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  1. CartooN said: So am I to understand from this it has a minimum of 2 players? Someone as GM and someone to play? That's pretty much the bare minimum for ANY roleplaying game.
  2. Yeah, there is no "box set". There's the Core Rules, and yes you can play with just that and some dice. I'd recommend getting at least "Gaia: Beyond The Dreams" though, as it gives you a really good insight into how the world works.
  3. Have you got the GM toolkit? There's a pre-written adventure in there that's worth a look. Other than that, each country in the Gaia book has suggestions for story ideas, but that's pretty much all they are - starting points.
  4. Firstly, I think you've misunderstood how Level Modifiers work. You don't "immediately go back to Level 1". What happens is that it becomes more difficult to move up levels because you need more XP to do so. I may get the XP values wrong here, so please check them, but the principle is as follows: Normally, you level up as below…. Level 1: 0XP Level 2: 100XP Level 3: 120XP (220 total) Level 4: 140XP (360 total) Level 5: 160XP (520 total) ….. and so on. Now, if you have Latent Blood at Level 1, you have a +1 Level Modifier. This means you need 120XP instead of 100XP to get to Level 2 (as if you were going from Level 2 to Level 3). If you then take another Legacy at Level 2 (I'll amend this in a minute, but for explanation purposes…) your Level Modifier is now +2. So to get to Level 3, you now need 160 more XP (as if you were going from Level 4 to Level 5). In the simplest possible terms, the Level Modifier tells you how many levels higher you assume your character is, just for the purposes of calculating how many XP you need to get to the next level. It's the same if you choose to play a Non-human Race. So you still progress, but increasingly slowly. It's not as bad as you think. But it's still bad. And nobody would ever take it. Now to the second thing. It's really not clear how Latent Blood works with Level modifiers in the book. I can only tell you how we play it. I believe Anima Studios have confirmed this somewhere, possibly in the Official Anima Forums, but I've never seen it personally. And this makes it a lot more manageable. - If you take Latent Blood and no additional Legacies at Level 1, you have a +1 Level Modifier. Any subsequent Legacies you take at higher levels still have a CP cost, but no increase in the Level Modifier. Latent Blood takes care of that. - If you take Latent Blood and one or more other Legacies at Level 1, those Level Modifiers stack. So if you start off with LB + Eyes of the Soul + Eternal Blood (for example), you will need 160XP to get to Level 2. Again though, any Legacies gained at later levels have no modifier. And if you do the 2nd route above, you're kinda missing the point of Latent Blood anyway. If you use Latent Blood the way I've described here, it makes it much more playable. Hope that all helps.
  5. The main problems I see with that are: 1) The players then know EXACTLY what abilities those characters have (or did have at lower levels if you've upped them). 2) The munchkin will create an absolutely optimised killing machine, and I never think it's a good idea to have totally optimised NPCs. If you kill the party, the campaign is over, along with the fun. And players never appreciate getting their characters killed in an intentional move like that particular one. It may end up being the last time they choose to play with you.
  6. Nurddude said: Personally, I would have to say that my favorite type of antagonist is the one that they never truely meet until the final confrontation. They find that there seems to be a common thread to there adventures, and as the story progresses more information is discovered until the final leap of knowledge as to who they will have to fight. That also works well if the characters have met the antagonist really early on in the campaign, but at the time he seemed like a completely innocuous and irrelevant NPC. Player reactions when they find out they could have stopped all of their problems before they got out of hand are beautiful to behold.
  7. Raybras said: Not just that, just half a year ago they did a reprint of the corr book, where they could have one and published core exxet in it's stead Ah, but that could just be clever (read: devious) business strategy. Give one last re-print of the Core Rules, so more people buy it, thinking that Core Exxet won't be coming out in English. Then, a year later, bring out Core Exxet, knowing full well that almost everyone who bought the Core Rules will now go out and pay again for CE.
  8. Three, actually. Dominus, Arcana, and apparently they've confirmed that Prometheum Exxet is due out Q2 this year.
  9. Trust me - if you DIDN'T have to spend CP on The Gift or Access to Psychic Disciplines, those classes would be HORRIBLY broken, very quickly. As it is, a Warrior Mentalist is the single most dangerous class in the game low levels. If he got access to his psychic powers for free? *shudder*
  10. I think there's a couple of reasons there aren't many Domine-based mixed classes. The first is that EVERYONE has access to Ki, even if it's not very much in some cases. So a Warrior Mentalist, Warlock or Warrior Summoner is effectively also fairly close to being a Domine-Psychic or Domine-Mystic class. And even Wizards, Mentalists, Illusionists, Summoners and Wizard-Mentalists have SOME Ki which they can fall back on, if they really need to. The second reason is that, given the fact that you have a limit on how much you can spend on each type of Primary, if you add in Ki-use as a fundamental part of a mixed-class, you'll either be lowering the amount spent on Attack & Defend or lowering the amount you spend on Supernatural or Psychic powers. Meaning you will either suck as a fighter or suck as a Psi-/Magic-user. And if it's not a fundamental part, but just an option into which you can invest if you choose…… well, that's basically a Fighter mixed class. So there's not much point. A Domine-Prowler class is somewhat more workable, but since you can't give it as high skill bonuses as a Shadow or Ranger (due to getting other benefits of being a Domine), and you can't give it as good a KA Multiple or MK-per-level as a Tao (unless you strip them of their Martial Arts, due to getting other benefits of Prowler), you end up with a class that would be better served as either a Tao/Tech with some skills investment (even taking a Natural Learner in Perception or Subterfuge skills) or a Shadow with all your spare Combat Primaries dumped in Ki stuff. Personally, I'm just starting up now with a Tao who will flick back and forth occasionally from being a Shadow through class-changing. Fulfills the same purpose.
  11. Noxid said: Where can I find this rule? I see references to the rule but not the Rule itself. Can I get a page number please? Thanks. Dominus Exxet, Page 6.
  12. The examples you've given are actually not allowed by the rules. Warriors, Acrobatic Warriors, Paladins, Dark Paladins, Weaponmasters, Rangers, Technicians, Tao and Shadows CAN'T use all their Primary DP on Attack and Defend. There's a 50% cap on Attack and Defend, but these classes have up to 60% of their DP to spend on Primaries. So there's always wiggle-room for Ki, Wear Armour, Weapons/Style Modules, Martial Arts, Ars Magnus etc, even if you've maxed out on Attack/Defend. Obviously, with the classes designed for non-pure-combat, who have a 50% max on Combat Primaries, this doesn't apply.
  13. You could add in a Nemesis user, if you have the Dominus Exxet book. That way that character could block the Psychic from using her powers, using Matrices Cancellation. But it would seem a little "targeted", unless you also give them Ki Cancellation and Magic Cancellation, and maybe even Summoning Cancellation (or whatever that one's called - Binding Cancellation?).
  14. Maru hatsune said: unless of course things go wrong and he has a normal death. o_0 "things go wrong"?! So you're actually PLANNING for him to have a tragic death?! *whispers* Don't worry. I won't say a thing.
  15. Arikail said: VoidCabbage said: No problem. Also note that there is another Anima forum here cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/. It gets a lot more traffic than this forum but I like to keep an eye on both. I see someone is following in my footsteps. Keeping an eye on both is most helpful so far. Elric has posted some great stuff up here that isn't on the other forum, even though that one does get more traffic, it seems. Yeah, I'm on both, albeit with a different name over there (for no particular reason - random whim). The other forum definitely gets more traffic, but this one has a lot of good stuff as well.
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