorite. I take that with a grain of salt because I think we still play Micro Mutants more often, but he does enjoy it. All four of us can play and be entertained. All that said, it is a very messy game with little pieces strewn all over the table. It's a bit long to get out and pack up. The very very cool little pans constantly fall off the stoves which I find annoying. Also two of our five (plus expansion) stoves needed to be glued together because the tabs and slots were way too loose. Most of the above is nitpicks: It's still worthwhile. Might be a decent drinking game as well. All in all, a fine, but pricey, family game. I find Micro Mutants far, far superior and I'd rather have the boys playing it. There's more dexterity, more skill, more decisions, etc... If you've got the money and the theme would appeal to your family, go for it.
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