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  1. It could if it got an extra Missile and Torp Slot from the OS1 title.
  2. Zoomed in as close as I can get and I can see the words Small Ship only When... a Prim <cannon> [illegible] may [illegible] So, I'm thinking it's something that triggers when making a Primary weapon attack. But I couldn't tell beyond that. It doesn't seem to have the text that adds an extra Cannon upgrade icon that the XG title does. Hmm. Odd. I've had better success with the OS-1 title For a start that DOES have the same patterning that the XG-1 title does with regards to an extra upgrade icon. An extra Torpedo slot at least. Maybe both that and an extra Missile slot? The second para starts similar as well with a "You may [perform attacks]" except it goes <torpedo> and ... Then the text seems to diverge. It's got me wondering if it just means you can use Torps and Missiles when slamming. Which if Unguideds are on the table would be very interesting indeed. But it does look like it has a specific criteria (target locked targets only?) Hmm.
  3. You call THAT clunky? Have you read the rules for the Harpoon Missile?
  4. Roll [a dice] if it's a [hit+crit/evade] then flip a [missiles] [torp] [bomb] upgrade face-up. If not then this upgrade receives a Jam token. Jam Token You cannot use a Reload action on Secondary Weapon Upgrades with Jam Tokens on them. ACTION: Remove a Jam token from one of your Secondary Weapon Upgrades.
  5. Looks like it's gonna be more a Roll a Dice to reload, with a risk of jamming your ordinance instead. Merging both Gunboats into one thing isn't the worst thing in the world, and as much as I'm lukewarm on the model itself, the Gila monsters bullseye arc interests me all the same.
  6. I don't dislike this. My idea was a simple "Once per round" addition, but that works as well. We would see the Stresshog make a reappearance though you understand.
  7. Again, my money is on: It was late and he was tired.
  8. Nope. Just a man who goes to Store Championships and mostly loses to himself.
  9. Some of us are better at listbuilding than the actual playing, not least myself. My completely lack of spatial awareness has often snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in those scant times that my own dice don't betray me. The highest I ever got was top 4, and one of those was a triple T-70 list so you can see the general level I'm playing at. Edit: Or maybe it was late and he wanted his tea?
  10. I'd given them either Synced Turrets [Target Lock] requirement or [Focus] Requirement if you want to make them not that restrictive. Alternatively, make them range 3 only or nerf the number of Attack Dice you get for either one or both attacks.
  11. Starvipers and Kithrax probably. Guns For Hire cannot come soon enough. I also really love using janky Keyan Farlander builders, like Sot+Adv.Sensors or that hilarious PTL+Lando (Crew) build that worked off a nearby Jan Ors. NOBODY expects to see a B-Wing with 3 Evade tokens.
  12. My plan is to actually use Cluster Mines and Minefield Mapper on Nym, force them to disrupt their formation to get past the asteroids and bombs and then hit them with Dengar and more mines.
  13. Well, Fenn would have to be a PTL Fenn, does that list have enough points to support that? Last time I looked the Dengatti build pared pretty much everyone down to the bone to work.
  14. Well, you could take it in conjunction with 4-Lom? Force your opponent to not be able to spend that evade or focus, and also would he like an Ion Token?
  15. I saw Expertise Kestal with a TLT quite happily punch out Fenn Rau last week in a 200pt game. Now admittedly in that case he had just spent a turn facing off against an entire TIE Swarm, a Glaive, Ryad and Quickdraw and was down to 1 hull. But Kestal knew that she could shut down focus and autothrusters which was what was ensuring Fenns survival so far. In theory Kestal could get more damage through Autothruster holders with something like a Sync Turret (Which I was using in various guises that game. VI-Kavil isn't worst place to put one, as was a Deadeye Scurrg.) but the Aggressor probably needs the range.
  16. If Dalan had just a point more Pilot Skill he'd actually be decent. PS7 is pretty reasonable, and you can VI it up to PS9 if you want. Or keep it at 7 and give Stay on Target. The ideal however would be him being natively PS9, something which I think the Starviper sorely needs, and that would make him very very interesting indeed.
  17. NOTE: Talonbane and his build is optional. You could replace him with anything else if you wanted. You could drop Glittles on Thweek as well if you needed points. I just have a pathological fetish for Talonbane and the Scum Cloaking Device. It is well documented by Store Tournament players and organisers.
  18. Thweek — StarViper 28 Fire-Control System 2 Glitterstim 2 Autothrusters 2 StarViper Mk. II -3 Virago 1 Ship Total: 32 Talonbane Cobra — Kihraxz Fighter 28 Adrenaline Rush 1 Cloaking Device 2 Stygium Particle Accelerator 2 Stealth Device 3 Hull Upgrade 3 Vaksai 0 Ship Total: 34 Fenn Rau — Protectorate Starfighter 28 Push the Limit 3 Autothrusters 2 Concord Dawn Protector 1 Ship Total: 34
  19. Jan Ors ability only works the one attack. You don't get it the whole turn. It's not a bad pickup, but it depends on what it is she's buffing. But when it comes to HWK's you're more likely to see Roark or Palob. Palob's ability on a StarViper? Yes please. Roarks would be worth it if your going for a completely unbuffed Thweek at 25pts, and you don't already have the PS advantage.
  20. Eh, he reminds me of Tetran Cowell, there just isn't enough green on the Starviper dial to make him worth it, and you can't get him up to that PS9 sweet spot either. Thweek looks really interesting though, and Dischargers is a great combo for the Vaksai. I can ALMOST make Talonbane good now.
  21. It's not that an Empire player killed the designers dog as a Scum player got him a puppy.
  22. List of possible nerfs down the line: Biggs Get's a "Once per round" wording. It's the easiest way of doing it without completely killing him. Sabine (crew) Change her effect to only apply after the activation phase so it's back to working with actual bombs only now. Adv. SLAM Alter the wording of the SLAM action so that it doesn't allow you to drop bombs when you SLAM. Mines are still fine. Mindlink Range 3 limitation. Range 1 if they want to completely kill it like they did with Manaroo. Fenn Make his ability only function if the relevant ship (attacker or defender) is in his firing arc. K3 Security Droid Green Maneouvers grant you a free Target Lock ACTION Jumpmaster Change the Tournement List Building rules to limit a list to no more than 2 large based ships, with Epic and Team Epic play having no such limitation.
  23. This and the TIE Hunter are probably the two TIE variants that I'd most like to see. It'd probably be fine. The other hardpoint weapons all have pretty big range limits, were clearly meant to be used in groups and average out at 6-8pts each.
  24. For Scouts, the only way I can see for FFG to put that genie back into the bottle is to hard limit the amount of large base ships you can field in a list to two. So you literally are no longer allowed to run triple scouts anymore. It's not like you can run more than two large ships of any other class is it? On the subject of Mindlink, a FAQ giving that a range of 3 would help, but a Range of 1 bringing it inline with Manaroo's nerf could happen. A range limitation would actually add an interesting tactical wrinkle to it, you could move outside of it's range when you want to avoid getting stressed, and then nip back in on a white maneouver so you can feed Focus to the rest of the link group.
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