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  1. Since this is the only phaser question thread the search got me I'd like to ask a follow up question here: phasers vs. effects of cover. The rules for armor rolls state, that soft or hard cover give bonus successes to this roll. The rules for phasers state however, that the target can't take an armor roll (as asked above and clarified in the FAQ), but the effects of cover still count. How can they still count, if I can't make any armor roll at all, where then and only then they would be the bonus successes? Could this be clarified in the FAQ maybe, too? (Please do excuse my bad english, too. German fan of Dust Warfare here. )
  2. This sounds interesting and I just have another question, though not yet a squad of 'em: If I have two commissars squads, could the two guys with the bazooka each join a different squad, even though no other commissar is put into play? Or would I need to use up the first squad before I could use the first guys from the second one?
  3. Since there is no definite wording of shooting LOS and spotting LOS beeing the same thing, this is really a loophole. I tried to keep my opponent in the german championship from spotting from the 'backroom' but wasn't really able to do so, even though I am still sure it should not be possible. To bad, the rules do have so many inconsistencies and loopholes. I know of another game with such errors: AT-43. It's producer rackham suffered with going out of business…
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