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  1. None of this is rumor anymore, Black Widow is going from Ally to Hero, and Iron Man is going from Hero to Ally. It's totally confirmed.
  2. I don't think the layoffs affected the LCG or Board Game departments at all? It was just the software development (FFG Interactive?) and the RPG departments, right?
  3. I suppose so. But if you are "backstabbing" the game, that's really just playing mechanics against the common threat, in a way. Like all co-op games. It just doesn't feel like you are backstabbing, since you aren't actually outsmarting another player. I do admit that the mechanic of being able to take advantage of NPC ally assets either by letting them help you normally or by exploiting/backstabbing them is pretty interesting, but I'm not sure it has the legs to carry the whole thematic idea. As for the BSG idea, I'm not so sure a co-op LCG with a possible traitor mechanic would land with a wide audience. I'd be willing to be proven wrong, but it seems like the kind of thing that would be counter-productive to a co-op deck construction experience.
  4. Conflict and political manipulation is so important to both Dune and TI, I think it would be difficult to pull off a good co-op game with either setting.
  5. Unless you think the Story Box is going to come out on the 31st, then it will already be out when GenCon starts. My hope is that they have some kind of GenCon event planned like they do for Arkham.
  6. You do know that Hulk and the Story Box will both be out by the time Gencon happens this year, right?
  7. Yeah, this isn't Arkham Horror. It's not like you can't progress on to Play with Thor if you haven't already done the Ms. Marvel mission. Order that you manage to get the packs is completely irrelevant, gameplay wise.
  8. For everybody looking for Miskatonic Museum: try amazon.co.uk. If you don't mind an extra week or so shipping, you can currently pick it up for about $20-21.
  9. It does definitely sound like they are going to move on from the heavy Avengers focus that we've seen so far. Could not be more excited, honestly! Let's see the X-Men, or Defenders, or Guardians!
  10. I don't think this is a very good combo at all, since the additional attacks you are getting out of him from the Medical Team don't get the +1 DMG or the stun.
  11. Fun fact: If you don't mind waiting an extra week to ship it from England, amazon.co.uk has The Miskatonic Museum. I bought a copy last week at MSRP, and it was only an extra $5-6 to ship it across the pond.
  12. Immortal Man: He has one max HP, and the following ability: "Whenever Immortal Man would be defeated, he instead is restored to full HP and one threat is placed on the main scheme.
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