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  1. Only in Fly Casual. Only decent ones I've found are Sunny Bounder without upgrades and Professor Laetin with Juke. Good cheap pick-ups that can sometimes surprise.
  2. We aren't getting dual EPT's back. Whilst you could never really break the game with those in 1.0, in 2.0 they probably don't want to have to worry about combo possibilities of something that can combine Talents. I feel like you're probably right about the attack dice, and it's particularily bad right now because the 1.0 fix for that: Prockets got nerfed pretty hard with it's bullseye only arc change and points increase, which was required when they simplified it's attack dice mechanics. So right now the A-Wing is like a pre-ATC TIE-Advanced. Two attack dice ships are either ordinance boats, or cheap sacrifical blocking chaff, and since rebels already have headhunters who are cheaper for that role, there's no place for the A-Wing there. They need access to a high damage missile that only they can make work or at least some way of upping their firepower that doesn't step on the toes of the Resistance A-Wing, although, to be honest since they're different factions now I feel that should be less of a factor. A range 0-1 missile with 4 attack dice and 2 ammo might do it.
  3. I don't give a single **** about it being a free focus, it's about being able to remove stress on a B-Wing with it's absolutely godawful dial with pathetic blue and way too much red that I want. But the fact that you can't spend it even if you don't get a focus result any more which is a big nerf for the Pilot Formerly Known As Keyan. Seriously, if they just made it so I could spend a 1 regenerating charge to remove a stress at the end of my turn with no other ability I would like it better.
  4. I get what they were doing with the A-Wing, but I don't exactly like it either. I'm hopeful for what we'll get in the reprint but I am concerned we might not be seeing Tycho making a comeback since there's a lot of nu-canon pilots who have used A-Wings: Hera, Shera Bay and Ahsoka are all possible pilots. Shera would be actually pretty good in an A-Wing, it'd be an interesting way of upping your firepower on the cheap. I'm actually kind of surprised Hera wasn't put into an X-Wing to be honest, but whatever. Whilst them dropping the second talent slot from the A-Wings was a dissappointing, I do kind of understand that Vectored Thrusters is meant to be pseudo representing PtL and actually having two talent slots could result in something ridiculous and unbalanced... somehow? It's an A-Wing for gods sake. But that's besides the by. My main problem with A-Wings aside from the lack of high PS ace is the lack of Mod slot. Why in the name of christendom does the most modified fighter in canon, to the point that there are versions of it with bespoke hand crafted wood panelling in the cockpit, not have a mod slot? Why can't I put an extra shield or hull on this? Would Afterburners really be so broken? I have exactly the same problem with the Fang Fighter not having one as well. I also feel that the B-Wing is in a godawful spot as well thanks to it losing the crew slot, and a torp slot, and now it has two cannon slots. Why. Why does it have two cannon slots when none of them are really any good? It currently occupies that position that the E-Wing had with Corran Horn in that they have one good pilot in the form of Keyan Farlander Tem Numb. I really want to see what we get for the reprints because as it stands the A and B wings are wounded animals, one half of a combo that currently does not exist.
  5. Is there any way that Veteran Turret Gunner can be made to recognise the difference between a primary forward arc attack and a Turret Attack? Because by design that's supposed to be how the Y-Wing get's it's forward double tap back, but right now it's registering a forward primary arc attack as a turret attack. But if the engine simply can't support that then fine. Oh, and I guess easier to do would be removing that second Astromech slot the Y-Wing currently has for some reason. Lastly, Tem-Numb shouldn't be allowed to spend his stress unless there is a focus result for him to spend it on. In fact, you can't spend tokens if you can't change the results with them full stop now.
  6. Jake is super awkward compared to how he used to be, but he's also more flexible than he used to be in other ways. With all the pilots who should make it into the A-Wing reprint, I am super concerned for Tycho right now. Hera, Shera Bey and Ahsokha are all possibilities and I think they might squeeze out Tycho completely. I'd also imagine it'd be the pack that gives Rebels the Composure upgrade.
  7. Still dickering about....
  8. I'm not sure Krennic in a Reaper is worth it if it means not having the points for Juke on Whisper. Vader on Whipser is an interesting idea that hadn't ever occurred to me though.
  9. Anyone else find it hilarious that "Fat Whisper" barely costs more than an unupgraded 1.0 Whisper in old money?
  10. Personally, I'm tempted to go with this: Saber Squadron Ace — TIE Interceptor 40 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 41 Saber Squadron Ace — TIE Interceptor 40 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 41 Turr Phennir — TIE Interceptor 44 Daredevil 3 Ship Total: 47 "Whisper" — TIE Phantom 52 Juke 4 Advanced Sensors 8 Agent Kallus 6 Ship Total: 70 It's quite janky, but I think Daredevil and Turr might have some interesting synergy now.
  11. Conversely, I would say no. Whisper's dial is decent, but you tend to find yourself using the lower speeds a lot more than the higher ones, and I think those 8 points could be used elsewhere. Plus it interacts badly with Adv. Sensors, which is also expensive and more useful.
  12. This was basically my take (Note the card builder doesn't have a functioning Cannon icon for some reason.) I was thinking Cannon slot, 6pts. So you could use it with Clusters to Double Tap in an ammo efficient way, or with Prockets for one REALLY BIG alpha, or anything in between. To be honest, it was really made with the B-Wing in mind, but well, there's no disguising where the ability came from.
  13. Small only, needs a Cannon, and only procs after a special attack. So, the B-Wing NEEDS it, the Defender had it in 1.0 and wants it back but maybe can't afford it, and the Gunboat doesn't get much but a two dice attack out of it. And there's literally nothing else in the game that can use it. It probably should be 6pts?
  14. Here's what I've come up with so far:
  15. Exactly. More needs to be said about Leebo, I think he's super strong right now. On the subject of Phantoms, whilst I don't think they're useless, I'm not fully convinced that Interceptors aren't better and cheaper than they are right now. I don't know, we need to see a fully active and operational meta before we can tell anything for sure. Personally, I think swarms are going to be the go to list for this early meta, as everyone now has the tools and ships to enable them, and I don't think swarm counters are fully in place right now.
  16. WINNERS AND LOSERS So, this is largely based on what I've found most noticeable as I thoerycraft, list-build and test-game (mostly on Fly Casual), and should be considered personal opinion. Winners TIE Interceptors Even without the universal application of what amounts to PTL across the board I'd have declared Squints big winners simply because FFG finally admitted what I had been saying FOR LITERAL YEARS: That the Interceptor was AT LEAST two points overcosted if not across the board then definitely with it's generics. 2nd Ed now fixes that. The Interceptor is now an excellent and spammable arc dodger that can dish it out, but still can't take unless you're willing to put big money down. Needs it's reprint on account of it losing all but two of it's pilots in the transition (and expect to hear THAT phrase A LOT in the rest of this post) but really, the only pilot people want back is of course: Carnor Jax. X-Wings The most in need of it, and potentially the most receiving of it. All of their fixes now rolled into a single platform with all of the costs they had to pay for those fixes removed (as fun as it WAS to see Chopper and Integrated Astromech eye each other leerily, to see who would make the first move). The presence of 3Tallons really helps it's repositioning options, and access to Boost and Barrel Roll along with multiple ammo in it's torpedoes is just what the doctor ordered. Some of the pilots lost in the transition were a little incogruous though, Wes would have slotted right into 2.0 (change his ability to Jam token gain and you're laughing) In a post Stay on Target game, it could have finally been Hobbie's time to get an Talent Slot. Was Tarn Mison's ability just too similar to that one Crew card from Saw's Renegades to be included? We may never know. And unlike everything else on this list, the X-Wing has already had it's reprint, so it's unknown when if ever we will see these fan favourite pilots again. LEEBO Leebo was not something that was completely unseen in competitive play in 1.0. The rise of Kylo Ren saw him sometimes see play paired up with the Detirmination EPT for instance. But by and large he was usually passed over for his puny fleshbag master Easymode Dash Rendar. In 2.0. things have changed. Firstly both him and Dash's points cost are an eye watering 98 and 100pts respectively, this makes list building with the YT-2400 awkward at best. But here's the good news: LEEBO is literally Robo-Poe. No really. He is functionally identical in how he works to Poe Dameron now. You spend a Calculate token to convert a single focus result, and you get that token back afterwards. It is literally the same in all but wording. But wait! The YT-2400 actually managed to retain it's crew slot! But who would be a good combo to... wait, what's that Threepio? It's too late? You're already a demon? Yeah so, you know how they nerfed 3PO by making him twice as expensive, removing his ability to say zero successes and made it powered by Calculate tokens? Well, Leebo doesn't care. Leebo is in a 2 defence dice ship and is probably going to get 1 result as defence anyway, and everytime he spend a calculate token whilst defending he get's it back. Welcome back C3PO. SURGEON GENERALS WARNING: THIS BUILD IS ALREADY 110PTS FOR TWO CARDS. Losers B-Wings Oh man B-Wings are in a bad spot right now. Their dial is the same as it always was, but with 1-Tallons, because more short distance 180 moves is what the B-Wing needed. Not a sensible 4k or maybe the ability to go speed 4 without stressing itself. No. An upgrade slot selection that's half a combo waiting for the right cards to turn up, and actually managed to LOSE it's crew slot fix. The double cannon slot shows that FFG potentially have a plan for this ship (Linked Batteries making a return? Some kind of double cannon superlazor?) but we aren't going to know what that is until it get's it's reprint and THAT'S not going to happen until AT LEAST WAVE 3. As of right now, the B-Wing is half a ship, that's missing fan favourite Keyan Farlander after having his ability dumped on Tem Numb and then stealth nerfed in the rules reference. It is a dark time for B-Wings right now. TIE-Phantoms No. Shut up. They have been nerfed from where they are. Anyone who says otherwise needs to stop huffing paint. A lot of other things got nerfed as well though so the play field is just more level is all. Losing that attack dice hurts, losing VI and the ability to recloak after attacking hurt it. What did it gain statwise in recompense? A point of hull. Woooo. Once again, the second most nerfed ship in X-Wing continues to receive nerfs. Luckily, the TIE-Phantom was a ship that was damned in the conversion, but saved in the pointing and slotting. Because it IS fairly priced now for what it can do, it's price point came down over ten points in old 1.0 terms on some pilots. Making it MUCH easier to fit into lists. Also, blessedly, it managed to keep ALL of it's slots. So, for 1pt more, if you want your commander to be on a sneaky small base cloaked up evader instead of a big fat coordinating shuttle then you now have an option. Playing around with it in Fly Casual reveals a playstyle that while drastically different to it's old form still FEELS how a cloaking fighter should feel, which is most important. However, whilst you no longer have to have VI stapled to this card, all that actually means is that you now have to staple Juke to it instead. Same as the TIE-Defenders. As reasonable a ship it now is, you cannot argue however that the days of this being an elite buzzsaw that could just eviscerate ships with a good roll from 1.0 are now long gone. A-Wings Bit of an odd choice from me here. I was tempted to go Jumpmasters, but at this point what's happened to those guys goes without saying. A-Wings are kind of a reverse of the TIE-Phantom, in that they were doing fine in the conversion, and then the pointing and slotting happened. Or rather, the slotting happened. Gone is the second Talent Slot, gone too, a mod slot. But most of all, gone is Tycho Celchu. The A-Wing was the ONLY SHIP IN 2.0 TO LOSE IT'S ELITE ACE PILOT IN THE CONVERSION. Even the B-Wing kept Tem-Numb. But Tycho is gone, and with even more price reductions baked into the ship the whole feel and ethos behind the A-Wing seems to have changed. It's gone from an elite 2FAST2FURIOUS interceptor parallel of the TIE-Interceptor, into a somewhat faster mook blocker and chump fighter, like the Headhunter or the TIE Fighter. So what did the A-Wing lose? It lost it's identity. other notables -Homing Missiles: At 3pts for something that forces expensive high evade/low HP aces to make hard choices? WINNING! -Adv. Proton Torpedoes: Now fairly point costed. WINNER -Concussion Missiles: I'm not paying this many points for a 3 dice attack I have to TL to make with an effect that could cause me more harm than help. I have better access to expose regardless of what faction I'm playing as. LOSER. -Outrider Title: For an amazing brief moment you could get -1 Defence die on your target simply by shooting through one of your own ships. Then FFG noticed and erratta'd it. LOSER BUT FAIR ENOUGH THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SILLY AND IT'S STILL A DECENT TITLE. 14PTS THO. -HLC: 4pts turns what could have been a never used, into a viable and affordable option for Scyks and other cannon slot users. WINNER -Thweek: Farewell sweet prince. You were too beautiful for this world.
  17. ...it's a bit hard to win a vote when you aren't even one of the candidates mate.
  18. That was Disney ramming early product release demands down FFG's throat and we all know it. I mean, just look at how little information they gave them about the Silencer. FFG were given a lot more time to work on the Scum Falcon, maybe even see the script, because Disney weren't really all that bothered with Solo by comparison.
  19. Honestly my take on Qi'Ra is that she initially LOOKS like she would be good for Han, but then in actuality she's terrible for him. I beleive this to be AN ENTIRELY INTENTIONAL DESIGN CHOICE and probably the best read on her character, and Hans and her relationship from the film.
  20. Sloane and Ciena on a Lambda with Predator Fel and two Crack-Saber Squadrons might be interesting.
  21. And Sloan doesn't? The two actually kind of synergise quite well with each other.
  22. Couple of things I've found with the new build so far. 1: Phantoms still have 4 attack dice in 2.0 2: When attempting to decloak if you try to do it over a ship or obstruction it will tell you that you can't, and then softlock. Otherwise looking strong so far.
  23. I've got it! Sunny Bounder with Homing Missiles in the Library!
  24. Yeah the B-Wing really feels like it's done really badly out of this. The dial is more or less the same, if not a little worse. I'm expecting a crew slot to be folded right into the build for free, but it's really unimaginative what was done with the B-Wing when you compare it to the treatment that the E-Wing or the TIE Bomber got say. It doesn't even get to reload like the Y-Wing and Bomber do. Why? I said it from when we first got those early spoilers for Wave 14: Not letting the B-Wing have Servomotors as well as the X-Wing is a mistake. As is, we've got a 4-4 with 1 evade dice, that has access to Cannons, Systems and probably a Crew slot, and I feel like to leverage any kind of place in a list we have to try and generate some nasty combo around those upgrades, and really, what enthusiasm is there for that when you have boosting X-Wings, a decent Horton Salm and possibly legit E-Wings who aren't Corran Horn? Outside of just putting Advanced Sensors and Seasoned Navigator onto Tem Numb because that sort of worked for Keyan back in the day, I can't really see anything.
  25. Mward1984

    Ruthless in 2.0?

    Ruthless would be better if it wasn't Imperial. You could pair it up with Deadmans Switch and the like, put it on Kath Scarlet and have her blast her own suicide Binayre's as well as hitting the target for +1 dice and an extra reroll. Rebels could at least repair the damage with their Astromechs. The only combo I can think with Imperials is putting it on a Decimator that's carrying Sloan and using it to force nasty stress spikes on people. Assuming they want to take your bait and hit that 1hp TIE Fighter, and if they don't? Oh well it's still alive and around. Besides, it's not like you weren't going to take her is it? They could cost that card at 30pts and it'd still be worth taking with a Shuttle or Reaper.
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