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  1. Think It comes down to your specific play group. Having a second set of the core components can greatly help with things like breakage/loss and the extra dice around can speed up play. The price is fairly high, but Me and my roommate will probably buy into a ... pool? stable? *shrug* collection of ships like we did with Xwing.
  2. to the OP >>>>> In my experience, miniatures games tend to favor aggressive strategies over defensive ones, so I don't think this will be either good or bad in the long run. To those looking for mechanical fixes: I actually have a rather simple solution. if you are concerned about fortressing, require the player implementing it to follow the movement procedure as described in the rule book. As described they would reveal the maneuver then backtrack to their starting position. While this may not seem like much, the slight variance caused by physically handling the figures will eventually offset the alignment needed to maintain the formation. While both players "know" that the ship will return to its starting position, the rules do specify how the Movement phase is resolved. I've had to implement similar restrictions for TIE swarms, which was not received well as I was "being a jerk" by requiring him to move all 7 of his ships independently purposefully "denying his actions". With several of the larger ships (Lambdas, YT1300's) it probably will not matter much, but in this specific instance, I think something would have broke loose eventually. Personally, I try to engage my opponent with the same level of "sportsmanship" and courtesy as they show me, and in this instance I wouldn't have felt bad at all about requesting specific movement practices be adhered to. not like I would have been doing much else for 70 min.
  3. I think 200 will be tournament. That way, if you want to run 2 Victory class ships, then go ahead, but still leaves you 30 pts for TIEs and such. I can just make out the named B-wing in the expansion as costing 29, and the Named TIE is 16, so I think 200-250 is reasonable.
  4. I don't really see the Z95 as a swarm fighter. It's far to slow and not nearly evasive enough for such things. I feel that they are designed more as mobile missle platforms. While the lowly cluster missle doesn't get alot of face time anymore, and the release article points out the obvious advantages of the assault missle, I think it will be interesting to see lists featuring more 4-5 man wings than full on swarms. It'll be a combined arms tactic as opposed to an overwhelming force.
  5. The squints are a bit intimidating and pack a heck of a punch, but the lack of shields still makes them vulnerable. The higher cost is going to limit the number of them you see (as opposed to the TIE swarm) but you can still field 2-3 of them and have a balance of 2-3 regular TIE's to compete with. Really the only thing you can do it typical Rebel docterine. Focus your fire on your targeting priority, set up your shots for maximum effect, pray your shields insulate you from the return fire. Not a perfect solution, but a workable one. Remember to place your opening asteroids for maximum effect in order to break up you opponents formations.
  6. I contacted FFG on this and their response indicated that the damage is untyped. It will be addressed in the first FAQ. (^ Roommate)
  7. If these are the only engagements that these disks have you would resolve them in this order: 1) A: Orc Disks B and C would place 5 points of damage tokens on Empire Disk A. Empire Disk A would place its damage tokens on either Orc B or C. 1) B: At the end of the Engagement all damage tokens would be removed from Empire A and one wound token would be placed on it. The same would happen in the second scenario. Basically, a disk w/ stamina can have as much damage on it during any ONE phase and only receive 1 wound token. IF a disk with stamina receives enough damage during the Activation phase to place a wound on it, then I believe it could receive a second one during the following Melee phase. Hope this helps.
  8. Correct. each ranged attack die has the potential to cause the units listed damage value, so 3 dice could generate a total of 9 damage.
  9. Wound tokens are the broken shield things, where as damage tokens are the starburst looking things. for that matter the tokens from command cards, empowerment, and activation, as well as whatever else they come up with are as well.
  10. At the end of Turn section, playes remove all tokens except Wound markers, so empowerment only lasts for the turn.
  11. The secondcore set isn't required, for casual play, but there are some reasons to get one, mostly in that some of the specialty disks only have one or 2 copies. When building an army your recruitment points go fairly quick, so I couldn't see anyreason to get more than 2 however.
  12. As of now, Orcs are the only race to really get relentless, allowing them to engage back lines of your troops. There isn't alot of infighting yet, but Impact isn't discretionary, so there is that. Future releases will tell.
  13. I remember playing the original Disk Wars but the game had its fair share of problems. I'm very excited to see it being revived, and wanted to see what other Intellectual Properties people would like to see made. I'd love to see a Starwars game made, maybe even see Deadlnds revised and revived. Something starship based would also be cool. Thoughts?
  14. I would have the check the RAW when i get back, but i believe the mechanics would resolve as such: (all results are in Net results) success: target is hit for [damage+successes] success + disorient: target is hit for [damage+successes] target is subject to disorient success + blast activated: target is hit for [damage+successes] engaged targets are hit for [blast damage] I'm not sure on disorient, but I believe you could activate it multiple times to "stun" multiple targets. As I said I'll have to check.
  15. While the math may get a bit wonky in this I'l attempt to explain it, but my idea is similar to tinnitus' If 5 players can have a maximum obligation of 100 then each player could be said to be responsible for no more than 20 points worth of obligation. That said, w/ 8 players you would get an obligation cap of 160. as this doesn't work very well with d% dice, you could roll a single d10 (with the player slots being 1-8, 9 and 0 being for not happening) and go from there. In our games I typically only roll for obligation at the begining of an adventure. I'll pull the strings and let the PCs know that they will have a chance to lower their Obligations but if we are mid "adventure" (like breaking for the night before a fire fight) I don't normally roll for another one at the begining of the nex adventure. With a group that large, I would probably only roll the single d10 and work that characters Qbligation into whatever was going on. If any given characters obligation went above 20 then I'd inform them of the XP penalty, but other than that I'd leave it alone. Or something similar.
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