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  1. Yeah for me the whole Initiative or Objectives thing is a really good part of the game as well. You have to tailor your missions to your fleet, and also to your opponent. Going fighter heavy with Rebels? Most Wanted can allow each of your bombers a second attack dice on the target ship, so you can quickly hit that bullseye and the domino's will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate. Superior Positions also works since you can collect a gigantic glut of tokens by having fighters get around the opponent and attack his rear. Corvette Swarms obviously want to go for Objectives that make use of their speed and numbers, so Intel Sweep and Opening Salvo obviously spring to mind (Dangerous terrain is a valid alternate as well, since it encourages your opponent to faceplant into asteroids.) On the Imperial side of things Advanced Gunnery works with a lot of different lists, and when you consider that you've probably lost the initiative to get that you're going to need to capitalise any chance you get. Minefields are a good way to funnel your opponent into your killing fields, Hyperspace Assault works as well depending on what you decide to put into reserve, and they definitely have the advantage in Fire Lanes and Contested Outpost objectives. Then there's initiative, do you cede it for your missions, or keep it for the obvious benefits? A Rebel player might not have too much to worry about giving the Initiative to a double VSD list due to their slow speed and poor handling compared to him, but he should probably think twice if he knows that Demolisher is on the scene. Fighter heavy lists will also get the most out of being able to activate two of their squadrons first. The Empire needs the Initiative partially for the obvious reasons, but also to keep it from the Rebels, who with the initiative can have Corvettes that are nigh-on unkillable with their ability to boom and zoom. I also think Rieekan is going to affect this equation as well, since when you don't need to actually worry about losing your ships until the Status phase then the initiative isn't as important (That this makes Tycho an amazing tackler is simply a happy side effect.) So you could see Rieekan builds going for complete 300pts with no initiative bid.
  2. 1 • Assault Frigate Mark II B - Assault Frigate Mark II (72) - Garm Bel Iblis (25) - Adar Tallon (10) - Expanded Hangar Bay (5) - Enhanced Armament (10) - Gallant Haven (8) - Most Wanted (0) - Fleet Ambush (0) - Superior Positions (0) • Total : 130 • Code : - 2 • Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - Nebulon-B Frigate (57) - Intel Officer (7) - H9 Turbolasers (8) - Yavaris (5) • Total : 77 • Code : - 3 • A-wing Squadron - A-wing (11) • Total : 11 • Code : - 4 • A-wing Squadron - A-wing (11) • Total : 11 • Code : - 5 • Luke Skywalker X-wing Squadron - X-wing (20) • Total : 20 • Code : r5 6 • X-wing Squadron - X-wing (13) • Total : 13 • Code : r6 7 • X-wing Squadron - X-wing (13) • Total : 13 • Code : r6 8 • Y-wing Squadron - Y-wing (10) • Total : 10 • Code : - 9 • Y-wing Squadron - Y-wing (10) • Total : 10 • Code : - This is my idea for a fighter centric Rebel fleet list. Best case scenario is that you give initiative to the Empire, and he then picks Most Wanted. You pop that down on one of his VSD's, and bear in. Most Empire players would love nothing more than a Rebel player that want's to go slugging with his VSD and he'll probably come to you. If he puts his TIE's in a big blob you intercept them with the A-Wings, and hope they both last longer than a turn, and then have your X's and Y's storm the VSD. If Most Wanted is in play then EACH ATTACK they do will roll a second dice. If you can kill it in short enough order you'll make 150ish points just from the VSD alone, plus then the upgrade and that SHOULD be enough to win the game for you. You just have to survive. If Tycho clocks in at 14pts or less, I'd be sorely tempted to replace a generic X-Wing with him, as defence tokens would really help the A-Wings to pin down the TIE blob, and if his skill works how we think it does, then he can jump about pinning down enemy squadrons as and when the X and Y wings need.
  3. Since fabs squadron builder updated (yaay!) I decided I'd try to revise my earlier list. 1 • Victory II-class Star Destroyer - Victory-class Star Destroyer (85) - Admiral Screed (26) - Weapons Liaison (3) - Expanded Hangar Bay (5) - Enhanced Armament (10) - Dominator (12) - Advanced Gunnery (0) - Hyperspace Assault (0) - Minefields (0) • Total : 141 • Code : - 2 • 'Howlrunner'' TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (16) • Total : 16 • Code : e3 3 • TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (8) • Total : 8 • Code : e4 4 • TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (8) • Total : 8 • Code : e4 5 • TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (8) • Total : 8 • Code : e4 6 • TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (8) • Total : 8 • Code : e4 7 • TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (8) • Total : 8 • Code : e4 8 • Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer - Gladiator-class Star Destroyer (62) - Gunnery Team (7) - Engine Techs (8) - Expanded Launchers (13) - Demolisher (10) • Total : 100 • Code : - 297pts So as you can see it's basically the same, except I've gone back to the Coreset for my fighters, and I've ditched the Overload Pulse in favour of Enhanced Armament on the VSD as someone else suggested it and I actually found myself really liking the idea. The other noticeable addition is a Gunnery team on the Gladiator. Which I think might (if you can get your maneouvers and yaw ticks just right) really pay dividends on this build.
  4. You know there's still a big intractable argument over whether you can use Wulf like this. I'm on your side of things, but a fair few people on the board aren't. The opposing argument is that this usage is a "It doesn't say I CAN'T do it" thing. Which personally I think willfully ignores the fact that FFG went out of it's way to not say it can't do it in the book. I like the Enhanced Armament on the VSD idea.
  5. I have seen your rebuttal as well as the pictures you have posted and I am willing to apologise for my earlier comments as I can now see they are untrue. What initially got me suspicious was the old price tag on Tarkin as well as the inset comment drawing attention to that price tag. Everything beyond that was read in that context which may have shaped my impressions. I apologise again for this.
  6. If we go by "who had the most what" then technically the Imperials should get the Corvette and the Nebulon B as well. The only really distinctive Drednaught ships we think of, are Garms, and since we already have Garm, I see no reason why we shouldn't give the Rebels the Dreadnaught. Also, the Imperials have ENOUGH big but slow ships with high command values, they don't need another one.
  7. It's pretty painfully obvious this guy doesn't actually have a review copy and is just making it up out of his ass from FFG reviews. Hence him talking about Tarkin at his old 35pt cost, and not the 38pts he costs now. See also him talking about how the Rebels are going to have difficulty winning a game, where actually the reverse is true. I've played 3 games of Armada so far, and I've yet to see a ship actually get destroyed. The Rebels haven't the firepower to touch the VSD unless he does something stupid like ignore Luke Skywalker, and the VSD hasn't the speed, yaw or weapons range for the Rebels not to dance out of the way. So every game, one of which was done at 200pts, all that happens is that the Imperial player spends his TIE's to keep the X-Wings away. The X-Wings munch them for 50 odd points and a modified win, and the Rebel player spends the game keeping out of the VSD's front arc. Heaven help the Imperial player if the Rebel player gets an Objective like Intel run or Superior Positions or Dangerous Terrain. Right now a lot of the non-red objectives favour the Rebel player.
  8. Personally, my idea for Wave 3 would be the following. Imperials Immobiliser/Vindicator (Medium) Concept: Imperial support ship, or Imperial medium cruiser. Both ships would share a common firepower rating (RRBB front, RRB sides, RR, rear) and 6HP with a max speed of 2, but 1 tick yaw on each. However the Immobiliser would have an Offensive Retrofit option that allows it to take the expensive Gravity Well Generator. What effect this would have ingame has been a matter of much debate, from allowing allies to blind hyperspace jump in, to hampering enemy ships. You could also use it to drag terrain around, or perhaps use it to extend the scenario time, as long as it's active the Rebels have to destroy it to end the game. Talk about how it uses up a lot of energy makes me think that ingame it shouldn't be usable except at speed 0, and demands you feed it a command token every turn. The Vindicator by comparison would trade the Off. Retrofit slot for an Ion Cannon slot, and basically be a small Star Destroyer proper. Not that fast, a little more agile, not quite as tough, but tough enough. Would be the Imperial opposing ship to the Rebel Dreadnaught Nebulon B2 Modified Frigate (Small) Concept: Upgunned Frigate, With Harasser and Assault models that trade range for endurance and missiles. Shares roughly similar stats with the Rebel frigate, but both feature a fourth fore dice, Harasser has a Red dice and Assault a Black dice. Harasser has a second Evade instead of a Brace as well as only 2 shields to the front. Whilst Assault features a second Brace instead of an Evade, two shields on the flanks and a Missile upgrade slot. Another cheap (for Imperial) ship option that allows them to bring some more parity in ship numbers. But at a cost, like it's rebel counterpart, the B2 is still weak on it's flanks. It also lacks it's rebel counterparts ability to become a light carrier. Imperial Elite Fighters pack 2x TIE Defenders Speed 5 - 6 Hull - BBBB - R Escort - Counter Attack (2) Rexler Brath (Brace Brace) - When attacking a Squadron, when you roll 4 or more [hit] you may discard the dice and deal exactly as much damage as the target squadrons starting Hull value. 2x Imperial Gunboats Speed 4 - 5 hull - BBB - R Bomber "Cygnus" (Scatter, Brace) This Squadron ignores the Escort Keyword, and may make attacks against enemy Ships even if Engaged. 2x Imperial Shuttles Speed 2 - 6 Hull - BB - nothing Heavy - Counter Attack (1) - Stormtroopers (1) Stormtroopers - If this squadron is able to attack a Ship that is moving at speed 1 or less. Discard this squadron (it does NOT give it's points value in VP) and place X stormtrooper tokens onto that ship. Each Stormtrooper token on a ship requires it's owner to exhaust 1 defence token at the start of it's turn. If you not have a Defence Token to exhaust, you must discard an exhausted Defence Token instead. During that ships reveal dial step you may choose to remove 1 Stormtrooper token instead of gaining a Command Token or using a Command Dials effect. Rebels Dreadnaught Concept: Rebel heavy hitter, abject lack of subtlety or agility, this ship exists to fight VSD's to a standstill. Must have good synergy with Garm Bel Iblis. Versions: Standard - Refit. One a ship that features the older configuration seen in the clone wars, whilst the other representing the Imperial refits later given to it. Both feature equally strong all round firepower equal to VSD overall (but obviously not quite as good frontally) The Standard would feature RRBB to all facings but rear (which would have just RR) Whilst the refit would have RRRB to all facings (aside from rear as before) as well as +1 Squadron. A non-unique Katana Squadron title would allow the Command 3 Dreadnaught to have multiple tokens of the same type. Marauder Corvette Concept: It just looks really bitching. Standard and Bombardment refits. The standard features a Turbolaser slot where the Bombardment features a missile slot and black dice over red. About as quick and maneouverable as the Rebel Nebulon-B, the Marauder would feature 2 Evades and 1 Brace token, but a Command of 1. Both would feature very weak side and rear AD in favour of strong frontal dice values (RRRR for the Standard and RRBB for the Bombardment refit) Diamond Tipped Boron Missiles would require you to spend Concentrate Fire Token to use, but would increase your frontal black dice range to long range. However they can only be used as speed 0, or would be very expensive (15pts upwards) Rebel Elite Fighters E-Wing Fighters Speed 4, Hull 5, BBBB, R Bomber - Counter Attack 2 Corran Horn (Scatter, Brace) - This Squadron may always attack after moving, even if not activated by a Squadron Order. K-Wing Assault Bombers Speed 5, Hull 6, BBB, BB Heavy - Bomber - Counter Attack 2 Miranda Doni (Brace Brace) - This Squadron adds one extra Black dice to the dice pool when attacking Large ships. T-Wing Recon Fighters Speed 5, Hull 3, BB, B Escort - Counter Attack 2 Sunnar Jan-Lo (Scatter, Scatter) : When this Squadron activates, you may toggle the activation slider of another friendly squadron within range 1. Blah. I just dumped a load of ideas. I'm off to bed.
  9. Honestly, I tried Defence Liaison, and if you plan properly you don't really need it. What you can't plan for however is when your opponent screws up enough to put himself in range of your front guns, at which point you need to burn that token you were saving and offload 7 dice of unpleasantness into him. With Screed. If you remember to have a Navigation order on turn 3, and again on turn 5, that SHOULD work out for you, although that's with games with Tarkin. Without being able to fine tune your speed by getting Navigation tokens out of sequence you may need to tinker that to 2 and 4. As for repair, you need to plan ahead a bit, but she's a tough old ship, she'll survive some knocks if you mistime it a little.
  10. To be honest, my experience is that you need about 1.25 to 1.5 TIE's per X-Wing to effectively pin them down for most of the game, and that's with Howlrunner. The Interceptors may change that ratio, in which case I'd be tempted to lose two TIE fighters and take a pair of TIE Bombers instead, although this gives me no initiative bid, which is bad.
  11. That's actually interesting. Although I'm not sure about the complete lack of fighters. Then again the G2 does have 2blue dice in it's AA armament. Having more ships helps you complete objectives that require you to scramble about the map as well. I'm not sure about the VSD Mk1, I think the range is too short and it's speed and maneouverability to low for you to ever get good use from your Expanded Launchers.
  12. Having played a few 180pts games, I've picked up a healthy fear and respect for enemy X-Wings, so In my mind it's just not safe running around with anything less than 6 squadrons intended for anti-fighter work. So my proposal is as follows: 1 • Victory II-class Star Destroyer - Victory-class Star Destroyer (85) - Admiral Screed (26) -Offense Liaison - Overload Pulse (8) - Dominator (14) • Total : 136 • Code : - 2 • Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer - Gladiator-class Star Destroyer (62) - Engine Techs (8) - Expanded Launchers (13) - Demolisher (10) • Total : 93 • Code : - 3 • 'Howlrunner'' TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (16) • Total : 16 • Code : - 4 • Soontir Fel TIE Interceptor Squadron - TIE Interceptor (18) • Total : 18 • Code : - 5 • TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (8) • Total : 8 • Code : - 6 • TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (8) • Total : 8 • Code : - 7 • TIE Fighter Squadron - TIE Fighter (8) • Total : 8 • Code : - 8 • TIE Interceptor Squadron - TIE Interceptor (11) • Total : 11 • Code : - 298pts Not the strongest of initiative bids I grant, but you never know. Objectiveswise I'd probably go: Advanced Gunnery, Hyperspace Assault, Minefields So the main idea with this list is obviously the Demolisher. With that title, Engine Techs and Expanded Launchers we have a ship that can move the entire length of the movement ruler and then offload 4 black and 2 red dice onto a target. Then, if I've timed it right, and gone for a ship that has already activated that turn, then next turn I get to offload a second time (assuming initiative here admittedly) before moving off to hit someone else with my side batteries. Principally, the idea is that nobody expects the Spainish Inquisition, or that the Gladiator would be the guy doing 6-8 damage a turn. Which is not to say that the VSD won't hit something if given a chance, but she's slow and with a fat ass, so that happening will solely be down to my opponent messing up rather than anything I do with it. Ideal situation, it's able to Overload pulse a ship that doesn't realise that after moving he's put himself inside the Demolishers DANGER ZONE. Squadronwise, I don't think anyone can't see that it's an anti-squadron build, Howlrunner, 3 more TIEs, THE BARON and a second Squint squadron has a real nice synergy if my opponent does me the courtesy of having his own fighters move around in a blob I can pounce on and tie up for most of the game. If not outright shred. Objectives are mostly about buffing my Gladiators alpha strike potential. Adv. Gunnery so he can hit people twice with a single arc, not really the best synergy with the Demolisher title, but it does make it pretty dangerous to enemy fighters since it will be able to shoot twice at them a turn with 2 blue. Hyperspace Assault allows me to have the Gladiator come in behind the enemy at close range, whilst the Squadrons are able to jump on any troublesome enemy fighters as they converge on the only target they have. Minefields is the only Blue Objective card that you can work to your advantage as an imperial, as it makes the board even more hazardous to travel in large numbers of low Engineering and HP ships like the rebels have. It's still not great though. If given the choice though, I'd go for the initiative, as that Demolisher with initiative can put down a ridiculous amount of hurt.
  13. Except they wont though because they have Heavy, they can't engage a single thing.
  14. Or you just take an Offensive Liaison on your carrier and when the moment arrives feed it a spare command token and send out those alpha strike orders. Of course the real weakness here is keeping your bombers safe and unengaged.
  15. Plus, isn't the resolve damage step AFTER the spend Defence token steps anyway?
  16. I also think they may have increase the number of damage cards you look at as well when his ability triggers. Didn't it used to be 3? Or am I confusing him with Marek Steele?
  17. You can attack any hullzone that is within range of the squadron, and that you can trace a line of sight to it without it going through one of the yellow lines of another hull zone.
  18. The issue is something like this. When you are in the Reveal Command Dial step, you can choose to spend both a command dial and a token to combine their effects. Now, the question is, Wulf's effect triggers from using the token, he uses the WHEN keyword which states that it occurs at that moment of the specified event occurs. So, at that point, can you spend this second token to further upgrade the Command Dial effect because it occurs in the Reveal Command Dial step? There are two lines of thought on this. 1) No. You can only combine a Command Dial with a Single Token 2) Yes. You can do this if you have a second Token of the same type during the Reveal Command Dial step. I argue on the Yes side of things, because the Rules Reference carefully omits using keywords like "When" "While" or "After" all of which specify that the effect "cannot occur again during that instance of the event" for spending both a Command Dial and a Command Token. Wulf himself, instead of using the "After" keyword uses the "When" keyword which has an immiediate timing. And finally, I find it too perfect that a VSD with Expanded Hangar Bays and Wulf using this ruling can activate the EXACT number of TIE fighters that they supply in the core box to be accidental.
  19. Could we talk about Wulff Yularen and his timings, and how those interact with the Command Dial step where you spend tokens to augment a Command Dial effect? There's a really big argument brewing over here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/139243-dominated/page-2
  20. I get the feeling I'm also not being very clear. Basically, you have the Reveal Dial step, and in that step you choose whether or not to spend the dial or convert it into a Token right? And in that step, if you chose to use the Dial, you may also spend a token to enhance it right? What I want clarified is: When Wulf activates, since it's an immiediate interrupt, am I still in that step where I'm feeding Command Tokens into the Dial, like a kid putting extra coins into an arcade cabinet? Or has that step of the Command Dial phase already ended? If Wulf had used the keyword AFTER you spend a Token, then I'd say that you definitely can't. But it says WHEN which implies that I'm still at the step where I'm putting tokens into the Dial effect to augment it. I feel like I haven't really made this simple enough. Sorry. It would have cleared everything up if the wording on Dial and Command token combination used any of the "you can only use this once" keywords literally there on the next page over. One of the reasons I'm arguing so vociferously about this is because it makes sense from a component point of view. Cansider this: A VSD with expanded Hangars and Wulf could use his effect to activate 6 TIE fighters. How many TIE fighters did they give us in the core set? Six.
  21. If they wanted it to work as you say, then they easily could have used the AFTER keyword instead of WHEN for Wulff. They would have said ONE token instead of A token on the second to last bullet point of Commands topic. They also could have EASILY used the WHEN or WHILE keywords for the Dial and Token combine effect since both of those keywords SPECIFICALLY state that you can only trigger their effect once. Now, there are other precedents to consider. For instance Calculation for X-Wing, which they had to specify in the FAQ you could use only once. You couldn't just keep feeding Focus tokens into it for further effects. So that's a point in your favour. But on the other side of things are timing effects where since things occur simultanously you can choose the order in which it resolves. Such things like Boba-Fett (Imperial) + Stay on Target or Navigator, or that combo on it's own, or the recent ruling on Cowell. Where the step is "Reveal Maneouver Dial" and you resolve both effects in the timing in the order you choose. But that's X-Wing, and what was ruled for X-Wing can only be considered at best a rough guide for how Armada will work. This is why I say it needs a FAQ because the use of words on both the card and in the Rules Reference is legally vague. Which means it's going to need clarifying before any tournement starts.
  22. Wulf's effect states the following: "When you spend a command token, you may exhaust this card to gain 1 command token of the same type." Now, here's where it get's interesting. The 'when' keyword is used here, now the When keyword is covered in the section marked Effect Use and Timing as being the following: " A 'when' effect occurs at the moment that the specified event occurs and cannot occur again for that instance of the event." So the effect is instant, and occurs at the point that the player spends a command token with his command dial. Since the command is still at the point where you combine tokens and dials to merge the effect into a single Command this allows you to spend a second token to further upgrade the effect. Now where I'm saying a FAQ is needed is that clearly FFG hadn't envisaged a situation where it would be possible to put two tokens of the same type into a Command Dial, or potentially each other. Now, in my mind there's several ways they could errata this. 1) A ship can spend both a command dial and any command tokens of the same type to combine into a single resolution of that command. 2) Any tokens gained from exhausting Wulf Yularans effect occur after the Command Token effect has been resolved. 3) You can only augment a Dial Command with one Command Token per Command effect. Then of course there's the question of can you use two Command Tokens of the same type with each other.
  23. It might be more helpful to not think of crits in the same way as they are in X-Wing, and more how Surge icons work in Descent. Basically, crit or hit does one damage each, but rolling a crit provides you with the ability to use 1 crit effect you have available, be that a face up damage card, or a card effect.
  24. There isn't, and obviously for Wulf to even function you'd Is there such a limitation? All I've read is that you can't have more than one token of the same type at the same time. Where does it say that you can't have the same token multiple times a round? Adlerson There is no hard limit per se and Wulf wouldn't function at all if there were, but the Command rules were clearly written from the perspective that it would be impossible for a player to spend more than one token of the same type per round. But because of Wulff and the keywords used for his effect it IS possible to have situations where you can spend two tokens in conjunction with a Dial, or two tokens by themselves.
  25. I think Wulff really needs a nice big FAQ since he breaks the game in ways that it's clear that FFG hadn't noticed he would. Principally it's because he can get around the limitation that you can only have 1 token of 1 type in a round, because he present situations where you can have two tokens of any type per round, although not at the same time. Really we need a clearer wording on how many Command Tokens you can combine with a Command Dial effect. Personally, I do agree he's perhaps not the best choice in the 180pt game, and I would rather go with a Defensive Liason as sometimes you don't realise just how poor the VSD's turning circle is until your too close to a table edge to escape it, and being able to Navigate when you want is necessary, and Tarkin synergises excellently with this since you'll almost always have a token to spend. I don't however agree with the assessment that he doesn't work with Tarkin. You need a token to begin with to make his ability function and if I'm right about how he works, then he'd be great on a dedicated carrier VSD, packing Expanded Launch Bays and the Corrupter Title, with 2 Bombers and Rhymer and 3 Interceptors nearby. Tarkin pops a Squadron command on the Corrupter, which reveals a Squadron Dial, you then spend the token, Wolf it, toss in the second token, and then move all six squadrons forwards at speed 5, with the Bombers attacking an extended range (how much extended we'll have to see, I'm still not convinced they won't change Rhymers wording, no other squadron uses the other side of the range ruler after all.)
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