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  1. "The Encountered" book was just what I was looking for! I wasn't expecting the beautiful drawings. Perfect inspiration material for Black Crusade encounters. Thank you for the recommendation!
  2. Thank you for the recommendations! I've ordered the Alpha Omega book - looks promising!
  3. Thank you so much! I appreciate the references and suggestions! I guess what I feel like I'm missing is a "Monster Manual" type book for Black Crusade. The books Creatures Anathema, Mark of the Xenos and all of the Core Rulebooks feature the same list of potential antagonists - Orks, Mutants, Chaos, Tau, Tyranids and Eldar. I was actually disappointed when taking one of the books out of the wrapper that it featured the same list of villains, worded slightly differently. I appreciate the beauty of the books, but was hoping for more variety in adversaries to throw at the players. You would think that in the Eye of Chaos, where planets are being re-shaped due to the influence of Chaos Gods, that there would be plenty of beasties to choose as random encounters. Yet I can't seem to find any books that list too many creatures besides Orks, Mutants, Chaos, Tau, Tyranids and Eldar. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?
  4. Greetings! I'm about to start a new Black Crusade game and would like to ask about memorable monsters for the first encounter. My group is a mix of players - one played D&D 4th E, one has never played RPGs before, and the third has clocked lots of World of Warcraft. I am the GM and ran Call of Cthulhu for nearly 10 years, played in Vampire the Masquerade RPG for about 6, and ran the aforementioned D&D game for about a year. I am planning on running a few games based on the Tyrant's Cord scenario in the book that came with the GM screen. The party will consist of a Forsaken Chaos Space Marine, an Apostate, a Psyker and myself as a NPC Heretek. They will have recently escaped an Imperial prison ship and will have landed on a planet. I plan on having a combat encounter at every game session and will ambush them as they approach a walled city. I'm looking for interesting monsters for this first combat - something memorable and challenging but I don't want to wipe out the team either. I have several of the other core books - Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, the Radical's Handbook and Creatures Anathema, but I'm still looking for basic combat creatures. My campaigns tend toward the roleplaying side, so there will be plenty of plot-driven combat encounters - I'm looking for filler material I guess. The more interesting the better. Suggestions welcome!
  5. This has turned into a really fascinating thread - thanks again for the multitude of insightful, thought-provoking responses!
  6. I've been playing RPGs for a few decades now and the GM (usually myself) has always had a character in the party without it ever being a problem. Thinking back on these characters: The groups tend to be around 3 players - the GM's character tends to round out skills (combat-oriented if they are not and vice-versa.) Of course the characters are the stars but if they need to interface with the machine spirits and nobody else simply has that ability it keeps the plot moving. A GM character is not always guaranteed to be embraced by the party! I've had characters that I've thought were great that the group could take or leave. So I've found that giving these characters useful skills the party is lacking tends to increase the odds of acceptance. With all NPCs I try to give them something memorable - either a striking visual description, or an accent/repeated phrase, I've even know GMs that have particular songs they play when a NPC makes an appearance. The GM character doesn't make decisions on the group's course of action - this is what the players are for. They can advise and offer their opinion but you just have to remember what they would know and play them in character. If you are running a RPG game this shouldn't be too difficult for you. Related to the above - of the most successful GM characters one was a mute - which was hysterical as all communication had to essentially be mimed. But it neatly resolved the issue of having useful skills to round out the party without "knowing too much." The other was a drunk (ahem, "in-character" hopefully) and this character while being an insanely good fighter was simply unreliable as far as decision-making. Actually considered making this character have special skills on a sliding scale where the more he'd imbibed the better his combat skills increased but the worse his communication skills became - having the other characters make increasingly difficult rolls just to understand him. I've actually gotten in the habit now of roleplaying the GM character but handing the stats to another player to run it during combat - as I've got my hands full running the foes and keeping the combat organized overall. The players love having another character to open up with when the fighting starts. This is just my experience but a GM character can totally work. My players understand that the GM character is a member of the party but in a supplementary role - they are the ones who are in the driver's seat of the adventure. Upon reflection I suppose this is more of a party mascot than a full-fledged member. The usefulness of a GM character has always outweighed the drawbacks for me.
  7. Thank you, thank you for the thoughtful and informative responses!
  8. Hello! I am a new Gamemaster to Black Crusade. Been a longtime fan of the 40K universe since the publication of the book Slaves to Darkness in 1988. I am about to begin my first campaign for Black Crusade and I have a legitimate question for this forum: Do Chaos Space Marines have genitals? Seriously. The reason I'm asking is because I'm contemplating various plot angles involving Slaanesh - and the temptations, desires and forbidden pleasures that go along with that deity. It seems with the power armor fused to the skin and the genetic upgrades there would be some sort of catheter situation or recycling of bodily fluids. Then again, if a loyal Space Marine falls for the seductions of Slaanesh and forever forsakes the Imperium to spend enternity engaging in bacchanals with the Daemonettes or whatever, what, is the pleasure all in his mind? Is it a hallucination? Are his senses so jacked up that the lightest touch on the cheek sends a thrill that equals an orgasm? Is there no actual physical touching of the lower body regions? It seems inconsistent to me for a worshipper of the God of Pleasure to be a eunuch for all practical purposes. If that isn't the case, then what? Can they remove their armored britches like in the love scene between Uther and Igrayne in the movie Excalibur? Then you wonder (well, maybe you don't) about urination and defecation - is this mandatory, is it an option, is it a non-issue? If they are using their plumbing for one do they use it for the other? Is there an on/off switch somewhere? Has this question every been asked/answered? I'm totally serious and would like some viewpoints.
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