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  1. Okay so, the following thought occured to me: The Vette is 44pts. Dodonna is 25pts, so the most you can field as a rebel player is about 6 with some points left over for upgrades. Now, with the current ramming rules, what exactly is to stop this "Vette Swarm" from using it's high speed and agility from having all 6 ships ram a single target each, inflicting 6 damage cards on it with only 1 damage per ship for return? Positioning themselves in front of a VSD for instance they would easily be able to set it up so that he cannot help but ram into them on it's next activation, and even if he drops his speed to 0, next turn those Vettes can ram him again and destroy him. This isn't even all that hard! A Corvette is the fastest and most agile ship we've seen in this game, adding Engine Techs on top of that almost DOUBLES the damage output of this tactic! If this was how it worked in the films then the opening of A New Hope would have started with the Tantive IV moving in the other direction, barelling in on the ISD in the classic and feared "ramming maneouvers" that made them the bane of Imperial shipping, as Corvettes roamed the spaceways in packs, picking off vulnerable Star Destroyers with their low risk ramming speed tactics. Seriously FFG you've done this dance before with X-Wing, you know someone is going to bring this to a tournement and that will be all you ever see being brought for four years until you bandaid the problem sufficiently post-release. Don't let that happen again, fix those ramming rules now, before it becomes a problem. Personally, I can see two fixes: 1) You can't ram unless you have NO other movement options. Or 2) Ramming damage inflicts a number of damage cards equal to the difference between the ship and what is ramming/it has rammed, to a minimum of 1. So a Vette ramming a VSD would take 4 cards and be instantly destroyed, whilst the VSD only takes one. The VSD is slow and expensive, so you can't really use it for ramming tactics, and whilst the Kamikaze option still exists, it will only work against and already badly damaged ship. Or both. Whatever. Look, I am not a clever man. I always miss stuff like this, so if I've spotted it, you know somebody else has. Thank you.
  2. Personally, whilst I think it would be unfeasable for FFG to put out a card booster for pilot cards, since you'd also need to include the base inserts as well, I would argue that putting out a pack of upgrade cards, with a couple of upgrades that you can't get anywhere else might work. Each booster would have a loose theme and would contain 3 copies of around 20 different cards per booster. Sell them for $9.99 each. People still need to buy the model boosters to get the pilot cards and everything else. If they want extra upgrades they have to buy the specific booster or boosters.
  3. Hey I can only find one of these droids anywhere. Where did you find the R5 droid. And why would you think Obiwan's droid should have an obstruct ability instead of something more pilot-like? considering the maneuvers the droid was pulling in Episode III. "No, No, No , R4. No nothing too FANCY." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWoGkrt5Upg&feature=youtu.be&t=2m49s R4-G8 Something like if you have a target lock on the attacker you may discard it to have the attacker reroll any or all attack dice. But definitely nothing to do with evade tokens because homing missiles ignore them. Or maybe as an action plus two agility, one less attack die, and stress for the turn. Honestly, I was making stuff up, I didn't think either of those droids were canon. Essentially, I wanted two Astromechs, one that made a small based ship obstruct attacks, and the other that can transfer target locks to itself. Since I'm here I feel like I should also finish of the Rebel Assault stuff. With the Phantom and Jake Farrell both getting in, it's clear that characters from Rebel Assault are very much fair game for FFG, so at some point we'll need cards for Rookie-1 and Ru Murleen. Here's what I came up with. Firstly, theres a question of which ships should they pilot, Rookie-1 flew a wide variety of ships, including a B-Wing, YT-1300 and several stolen imperial ships like TIE-Fighters and a TIE-Phantom. But since we already have a video game protagonist in a B-Wing (Keyan Farlander) I felt that going back to the good old X would be best. This ties in well with Ru, who only piloted an X-Wing. Rookie-1 Skill: 6 AD: 3 DD: 2 H: 3 Sh: 2 EPT - Torpedo - Astromech When you reveal your manouver as a [straight] if the movement template overlaps any enemy, you may make a free Primary Weapon Attack on one of these targets from your current position. Then resolve the move as normal. 27pts Ru Murleen Skill: 7 AD: 3 DD: 2 H: 3 Sh: 2 EPT - Torpedo - Astromech After the modify defence dice step from the target of your attack, if you have any unsaved critical hits, you may ignore all dice results to force your opponent to discard 1 [modification] or [system] upgrade card from the target ship with a printed cost equal to or less than that number of unsaved critical hits. 28pts Obviosuly I need to work on the wording, but those are what I've come up with so far.
  4. A little bit? You now have a 2 point upgrade that can one shot a 25+ point ship. A ship that typically has lower agility because it has shields, and the whole game was balanced around things like that. He's a revised idea of this, what if instead of ordinance just ignoring shields straight, what if only crits ignored shields. Still fully capable of oneshotting a 3hp ship if you get a lucky Direct Hit, but much less likely. Marek Steele is still good, Proton Torpedoes are now great and Marksmanship is now very desirable.
  5. The TIE-Advanced's problems have been discussed to death by better men than me in the past. Some have suggested making the TIE-Avenger a brand new model, but given that the Advanced has a missile slot, something that Darth Vaders TIE-Advanced never had, but the TIE-Avenger did, I think it's fairly clear that the TIE-Advanced was meant to also represent the Avenger... it just does it really badly. So there were some base targets I wanted to hit 1) I wanted the TIE-Advanced to be a viable option on the field 2) I wanted Marek Steele to have a reason to be picked 3) I wanted an Elite Pilot Skill called "I have you now!" First of all, I wanted to introduce not one, but two new titles for the Advanced. TIE-Avenger title (3pts) This ship rolls +1 Primary Attack Dice. X1 Prototype (2pts) This ship loses 1 [missile] upgrade icon This ship gains the [boost] action So the Avenger now gets the firepower it always should have, and the Advanced gains extra mobility for Vader to abuse. So what for "I have you now!" I wanted it to have something to do with crits to enable Marek and I wanted it to be something that could enable Darth to kill Y-Wings in the kind of record time that he was doing to Gold Squadron in the film. But I didn't want it to be too powerful, or that would be too useful a pick for every ship like PTL is. "I have you now!" 4pts [imperial only]Before the modify dice step of your attack, if you have rolled any [critical] results, you may spend a Target Lock to remove 1 of those [critical] results and deal 1 face up damage card to the target enemy ship. So you can see certain aspects of Darth Vader [Crew] here, and also how it massively improves Marek by bypassing enemy shield, and how Vader himself can make this work easily by focusing and Target Locking his target. It also works with Vessery, and there are obvious synergies with flying with Jendon, but it doesn't automatically trigger Kath Scarlets ability since it is the attacker, not the defender who is cancelling the crit. For a skill this powerful AT LEAST four points seemed appropriate and I could be easily persuaded to go higher. The only real problem I can see is that this will make FCS-Gunner Whisper/Echo even WORSE.
  6. I mostly post over in other forums, but I saw this thread and decided to contribute. One of the things that me and the others in the forum we discuss this game on would really like to see is some kind of of Battle of Yavin expansion that fills out the holes in the current lineup. As it stands we're still missing Pops and Tiree, as well as some way of making the TIE Advanced good. So, for Pops and Tiree I thought it would be nice if they had a synergy with Dutch, so I came up with the following: Davish "Pops" Krail PS 6 AD 2 DD 1 Hull 5 Shld 3 Actions: Focus, Target Lock Upgrades: Elite, Turret, Torpedo, Torpedo, Astromech When Davish "Pops" Krail receives a Focus Token, another friendly ship within 1 may receive a focus token. 28 Pts. --- Tiree PS 6 AD 2 DD 1 Hull 5 Shld 3 Actions: Focus, Target Lock Upgrades: Turret, Torpedo, Torpedo, Astromech Any friendly ship within 1-2 may reroll 1 dice if when defending that ship rolls nothing but blanks. 26 Pts. --- Whilst Pops I was able to think up his ability relatively quickly (although I'm unsure if it should always be on, or if it should be a once per round ability like Jan Ors crew), Tiree gave me more problems. I wanted something that synergised with the rest of Gold Squadron, but didn't overpower them, after trying and failing to come up with balanced stress management, I eventually decided to focus on dodge reroll mechanics. With Tiree giving out a free reroll for those times when you roll nothing but blanks. I then started thinking about some synergetic astromech upgrades, after discounting an idea for a 4pt Astromech that was Deadeye but used stress instead of a focus for being completely broken, I came up with these two: R4-G8 1pt This ship can obstruct enemy attacks R5-Y0 2pts Once per round: At the start of the Combat Round, you may spend 1 focus token if there is another friendly ship within 1 that has a red target-lock token. You may then move that token to your ship. Next up, how do we fix the TIE-Advanced?
  7. So, something like this then: http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v2!8:-1,1,1,2:-1:-1:;7:0,-1,1,6:-1:-1:;47:-1,37,38:3:-1: This is the list with only released stuff in it, features Horton, Dutch and Kyle. Dutch is of course rolling around with R5-K6 and Kyle is in the standard Pez Dispenser build. Plenty of torpedoes and some turrets are where your punch is going to be coming from, and Dutch should help everyone to stay on target. Also 99pts for initiative.
  8. Tarn is MADE for the stock R7 droid... he would be a tank I didn't think we had a spoiler for the stock R7 yet?
  9. How about this? http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v2!66:19,26:-1:-1:;31:19,26:-1:7:;85:1,-1:-1:7:;3:-1,69:-1:-1: Basically: Blount + Assault Missile + Deadeye Green Squadron + Deadeye + Assault + Munitions Failsafe Tarn Mison + Proton Torpedoes + Munitions Failsafe X-Wing Rookie + R3 A2 Blount and Green Squadron are obviously there to throw assaults around and weaken the enemy, whilst Tarn and Rookie are supposedly the closers. Rookie can throw stress out with it's Droid, and Tarn can use his ability to punch one of his attackers in the nose with his protons as and when needed.
  10. Consider spending 1 point for PS4. Might work. The meta in my area runs towards taking Black Squadron with Vet Instincts so it wouldn't really help there, but against the classical swarm the only thing to worry about is Howlrunner and maybe a Backstabber or Dark Curse. Even a Z-95 should be able to survive 4-5 attack dice, even if he isn't at RB3 for both and thus getting 3 evade dice.
  11. Yeah, this is probably the main ways to run Blount as Anti-Swarm. I'd consider spreading around a couple of Munitions Failsafes for Cracken and your Falcon, although the Z-95 is made out of tissue paper, so you NEED to get those Missiles off successfully before either one goes down. Up against Swarms which are primarily low pilot skill (except maybe howlrunner and one other) that should work fine. But mirror matches and more elite squadrons with higher pilot skills (Crackens 8 is decent, but Blounts 6 is kind of his personal weak spot) then things will be more up in the air. I suspect we might see more Imperial lists favouring multiple Firesprays over TIE swarms in tournements when Blount finally hits, against which all of your lists might struggle (especially if they lose Cracken early somehow.) I guess the next step now is to create a list with the tools to deal with all comers... well, I say "next" it's really always been objective. It's just that now Rebels actually have the tools to do that.
  12. In fact, you want a good build with Interceptors? Try this one I cooked up today. Carnor Jax + PTL + Targeting Computer + SD Kir Kanos + SD + Hull Upgrade Black Sqdn. TIE + Vet Instincts + SD Black Sqdn. TIE + Vet Instincts + SD Basic idea is that Carnor boosts into RB1 of the target (Blount in this case) and either Evades, Focuses or TL's to taste. Meanwhile Kanos is at RB2 or 3 with an Evade. Carnor throws 4 dice with either Focus or TL rerolls, to which Blount can't use Focus against which he probably will have, NOBODY on this list has an activation phase before he does, so short of Target Lock transferall shenannigans, he probably wont even have a lock on if you do this right. If Blount survives Jax, Kanos fires 3 dice and spends his Evade for a free Hit. On an Agility 2 fighter with only 4hp this SHOULD mean death, and all before Blount fires his Missiles. Meanwhile your Pilot Skill 6 TIE Fighters with 4 agility dice proceed to run interference, lend support, and generally be a severe nuisance. If you wanted, you could drop the Hull upgrade from Kanos to give the TIE wingman instead, but he kind of needs that I feel if he wants to use his ability more often and safely.
  13. I used it on Sunday, and in two of three cases the equipped ship went down to that last Hull Point and contributed to the game. Horton definitely got 1 kill that he wouldn't have otherwise gotten, and Tycho managed to stave off death for a good couple of turns. But that was with Rebels, I don't know if the Interceptors would really benefit from it.
  14. I didn't until Keyan Farlander. At that point I spent my saturday printing out oversized cards and sticking them to cut out bits of cardboard from an old cereal box. I had 300 point game planned on Sunday and X-Wing on my PC played way too much of a role in my childhood not to I'd say that proxy cards are fine as long as you okay it with your opponent in advance, it also doesn't hurt to print out some stuff for him to use if he wants it as well. And for record? Keyan murdered 3 ships before my dice turned spectacularily against me, and his autoblaster got Criticalled.
  15. A part of me is wondering if there's not something more optimal involving Prototype Ace and a second skill like say Deadeye. Ooh. I know, give him Deadeye and PTL, then evade, focus and get your free boost. Garvin get's rid of your stress for you, you spend a focus to fire your Ass Missiles, doesn't matter if you miss Failsafe will keep them safe for you, and you barrel away where applicable. If you don't quite clear LOS, you've still got Evade and now a Focus. Deadeye means that you have more targeting flexibility, so if say a PS8 pilot appears out of nowhere in a more optimal position, you can target him instead. Alternatively you could simply move up and focus (with the resultant free boost) in your Action phase, and then use PTL when Garvin donates a Focus and procs your Barrel roll. Perhaps giving you an evade if you think you need it, or a Target Lock on your next supposed mark. It's only 1 point for extra options (such as Locking like usual, but then using your Focus token to fire the missiles, and the TL to re-roll and bad dice.) Dunno what else you would take to finish that list off though, you don't really have quite the points you need to fully kit out Keyan Farlander (PTL, Advanced Sensors and Adv. Protons work phoenominally well, he's a pilot that benefits from having everything including the kitchen sink thrown on him.) Wedge with Opportunist would work, but Garvin can only drain so much stress per turn. Wes is great, but he's more for setting up kills than getting them. With what we know now, taking Blount with more Ass Missiles would pay off... but that only leaves you with 12 points to spend. Enough for a second PS1 Headhunter. Hmmm. Ideally I wish we had a few more points for PS1 Refit A-Wing but you can only work with what you've got. Overall I think the AXZZ would work best against Swarms, since it has pretty good odds of reducing a lot of people to 1hp really early on. But the real question here would be if the list has the follow through to finish up.
  16. Another thing I've noticed is that whilst it's entirely possible to change a Regiments starting weapon to shotguns, or give them Stub pistols and the like, there's no option to give the PC's the Weapon Training talents to actually USE these weapons without the -20 untrained penalty. There should be some way of spending those Regimental Kit points to get that training at the start. Otherwise there's not really any point of giving regiments this. As is it largely means that Elysians who have Shotguns then have to put down usually 800xp (more than either Guardsmen or Specialists get) to actually be capable of using their Main Weapon!
  17. Well, I'm still optimistic that we'll see a full scale expansion to tie in with Blood Bowls 25th anniversary this year. Definitely though, the obvious route to take for expansions here would be adding new teams to the game. We've got 6 teams out of what? A possible 30 or 20? Extra equipment that allows for more than 4 players would be appreciated as well.
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