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  1. There's quite a lot in the meta (and out of it) that wouldn't like that at all. It's not even crits, it's straight up Face-Up Damage Card deal so you can't Draw their Fire it away either. It's TL using so it gets past Biggs, it goes under the shields so it get's past Quickdraws ability and Nym's low agility makes him really vulnerable to getting hit by it, unlike Quickdraw who at least has 3 evade dice thanks to LWF. And you can now reload-fire them on the same turn if we're right about the title. Of course you'd need something that works at R2-3 as well incase you misjudge the range, and that's assuming you aren't spending that TL and don't need to relock Yeah, this could bring some lesser seen ordinance back into the game all right. Plus, it's the missile gunboat. The King **** God Emperor Starfighter of Death and you can't fly it! Yet.
  2. Yeah, but if we kept it at TIE only, and made it so you spread the damage in the form of face down damage cards instead of normal hits, it wouldn't be that bad.
  3. What if we gave them the ability to spread damage? Like Xizor's ability but an... Imperial only EPT? Or maybe a TIE only title... okay what slots on a TIE aren't getting used that we can bolt this thing into? Mod Slot? Call it Defensive Swarm Tactics, and you can shuttle damage to any TIE on the DST network?
  4. It's kind of weird that this topic has sort of come back. It was brought up in the 2017 Gencon Results thread that one of the reasons we don't really see Imperials in the top 16 of these sort of events is that MoV is too punishing for them since they are the atrittion faction. How often is RAC not gonna give up half his points? Quickdraw goes down swinging, but it DOES go down... uh, so to speak. Whereas you see more of them higher up in smaller tournements because there are less games for that MoV to really matter. So it brings back the question how do Imperials manage to make it in high-game championships without MoV biting them in the ***?
  5. Especially when there's now a ship that can fire Adv. Homers, if it hits or misses, who cares? He can just AdvSLAMM Reload away and try for a second pass in a turn or two in the meta.
  6. That wasn't an erratta that was the guy who designs the cardboard bases screwing up.
  7. I doubt it, the main problem untitled Defenders have is that they cost a goddamn arm and a leg. Adding more points to them doesn't help that. That -2 point discount the X7 was easily half the reason why they were so popular over the TIE-D title. The other half being ridiculous evade token access.
  8. My thought on that was that the verb "Reload" might be the non-action specific for the Reload action. Similar to how "Aqcuire a Target Lock" or "Acquire a Focus Token" works for those respective actions. So you could SLAMM, Adv.SLAMM a TL, PTL a Focus (although I can't imagine why you'd give Vynder PTL over VI but for arguments sake) and when you ping your target with Jam/Tractors/Flechettes you can still reload even through the stress. Or more likely still reload after doing a K-Turn.
  9. I kind of like this idea because of the way it synergises with Vynder. Plus it would also be worth a pick-up on the B-Wing. It might even be the thing to help bring some of the hitherto largely unseen B-Wing uniques back into the game. Keyan with Links + Plasma's for 2pts less than his usual HLC, or a Nera Dantels able to spam multiple protons for instance. It's not like the B-Wing doesn't need something right now is it?
  10. The Kimo getting reload was pretty superfluous. I feel like they literally only did it because it's also got access to Jam tokens and they're on the card as well. I can sort of see how it would work, you can pair up torps and missiles with your bullseye arc afterall, so you'd declare a TL with your Protons or Concs at something in your bullseye arc and then zoom past him, reloading as you go.
  11. If it IS Dalen, then he doesn't have the same pilot ability OR the same Pilot Skill. Which would be VERY odd. We've had pilots change their PS, and we've had them change their pilot ability, but never both.
  12. PS4 is usually the Imperial level for an EPT'd ship. See Black and Saber squadron for instance.
  13. Could be worse. At least this isn't Armada. We'd have to wait 12 with that.
  14. Other Forum conversations on Linked Batteries believe it says "may reload" which we *think* is the non-action verb for that action, like "Acquire a Target Lock" or "Acquire a Focus/Evade token" The idea is you can attack with a Primary or Cannon and get a free reload out of it even if you're stressed. Which amongst other things is actually a pretty interesting buff for unique B-Wing pilots if correct. Vynder get's obvious synergy as well.
  15. That's because you've been thinking as the linkage being between the cannons and the primaries. What if the link is between the guns and the missiles?
  16. It still takes up a cannon slot, and small base ship is pretty restricting there. It WOULD make the XG-1 Gunboat pretty good. Rolling about with some Cruisers or Concussions, fires the missiles, reloads by firing his Primaries or a Jammer/Flechette Cannon and if your Vynder, you now have 3 green dice and whatever mods you've managed to save. I think it works. I mean, let's face it unique B-Wings have needed some kind of buff for a while now as well, and getting a free reload would be thematic, there's at least one pilot who would directly benefit from it, and you can see a clear combo with Vynder as well as mentioned above.
  17. ...I dunno, I think you might be onto something, but I'm not sure that fits into the wording. Isn't it usually worded like " you may perform a free evade action. " like with Isard? But then again, I suppose "you may reload" would be the non action verb for the reload action. Like "Acquire a Target Lock" or "Gain a Focus/Evade token". So, even if you were stressed you could still reload. Wait, wait, does this mean things that wouldn't normally have access to a reload, but do have a cannon slot going fallow (and are small based) now get a free reload action? If this is 2pts or less that is a VERY interesting option for the B-Wing. Nera with that and Advanced Protons + Firecon? Keyan + Plasma + Linked Batteries for a 5point HLC that does extra shield damage (plus his usual PTL/SoT build) I like it, and I find myself hoping you've nailed it.
  18. That was my guess. But you've got to start with the word "When" have "a primary weapon attack" in the second line. Then <cannon> Secondary weapons and finishing with "May Reroll" at the end of the last line, and only bits of the Synced turret wording syncs (ha!) up with that. The two+ month wait on this is going to be a killer.
  19. Nope. It gives rerolls. To something.
  20. You mean the Scrambler Missiles? Most likely. I'm thinking Range 2-3, 4 Attack dice, cost 3-5 The Jamming Beacon is pretty easy to figure out. Range 1-2, 3 Attack Dice, 2pts If this attack hits, assign one Jam token to the defender and cancel all dice results. What's giving me problems is Linked Batteries. Small Ship Only When... A Prim[ary] ?... <cannon> Secondary [weapons]... may re[roll] ... Something about making a primary weapon attack? Do I get rerolls on my Primaries up to the amount of attack dice I have in secondary cannons? Or vice versa? Like the Sync turret?
  21. It wont be. I'd expect 20-21pts. It's got 7HP and 2 Evade dice, that stuff doesn't come for free.
  22. So the theme of this wave seems to be Token Bypass/Removal? On thing about the Gila Monster to keep in mind is that Bullseye arc is what? The width of a Range Ruler? That's not THAT easy to get a small base ship into, impossible if you don't have initiative. Now, larger based ships, like say, the Jumpmaster, for a COMPLETELY RANDOM EXAMPLE even ones with Barrel Rolls (AGAIN LIKE THE JUMPMASTER) will find it a little trickier if they lack a boost action since the large base BR works differently for them. So, if you have large base 2 agility ship that has been abusing Overclocked to keep getting it's Focus back, it now can now longer use that Focus when defending against you, and that's just when dealing with an untitled generic. Torani + VI + Enforcer title? That's nasty.
  23. I'm looking at Kimogila's fan, and whilst I can't make a single thing out of small text. It DOES have two copies of that one EPT that the Gunboat has, and reveals a bit more of it's name. Satu[ration] Sa... I'm guessing "Salvo". The next version along reavels the words "After" and a Torpedo icon on the next line. So, possibly an EPT that let's you ripple fire Torpedo's? But how if you're spending a Target Lock each ti... oh god. This is it. This is the card that removes the spend part of the [target lock] cost that all munitions apart from Homers, Harpoons and Cruisers have isn't it? Redline Status If True: MEGADEAD.
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