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  1. Just cancelled mine as they stated they didn't receive any of their first printing pre-orders. Cancelled without issue and ordered from Amazon. Such a bummer. This is becoming more of a thing for them and could start causing repeat customers to go elsewhere. I too am in STL and was going to do a pickup.
  2. Someone's always a Debbie downer. Let the people have their day, complain when the app is actually released. Also, lighten up, sheesh.
  3. I can say they lock together pretty tight. Unless you are in an action movie they will hold together while in a backpack. The locking is molded into the material, hence not seeing.
  4. Another good storage option out there. Looks on track to fund as well.
  5. got my shipped replacement email yesterday! YAY!
  6. Shipped books will probably be ok and checked before shipment. This feels like a issue that that is small and isolated to the GenCon release. Good news for those that may have the same issue as me, take pics of your book and go to the parts page. As long as you have pics of the issue, you will have a new copy shipped back out to you. Thanks FFG. Good customer service.
  7. just figured out the same thing with the missing pages from 81 till 97, then duplicated 97-112.
  8. in my version of the beta book it goes from page 112 the repeats 97 through page 112 again. It resumes as normal after that.
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