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  1. I won a 7 person tourney over the weekend with functionally the same list (PTL on Manaroo instead of EI). Those little Mando fighters are fragile, but it's a completely different way to play, what with them wanting to get right into someone's face. Great fun.I like the idea of the extra damage output from Fearlessness, but I found I needed PTL on Fenn for the barrel roll and boost in same turn. Ditto VI to get Teroch positioned and shooting early.
  2. ObiWonka has the right of it. "Executing a Maneuver" includes checking for pilot stress. Page 4 of the Rules Reference.
  3. FFG posted on Twitter that they've paused registration to fix the issues.
  4. Yeah, I just refreshed the IA credit card entry page and it worked.
  5. I was able to register for X-Wing quickly, but no go for IA.
  6. Love the Gothsonika inserts. He ships out of Texas.
  7. I won an 8 person store championship a couple of weeks ago with a list of Elite Nexu, Trandoshan Hunter, Temp Aliance, Chewbacca and Elite Wookiee Warrior. Faced a Probe droid/HK/RGC build the first game, a Weiss/IO/Sorin/Storm squad the second, and a Gideon/3p0/Chewie/Loku/MHD19+extras squad the last game. I got extremely lucky on dice rolls. My Nexu was the star of the show, using Survival Instincts and multiple (really an ungodly amount of) Dodge rolls to survive and wreck face a lot longer than he should have. Add the tanky Wookiees and the Trandos that run in and blast at close range, and it was a good day for me.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks Ibsh. I used your maps and Pixartprinting to get four copies of the current tournament maps. They look great, and I don't know what kind of teleportation Pixartprinting uses, but they shipped from Italy on Friday and were here today (Monday). Wow!
  9. Thanks as always for your continued efforts, Geordan. They are much appreciated!
  10. True, but it may fit in the Hoth expansion's box. And both the Bantha and that expansion are quite a ways down the road.
  11. I agree. I'm very interested in purchasing the core set organizer, but I'd like to see what he has in store for Twin Shadows now that it is out and about. My OCD NEEEDS a matching Twin Shadows organizer.
  12. Want: GenCon Lando card Have: 2014 Regional Evade tokens 2014 Store Champ Rebel card box
  13. April fools was two months ago....
  14. Just played my first game with a Transport on each side. This question occurred to me: if you have two transports in the same squad do you need two sets of damage decks, or do they share one? I didn't see anything in the rules one way or another.
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