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  1. Been looking at the book a lot and there isn't much about addiction in them…. I'm made a Twi'lek and she's addicted (obligation) to drugs… How can i play this exactly, how do you play this (skill related). How is the addiction affecting your sences, dice pool and everything. In the long term, how do you "cure it". a lot of questions, not a single answer about that in the book so far so i'm turning to the community to see how they would see this. Thanks guys!
  2. First i'd like to thank you all for your answers, very helpful! I'll propose it all to my DM and see what we can come up with (i still don't want to be penalise seriously hard for playing a child but i can still see why i should)
  3. I'd like to make an 8-12 years old little girl ether thief or assassin in an Anima game. I've read a special rule about how the game expect us to have someone aged from adult to middle-age so i'm just wondering if one ever though of making someone younger and what would be the restriction. (would there be some minus to strengh checks or something, would they be temp. or could they be counter with inhumanity... ) i'd like to know what you all think so i can come up with something when presenting the idea to my GM Thanks
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