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  1. We will agree to disagree. None of that even remotely convinces me that 2.0 is worth it and that it isn't a complete cash grab by FFG.
  2. It seems like a pure cash grab to me. Instead of supporting the community that has already been throwing money at them FFG has instead decided to make them pay to remain competitive. They could easily have put out print and play conversions for the already released units as errata with kits to purchase things that were absolutely necessary like the action wheels AND offered a la carte kits for each ship with the 2.0 materials that will come with repirints for those that don't want to do the print and play option. Yes, their game will look nicer but both will function within the scope of the new rules. This seems a better way to support a community that has supported them while also allowing them to build out the game and continue to make money on it.
  3. Conversion of units and cards already purchased should at least be available to print and put into a sleeve with the old card. We shouldn't have to buy into the game twice just to remain competitive.
  4. duplicate post...got a little excited with the mousey clicker thingymajigger.
  5. Hi there, Looking to buy a complete or near complete collection of this. No rush. Message me if you're looking to get out.
  6. I'm thinking about taking my group into the bowels of coruscant. Has anyone done this with their campaigns? If so what resources did you use and what was your adventure hook? I'm drawing heavily from the concept art for 1313 and all obvious source material I can get a hold of. Tips from those that have run campaigns like this would be most appreciated. I'm going to jaquays the crap out of my maps and possibly reuse this module in the future. If there's a source of pre-generated scifi city maps out there I think that would be very beneficial because I don't think I'll have the time to draw it up myself.
  7. Slenderman was created in a forum thread on something awful as the result of a contest. It's creator claims that it was inspired by the shadow people in Lovecraft's writings.
  8. Just FYI, the digital version of this is out on the iOS app store for ipad. I saw it announced on toucharcade the other day and confirmed it myself. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I likely will. Elder Sign Omens has been on every iOS device I've ever owned.
  9. This game doesn't have a large following where I'm at. It's kind of upsetting really, as I love this theme. Magic is huge here, and there are efforts to make netrunner take off (big fan of that one), but no one I've talked to in the game shops here has ever played this. The core set I have is relegated to family use. Sad really, as I'd love to be able to play it enough to get deep into all the expansions.
  10. Older topic, but I'm just getting into this game. Saw this and thought I'd add. Slender man is a modern fictional creation. He was created for a photoshop contest about urban myths. If you think about it, the appeal makes a lot of sense. We've all seen things out of the corner of our eyes, shadows and such, that our mind runs wild with. Slender man is a clever manipulation of this common phenomenon. Simple, yet creepy, he really seems like he would fit right in with the mad world of Lovecraft.
  11. Yes, I'm looking to make a capable custom deck for each scenario from the original cards. I haven't played the game for a very long time so I'm trying to reacquaint myself with the game. I refuse to buy any of the adventure packs until I complete these all the way through again.
  12. So I'm going back to the beginning to try and ace the core set without a loss. What are your best decks for each quest? Did you have one that took the entire quest set for wins? If so let me know so I can try them out! Battle reports to follow on my favorites.
  13. I was also thinking of making a post like this. Solo games appeal to me of late because when I'm off I've got little ones running around. It makes reading a book difficult. Video games are out of the question when they're present. That leaves solo games. I adore the LoTR LCG and I sometimes play the solo variant of netrunner with scrabble tiles. THIS would be a real winner though. I'd buy it without a second thought.
  14. I'd actually rather have a mission expansion pack involving attacks and such on capital ships and perhaps an AI of sorts to allow for solo and coop play.
  15. As everyone said, the Zahn trilogy is awesome. He has been a favorite author of mine since as long as I've been reading books. I had a chance to talk with him recently about his upcoming scoundrels book. It's a heist story. He was originally going to call it Solo's 11 if that paints a picture for you. I think it will be a perfect setting for a campaign. I'm really looking forward to building a module based on it.
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