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  1. Poor Hobbie, all he needed was an EPT slot and he would have been pretty great. Give him Stay on Target, Targeting Astromech and watch him fly.
  2. They didn't even know it had Proton Torpedoes, let alone how big it is. They probably just got a couple of shots of the ILM cgi model without any references and told to get cracking.
  3. I would be very suprised if ISYTDS remains the same, if at all. Every instance of through shield damage card gain from 1.0 we've seen so far has not translated into 2.0. And to be frank, I never really liked Kylo's pilot ability on the Silencer, and I wouldn't be suprised if it got a complete redesign and Kylo became a pilot for the Silencer only, but was retained as a Crew Card. If they did that, then they could specifically tailor Kylo with an ability that would best work with the Silencer as opposed to having to keep in mind how that ability would function on the Epsilon, when really, whilst Kylo DOES have more screentime in the Epsilon over the Silencer by a long way, it's not as the actual pilot of the thing. The only thing I can say for sure is that whatever his ability is, it will be powered by force tokens.
  4. I could see Manglers working like that, although it's worth pointing out that with cannons and turrets now getting range bonuses, that at the range most likely for you to get a bullseye is going to also be the range that you'll be rolling 4 dice. It's hard to say if Mangler will or wont be in, but since I don't feel it was intended as a hard counter to something specific (and Tem-Numb is packing an entirely different ability now) then my gut says it probably will make it in in some form. For reasons outlined above, it would either have to see a price increase, or get an Atk decrease. On a similar line of thinking, I'd imagine Autoblasters and Turrets are probably gone now. Or if they aren't they will be heavily reworked, perhaps with the ability to turn blanks or focuses into hits, something that Concussions Missiles and Proton Torps both lost, for example.
  5. I'm fine with pretty much everything but the loss of the Atk value when the Ghost got to keep it's. Thank god that the titles and docking rules for that thing got balanced out at least. Still not looking forward to how 2.0 Biggs is going to be in an environment rife with reinforce, but at least nobody is going to dealing out 5 attack dice from the rear, or double TLT or Autoturret shots from the side. I just feel reducing the attack here makes no sense, the Phantom is SUPPOSED to have a bajillion guns, that's exactly how it is meant to work. Of all the fixes the Phantom needed, I don't think the 4 Attack Dice was one of things that was a problem.
  6. It most certainly does not have better repositioning. Statline maybe, I'll grant. At the end of the day, it is a faint shadow of what it was POST NERF right now, pre-nerf is a very faint and distant memory, and it needs to come down in points at least somewhat because of all these changes. 1 extra hull does not counterbalance the Atk reduction, general evade nerfing, loss of a crew slot, and Adv. Cloak nerfing.
  7. Maybe toss in Ciena or Sloan in there too? For extra shenanigans? Edit: Well, Sloan maybe. No BR's or Boosts on the Gunboat.
  8. The timing on Luke (gunner) just needs to be somewhere between the start of the planning phase and the beginning of the activation phase and that'll be a lot more balanced. The end of the Device phase would be fine as well although I would have thought that wording would have been noticed.
  9. Yeah, but generic E-Wings needed a boost of some kind, and Corran needed a corresponding nerf. I'm interested in seeing what sort of upgrades an R4 equipped E-Wing can make use of now, as those turn it's red 1Turns into white and it's white 2Turn's to greens, effectively giving it an Interceptor/A-Wing tier dial. However, as a balancing act, it's only link actions are Boost or BR to TL, and the E-Wing can't TL at range 0-1 any more.
  10. So the Phantom loses it's crew slot as well. Good lord, just bury the thing all ready, it's was ALREADY dead. Even if they reduce that things prices down to Striker and Interceptor tier it still wouldn't be enough because those ships are better than the Phantom as well.
  11. I feel like the biggest buff to the Scum Faction was the Firespray >Smaller Base size >Boba Fett reaches his FINAL FORM >Can now equip Cloaking Devices >Kath Scarlet having one of the very few dice additive effects left in the game (apparently) and one that rewards fluffy play >Red Reinforce >WHITE BOOST >Can equip Missiles, Bombs or Torpedoes with the Slave 1 title >Can have Bossk or Dengar or Veteran Tailgunner with the Marauder title >Emon is still in Personally, whilst I'm all for cheaper Brobots, I do hope IG-88D Crew is still in. I feel that was a card that never quite saw the use it could have had, which it might now.
  12. Yeah, but Luke crew is prohibitively expensive NOW, so I can't imagine that isn't going to stay the same. Plus, you take him and you preclude the ability to double tap with the Falcon. Sure, he's great on a Y-Wing, but it's not like those things don't need the buff so I'm okay with it. The guy I really like is Bossk. Him sitting behind 4-Lom screaming and shouting and working like the old gunner card is going to be hilarious.
  13. Biggs is defanged compared to his original form, but buffed compared to his post-errata nuking. There's also an unanswered question as to whether Reinforce takes place before or after Bigg's ability kicks in. After would be more balanced as that To a Minumum of 1 Damage caveat would still come into play. Otherwise, you could have a Reinforced Ghost tank two damage for six attacks. At least with the former you're still plinking away at both, and can make the fifth shot a Concussion Missile so all of a sudden damage cards are getting flipped. I'd be happy with that.
  14. To be frank, we we lucky to have Miranda and Sabine (crew) defanged. On the other hand, Rex is STILL in a TIE Fighter, and I will be amazed if his price point is that much higher comparatively to where he is now, IE: Cheap enough to just toss into a Kanaan + Biggs list. Oh yeah, thanks to white Reinforce on the Ghost, that combo is back as well.
  15. Mward1984

    Soontir Fel

    Consider: Elusive + Afterburners + Stealth Device + Palp In a Shuttle So, now we have a highly positional dependant murder-TIE that get's a free Boost when it's moves 3-5 (well, for a couple of times) then get's an action, which it can then pair into a Barrel Roll. If it's got an opponent in it's Bullseye then he get's a free focus. When attacked, he's rolling 4 dice, one of which he can reroll, and one of which he can use the Force to turn a Focus into an Evade, and if he was sure about being able to Bullseye, that one action was probably an Evade. Or alternatively he can save the Focus token for defence, and spend Palp's Force Token on making an attack. Well, that's IF he can Bullseye someone. With 4 Evade dice he can successfully evade any attack in the game apart from Atk4 Range 1 attacks no matter what they roll. Well, until the dice gods descend from on high and decree your end.
  16. I think I heard somebody on a forum elsewhere throw around the idea of giving it regenerating shields, similar to how Force has that little chevron to denote it recharges. It would be pretty crazy, but then again, the TIE-D is a pretty crazy ship.
  17. I had an idea for Keyan Farlander: Force Rating of 1, Initiative 4 " When you reveal a maneuver, you may spend 1 [force] to rotate your dial to another maneuver with the same speed." Then give him a Talent slot instead of a Force Talent slot so he can't stack Sense onto that. Keyan was always more of a traditional fighter ace than a Force using ace anyhow. But he WAS force sensitive and then later trained as a Jedi, so we can probably get away with the Force Rating. Essentially the idea here is that since Keyan's ability has been dumped onto Tem Numb, but the guy always did love Stay on Target, and giving him that as his innate pilot ability would be neat. Plus it turns the lubering assault fighter that is the B-Wing into a murderous knife fighter. I also feel that B-Wings should get their own S-Foils card, although how it could work I don't know. Maybe have the Open S-Foils give them back their 2K?
  18. Given that Gunners are their own distinct upgrade slot now, it's not entirely impossible that such an upgrade will exist. I mean, we've already seen one that basically gives the Y-Wing it's BTL title effect back, except it's no longer limited to front only arc, should you want to rotate it so you can always fire back as well as front.
  19. Yes. The Genius changes GUT Nym like a fish since you can no longer use Genius and Bomblets together since Genius now specifies you need to discard the upgrade card to work. You can make up for it with Extra Munitions so you can get away with it once, maybe twice when low on health. But you certainly can't do it speculatively like before. It's going to require a complete rethink on how people build Nym, and it's possible the meta might just decide it's not worth it. The lack of TLT nerf still annoys. Those things just suck up fun.
  20. X-Wings now gone completely. Triple Scouts gone. Paratanni gone. Nym gone. K-Wings with Sabine and Mines gone. So, K-Wings gone. The meta is wide open.
  21. It's just that it goes off after you finish your move, so I guess it's for things like Oicunn or detirmining when Deadmans Switch goes off. On that subject, Deadman Switch going off if you leave the board is hilarious.
  22. >Searches whole thread for mention of Talonbane Cobra >0 Results But seriously, I've tried to get Eaden Vrill to work with no results, NuHan once, NuChewie with HotCops, Rage and Inspiring Recruits ALMOST worked, but not quite, and numerous times with Keyan Farlander (I miss my PTL+Lando (crew) combo build, nobody expects a B-Wing to have reliable double Evade token access*) but yeah I have tried a couple of times to get Talonbane to work and so far he just doesn't. Guns For Hire soon though... *I had Dash + Jan Ors floating about, it used to work.
  23. I paired up Baze with Hotcops on a NuChewie build once. It was not unsatisfactory. By which I mean Chewie desocketed the arms of about 120pts worth of imperial shipping all by himself. but my red dice were pretty hot that day.
  24. So, I basically finalised my Talonbane build into this: Talonbane Cobra — Kihraxz Fighter 28 Adrenaline Rush 1 Cruise Missiles 3 Cloaking Device 2 Stygium Particle Accelerator 2 Guidance Chips 0 Vectored Thrusters 2 Vaksai 0 Ship Total: 33 With the full list looking like this: Thweek — StarViper 28 Fire-Control System 2 Glitterstim 2 Autothrusters 2 StarViper Mk. II -3 Virago 1 Ship Total: 32 Fenn Rau — Protectorate Starfighter 28 Push the Limit 3 Autothrusters 2 Concord Dawn Protector 1 Ship Total: 34
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