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  1. Heavy Gunner is just another Trooper. I think he was looking more for specializations names the Krieg uses. In that Tooper is rank name and covers all rank and file specializations.
  2. Yes, it would. Can't remember any other speciality.
  3. Thx, guess I would have to fill it again after almost every session.
  4. In Dead Man Walking Quartermasters also filled the role of supply men - they redistributed weapons and equipment of the fallen soldiers. Also, you forgot Grenadiers which are their Storm Troopers. I would make a new advance instead of Protector though.
  5. Well so far we have played only one game of Dark Heresy and now we are starting Only War. During our DH game we were also in the process of forming the group. It finally settled on 4-5 players and GM. Game lasted for a whole year and the core of the group had one character from the start. Only the "come and go" players managed to kill they characters and eventually left the group. Our group ended up with: Guardsman/Adept - I played this character and eventually found out I want some detective aspects to it, so I was allowed to buy adepts advences for extra XP. From the start to the end he was the leader of our group - main speaker, thinker and pretty good soldier. Psyker - Another very important character in our group Scum, Guardsman - more or less just cannon fodder As our group heavily favours detective story and undercover action we would never again allow Tech-Priest in our group. In a new game I would probably go for the Arbitr or Adept. Right now we are starting with Only War and we have 4 players plus GM, our starting classes are: Medic, Operator, Heavy Gunner and Psyker From the start we decided we would try to avoid support classes as much as possible and focus on regular guardsman. Only two support classes were wanted - Priest and Psyker. After discussion we decided that Psyker would bring more fun into the game with all his phenomenas etc. But we are not a regular group…we create a lot of home rules and don't stick with the rules every time…they are really more like a guideline for us…so in theory almost everyone can do anything. This reflects especially in the interactions where we have to interact with our GM…dice rolls are pretty rare as we either fail as players or success.
  6. Is it just my problem or it can't be saved?
  7. Great work, the calculator is really useful.
  8. Plushy said: while homebrew is fine by me, I want to know if there's an official option. I know there's old art of Cadians with autoguns… Are you asking if there actually are any regiments using autoguns? If so, the answer is yes. For example Urdeshi regiments tend to use heavy autoguns with high calibre shells. Tons of Planetary defence forces are equiped with autoguns and so some worlds form guard regiments equiped with autoguns. Of course this is usually only possible if the regiment is going to fight in the same sub-sector or maybe sector as it is difficult to supply such a regiment. Regiments fighting on distant worlds have to be equipped with lasguns as they are supplied by Munitorum and not their homeworld.
  9. You can be lucky…yesterday at the game I received 3 insanity points and 2 corruption points. I was VERY lucky and I had to burn one faith point not to get a maligency… Our most unfortunate group member received over 15 insanity points and around 5 corruption points… That was a result of our psyker's activity…5x psychic phenomena. Until yesterday we were very lucky…
  10. I just got to a lvl 6 with my guardsmen and have 17 insanity points and 9 corruption points. Our GM assign points a bit differently. We gain insanity points as a result of fear, stress, trauma etc., so as a result of some terrible situation or view. We gain corruption points mostly for actually discovering corruption in the system or in ourselves, not from seeing a daemon. To give you some examples: I got insanity points for the following: seeing a xenos race for the first time, seeing a place of gruesome murder, being almost killed, witnessing psychic fenomena, fighting a daemon, being thrown into flames and more… And I got corruption points for the following: being hypnotized by a xenos race, finding out high inquisitor of the sub-sector is actually a daemon, blowing up a space station, interrogation and enjoying it… As you can see, we interpret the corruption as an actual corruption of the system or our personality or our soul. It is not directly bound to the warp stuff.
  11. Great work and a very useful handbook if you have a PC availible at the game. Unfortunatelly not our case... By the way so far I have found out some mistakes: 1) Hecuter 9/5 Heavy Combat Autopistol is called HecutEr, not HecutOr. 2) Cypra Mundi "Irontalon" Pistol is missing 3) At the end of a Cypra Mundi "Ironclaw" Pattern Shotgun description you accidentaly switched the name Ironclaw for Irontalon. 4) Ripper Clip is an Autopistol, so why it is not under Autopistols but stands aside?
  12. The Lord Inquisitor is a great project. If we are lucky we will see the movie next year, if not than probably 2014. There is also another fan made movie "Exterminatus". Currently they are in need for money to pay the production, shooting etc. If they raise all the money needed the movie will be finished this summer, if not...well who knows...They still need 714€ and only 9 days left. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Exterminatus-W40K-Fan-Film/211092932286110 lordoftraffic.com/pauldoucet/ Gregorius21778: It has already GW approval and BL writer Aaron Dembski -Bowden is writing the story.
  13. I am currently playing a cell leader and when I reach talents Iron Discipline and Into the Jaws of Hell I will consult it with my GM. The talents are really nice and I believe they should affect other players under my authority, but ONLY as long as my character is passing the tests for fear. It is only logical that a leader can inspire his followers as long he does not succumb to fear. Panicking and fleing leader is only going to terrify his troops even more...but the rules actually don't distinguish these outcomes...so I would say, as long as the leader is visible, brave and determined his followers can benefit from the two talents. If he succumbs to fear his followers don't longer benefit from these rules. Simple and logical
  14. I suggest using similar stuff that is used today to ease aiming... 1) Tritium gun sights or some equivalent - They really help, especially when you need to aim fast or weather conditions are poor (fog, poor light, storm etc.). Really like them. So far there are no rules for them in DH and can be treated in different ways. For example they can grant +5 to BS without aiming and +10 with aiming. Also they are not affected by range as they replace or improve original sights. They maintain their bonus even at range but also suffer the penalties. As this soud pretty good they could be availible to good or best quality weapons only. 2) Laser sight - This is Red-Dot Laser Sight in the rules. It is actually says "This is a laser sight...". I beleive it is pretty hard to track the point when shooting on SA or FA so the bonus for only single shots is pretty much justified. It should be limited to only standart range only if not used with a scope. 3) Red dot sight (open / closed / mini) - This is a Targeter in the rules. This significantly help with aiming with all firing modes. I can't say for sure, but I don't think it helps much at extreme ranges so I would probably discard the bonus for BS at this range. Of course you can get Red dot sight with magnification, but that is usually with 2-4x and that won't help much, or combine it with a demountable magnifier etc...not sure something like that exist in the 40k universe though. 4) Scope - In the rules as Telescopic sight, but I beleive it is more like a huge sniper scope with great magnification etc. Maybe you can include another smaller versions that are commonly used on assault rifles etc. and usually have fixed magnification usually aroud 4x. An example of this is Trijicon ACOG 4x32. I would grant this 'tactical' scope a +10 bonus for shooting at short range, standart range and longe range and make it availible for all basic and heavy weapons. 5) In one of the books, there is a different form of a targeter or scope. You can upload several images of allies in it and then shoot even into combat without difficulty, because it won't fire when the ally is visible in the sights. On the other hand you can upload only several images, so about your group and still hit ally soldiers, cops etc. It also doesn't give any bonus to BS. Don't know in which book it is right now. Hope this helped at least a bit
  15. As a player I think any Skill or Trait granting bonus to hit is going to ruin the game. Just an example with my character...Guardsman with BS 48 and Hecuter with Targeter. That means all my shooting is done with base BS 58. Now single shot with aim is at 68, same for semi-auto, full-auto is at 78. That is at standart shooting range 30-60m. I rarely get to situations beyond this range so I get no penalties for long or extreme range. On the contrary I often get into a close range battles so I get bonus +10, that means my shots are at 78 / 78 / 88. And I only took two BS advances so far, so I can improve this value for another +10 if I want...and I most certainly will at some point. Now, say I would have a Skill or Talent to get another bonus to my BS...there will be no space for misses...all the rolling would be pointless. IF you want to give something to players to improve their effectivness with some weapons I would advise giving them a Talent with something smaller than a bonus to hit. As a player I would really appreciate something like this Talented (Las/SP/Plasma pistols/basic/heavy) - grants Reliable quality to the respective type of weapon and category. So for example PC would take SP pistols - when he uses SP pistols they get the Reliable quality. Because of his great knowledge of this kind of weapons he can apply better maintenance or just solve field problems and jams really fast with some nice tricks. If a weapon already has a reliable quality it cannot jam, unreliable quality will be canceled etc. You can work so many Traits or Talents to make subtle changes like these...for example Las weapons can get +1 penetration because PC can better set the output of the weapon or whatever... Or you can invent a new combat action that can be made with this kind of weapon - like two single shots from a pistol in one round for a full action...empty a Revolver in one round at close range with some penalty etc. There are many much cooler ways of how to solve this matter than just +10 to BS... Think about it
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