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  1. Really, you don't. You could probably get away with an Assault Frigate Mk2. To be honest it's gonna come down to how expensive it is.
  2. No. DONT add Profundity and another small ship. That is a seperate build idea on how to use profundity. Basically, you do 75-80L-30 and you should have around 140+ points to spend on upgrades, Transports and Squadrons. I've been using the MC80H Command Cruiser as a standin for listbuilders and there's no way the 75 should cost as much as that ship does. So you have 3 ships, but 2 (so far) on the board to begin with. Maybe toss in Leia in a Comms Transport since that's always a good build and then get a decent 60-70 point Squadron Build to round things off.
  3. If we could just get off the statistically unlikely scenario of somebody looking a Russian Doll Raddus build and going "Yes. I will pick Hyperspace Assault here. This is a good idea." and onto more realistic Raddus build possibilities? My current theory craft is that you put Raddus on the MC-75, and you have a relatively punchy Liberty MC80 build in reserve. Now all you need is a mailman. To my mind you have two choices here: 1: The Vette. With Engine Techs is the fastest possible option, but it's not very punchy (comparatively speaking) and it can disintigrate under concentrated fire, although with your speed there's not going to be a lot of stuff that's going to get a chance. 2: The MC30 MUCH more dangerous than the Vette, and the titles give it some good survivability. However it's not as agile and you'll probably overshoot next turn. So the theory is: The Postman barrels down upon the Flagship, or the biggest meanest ship in his fleet, delivers a locked and loaded Liberty MC80 Star Cruiser at equal speed up it's **** and if nothing else FORCES that ship to be the first activation for the player that turn. Except now there's a very big, very dangerous ship in an awkward angle that's going to dictate his flow of the game. You could run double Postman builds, but how few Squadrons are you really comfortable with? In theory you could use a Transport as the delivery vector but that means running your Transports INTO fire, which is a bad idea, Scatter defence token or no. It could work if you field 3 or 4 of them with no upgrades though. Sort of like Fireships. But I think the key salient point is to use Raddus to deliver something unpleasant in a place of maximum discomfort to your opponent, and to do that you need some kind of fast delivery vehicle because the quicker you can get The Package onto the board, the more time it's got to earn it's points back. As for Profundity? Maybe DON'T use it alongside Raddus? But pop Doddonna's Pride with Engine Techs inside at then deploy it in such a way around turn 3 or 4 when it will block an opponents ship's movement, then you try to Doddona's Pride a Face-Up past the shields, and then Engine Tech double ram them for 3 cards past shields, with potentially another one coming unless they had a Nav command dialled in by luck. Although obviously, under this tactic you WOULDN'T be transferring the Admiral into the Corvette. But the MC-75 looks pretty tanky, with good shields and the most hull of any rebel ship (I'm also betting on double Braces - 1 Redirect - 1 Contain for it's defence tokens) so if he's not safe there, he isn't going to be safe anywhere.
  4. Some of those are at least getting used. The Imp. Firespray needs a buff for sure though, as does the Interceptor, but if they're gonna get one it's going to be through other expansions instead of a dedicated Veterans/Heroes/Aces box. Like how Autothrusters was.
  5. Jan Ors only works once per round though. Yeah a PTL A-Wing can double Evade by focusing + evading, but none of his buddies can, and at the end of the day outside of that one Cruise/Procket shot, when was the last time you saw an A-Wing contributing in this game? It literally made Lando (crew) completely useless, not just mostly useless/uncompetitive but a complete waste of cardboard, and that was a card designed by Championship Winner as well.
  6. So, would it just be the Stress Limitation for the X7 nerf, or does that include the No Bumps and No Overlapping Asteroids part? Conversely, what about the reverse? I've often felt a lot of the attempts to put the Genie that is the Jump back into the bottle by FFG have been very hamfisted and often nerfed other things more than their targets. I *still* to this day don't know what the point of the nerf that disallowed you to spend more than one evade token per defence roll was. Did one of the game devs just REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE Laetin Ashera?
  7. Some of those make sense though. Arc Caster would be hilariously broken if it had access to Ruthlessness or the XW-1 Gunboat title that's coming up for wave 12. Pulse Ray Shields would have been fine though, as would Fearlessness. Also, I've always felt that Mara Jade shouldn't have had a faction limitation. Or if not that, then Rebel and Scum versions.
  8. This. The Phantom was simply ridiculous pre-nerf. Plus, keep in mind that Scum can take a Cloaking Device as well, do we really need to be buffing those guys any more?
  9. No, the issue with the RRD is what happens if you start the game with no models on the board, but none of them destroyed as per the rules.
  10. The Raddus Russian Doll tactic isn't really a legitimate issue, as it's basically impossible to happen in anything other than hypothetical circumstances. The only real question that might come up in real gameplay is whether you can use Raddus and Profundity in the same turn. Which DiabloAzul largely and theatrically explained as you can do.
  11. Huh. So you basically HAVE to take RLB on something (probably the MC80 you have Raddus sitting in, but who knows, the Profundity might have a 4 in squadron as well) or else you are wasting points if you bring more than 3 squadrons.
  12. Thing is, the way I'm interpreting it, if you deploy with say, 2 A-Wings on the board and nothing else because you are running a Russian Doll strategy, if those 2 A-Wings kark it then you WILL lose. Because you HAVE destroyed all ships and squadrons on the board. It is somewhat odd that this scenario was never discussed regarding HSA when the game was in it's infancy and test games was 1 VSD vs a Vette and Neb, and it's only now that it comes up. As I keep saying though, this is all just a thought exercise that can only come about if BOTH players working together effectively allow it to happen. No sensible player is going to see a Matryoshka list, get first player, see Hyperspace Assault and think "I know let's make it so my opponent's ENTIRE FLEET can pop up out of 3 possible exits points of his choosing. This is a good idea."
  13. Who's pulling crap? That said opponent went and picked Hyperspace Assault. You didn't force him. He could see what fleet you brought, he could clearly see Raddus and an MC75, he had to guess something was up when you asked him "are you SURE you want to pick Hyperspace Assault?" in the tones that GM use to tell you when you are doing something idiotic.
  14. It's worth pointing out that the Hyperspace Raddus Bomb is really more of a thought exercise than a likely result because which first player is going to be insane enough to look at a 3 ship Raddus fleet and pick Hyperspace Assault? It's also worth mentioning that the Russian Radus+Profundity Doll bomb can be prevented simply by placing TIE's/X-Wings in close escort since the cards both specifically state that you can't deploy onto fighters. So, my gut is, even if you can Raddus+Profundity two ships out of one in a daisy chain, clever Squadron positioning is going to make this extremely difficult to get that magic position. Especially since you opponent is going to get AT LEAST one activation to move the ambushed ship out of the trap after blasting the **** out of whoever. Sure you could block with a ship in the front, but if this is an ISD you're trying this on he's going to just LOVE that. I will say you should still take Hyperspace Assault as one of your Objectives because it effectively means you are only bringing 2 Objective cards.
  15. That would have made for a very different original trilogy.
  16. Yes... but deploying the ship using Raddus, Hyperspace Assault or Profundity DOESN'T MEAN IT ISN'T STILL THE START OF THE TURN. If the timing for Profundity and Raddus was "At the END of a Turn" THEN it would work like you are saying.
  17. That's probably going to need a clarifying FAQ. I'm pretty sure you can choose the order cards with effects in the same timing step go off in if they all belong to you. ****, it's the cornerstone of how the old Falcon (TFA) Title + Kanan Jarrus (crew) combo works over in X-Wing. So it's my feeling that at that "Start of the Turn" step, you could Raddus in Profundity, then have Profundity go off. ****, you could even Hyperspace in Raddus first before all of this.
  18. There's an idea, a 3 ship list with Raddus, Profundity some RLB'd B-Wings or whatever and the Hyperspace Assault Objective. Start with no ships of any kind on the board. Go have a cup of tea whilst your opponent is doing his deployment. NOTE: REMEMBER THAT RADDUS HAS TO BE IN THE HYPERSPACING SHIP FOR THIS TO WORK.
  19. I really don't think the Kuat Refits are worth 112 points. It loses 2 points of Squadron, swaps an offensive retro for a defensive one and swaps turbolasers for a Missile slot. Is that worth MORE points than the ISD1? I'm not really sure it is. Don't get me wrong it's still an ISD, but, for 112points I can take an ISD1 and give it Minister Tua. I now have 2 Offensive and 1 Defensive retro slot. Oh and 4 Squadron points if I'm running a mini-Rhymerball or something and he happens to be nearby. The Cymoon on the other hand. The Forum filter wont let me use the words I want to say about how good for it's points that is. Double Turbolasers? Fleet Command!? All I'm losing over the ISD2 is a point of Squadron and a single attack dice!? That ship is an amazing Flagship and I am deeply deeply concerned for my wallet in this upcoming winter period.
  20. Tarkin being overcosted is kind of forgivable since he's was literally the first imperial Admiral in the game and FFG still hadn't gotten a consistant idea of pricing down yet. The same thing happened with X-Wing. Consider things like the X-Wing's cost, or the EPT Marksmanship, or TIE Advanceds. Or any of the 4 cost EPT's that aren't Expertise. Leia is more egregious because she came 6 waves in when Tarkin being underused due to him being overcosted was well known. FFG should have put her in at around 10 points cheaper. No less really though? I mean at a basic level Leia effectively gives every ship in your fleet Expanded Hangar Bays, so 28pts feels closer to what she should be at really. Ultimately though, I feel the best use of Leia is still as an Officer on a Transport Flottilla with Comms Relay acting as the command tower for your AFmk2, MC80, Liberty etc etc.
  21. Have they switched to Expertise? I feel like we should really revisit Flechette Cannons one of these days. Oh well, something for Wave 12 I guess.
  22. Remind me, is the " when you spend a focus token" the same as the "remove 1 of it's focus, evade, TL tokens" part of the new Jam tokens? Or is it different? Like, if you jam Dengar, does that break the Overclocked chain?
  23. I've had Kestal used against me once, she killed Fenn Rau in a situation where anyone other than Kestal wouldn't have. Although in fairness, it was 200pt Epic Game and Fenn Rau HAD just survived a joust with basically 170pts of Imperial Shipping all by himself. Just.
  24. Yeah, they usually use attack, so what the hockey sticks is that word then? That. It's a That. Hmmm... I'm thinking it's something that only works with Torps of a certain cost, if they're low enough? Maybe you don't discard them after use? But why would that be an EPT?
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