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  1. I love auto-draw heroes like Pippin and Damrod. Add on the fact that there's two separate abilities and Haldan is nothing but awesome in my book. Also, called it with Wiglaf! The guy doesn't just look like a huskarl, he even plays like one(Give him shiny things, and he works hard for you, etc). Curious to see how many non-restricted Item attachments Dale'll get, since Raiment of War is great for him.
  2. Loving the Saxon-ish warrior on the boxart. Huskarl as can be.
  3. I sometimes forget there are folks like this. What an unpleasant reminder.
  4. Oh no, I've had the account for far too long, I just like avoiding it. Either way I just got in the group and now I'm waiting until the next meetup.
  5. Well, dammit. I hate facebook but a regular game night would be worth it I suppose. Thanks for the info, folks, all things considered this is fantastic news
  6. There's a wealth of gaming shops in Seattle, and I'm more than willing to go to Lynnwood's AroundTheTable or any other gaming store I may have missed there. Looking for other LoTR players so as to delay going into adventures two-handed(merely an eventuality, I'm sure). I'm typically free anytime after 1700 on the weekdays and free whenever on weekends, but prefer after-work game nights. Willing to stay out until the chosen shop closes too, so I'm pretty flexible there. Will probably have someone with me, so adventures will likely be 3+ players. As an aside, I have a good amount of cards and I read blogs pretty often but definitely consider myself to be new to this game, even if I bought it the release month. Hopefully some lurkers see this post!
  7. Well, I'm on it. Doesn't seem to be too active though…
  8. I'm not on here all too often but pretty much anything that says "Seattle/Bellevue" on a gaming site is flashing neon colors; with beer on tap for $1. What other games do you play? I've got the core set for this one and The Taking of Osgiliath(or however it's named). So not too much to offer on this title alone.
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