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  1. I am considering submitting a late event for a game of 3rd ed. WFRP. I will post here if I do. Rob B. aka anthrorob
  2. I am an ancient GM with an experienced lot of players who have nevertheless never played this edition of the game. After getting the basic set (more out of curiosity than anything else) on the cheap, I found I really am a fanboy of the system and have purchased all the "core" books, sets, and toolkits. My question to you august GMs is this: Which adventure is the best introduction to the game? Not for gaming novices, but an introduction to gamers who are simply unfamiliar with the system. It would be a one-shot adventure (with the hopes that they will fall for it as I have) and preferably one I could easily spin off to a (published) campaign. Thanks anthrorob
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