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  1. Considering that you're paying in shields when you do this then yeah I see no problems with it. I mean, you might do it once an Anti-Squadron attack, but no more really. Losing shields means you have less shields to spread damage to after all.
  2. You mean these? https://i.4cdn.org/tg/1427495046227.jpg
  3. I don't think that's possible, sadly. Rules References says: "A ship cannot resolve the same command more than once per round." But you can combine the con fire token plus the con fire dial to add a die AND reroll one! Actually this feels like an issue that needs to be FAQ'd. The rules also say you can combine dials and the same tokens to combine into one single action, so whilst you COULDN'T reroll one attack, and then use the token to reroll ANOTHER attack dice in a seperate attack. You COULD spend the token, Wulff it, and then immiediately spend that NEXT token to reroll another dice. In truth, the Concentrate Fire command is sort of a bad example as that action takes place over an entire attack and you would only spend the tokens if you NEEDED to. A better example would be a Repair command, where you would activate the dial (for 4 points if this is a VSD) then the token (2 more points) then Wulf it, spend THAT toke for a total of 8 points, which is 4 shields or discard 2 damage cards and repair 1 shield. Or Squadron command, where you could use a dial and token (again on the VSD) to command 4 (or 5 if you've got the hangars retrofit!) and then you Wulf and spend the second token to activate 5 whole TIE's (or potentially the full load of 6!) In both these cases, since you are spending the tokens at the same time as the dial (Wulf is a when effect, and therefore occurs immiediately.) which bundles them all into a single Action.
  4. Is it me, or does the Demolisher title completely supercede the Insidious one. Insidious: "I increase the range of black dice by 2 inches if I attack a ships rear arc." Demolisher: "Adorable. With Engine Techs I increase the range of my Black Dice by an entire movement ruler." I mean sure Demolisher is 5 points more, but honestly if I don't have the points for the Demolisher title I might as well not take Insidious and just use those free points as an initiative bid.
  5. 1 - Yes, but Dodonna's ability on says ships. It does not say Squadrons. So X-Wing's (and more importantly Luke) can't gain his benefit even if they do crit. 2 - Obstructing is different to LOS. You just remove one AD of your choice usually if obstructed 3 - Nothing can damage HP. It's a static number that when you have enough damage cards you lose the ship. HP itself never goes down.. although with Motti, it does go up... and possibly down WE REALLY NEED AN FAQ ON HIM. It's exactly the same thing as in X-Wing.
  6. I'm thinking the 400pt limit strongly hints at the cost of the ISD and the MC80. We could easily be looking at a ship that breaches the 100pt mark sans upgrades.
  7. Alternatively it could be the other way around: he could be a Commander with an ability to discard Officer cards for benefits. Like if you roll nothing but blanks for an attack you can discard the Officer to change the facing of all dice rolled (I'd consider rerolls, but Leading Shots already does that for a 1ad cost.) ? Or perhaps you can discard an Officer to activate all your dials at once?
  8. I don't see why people keep saying it's going to be hard for the fastest and most maneouverable ship in the game so far to ram the slowest and least maneouverable one with the largest base currently. It's not like you move like you do in X-Wing is it? You can choose where you're going every turn. So, you give your "Rams Head squadron" all Navigation commands, accellerate up to RAMMING SPEED, using the command to make extra turns to make sure you ram the target. The Victory, unless he's going full speed can't even turn, so there's a good chance that when he moves he'll ram into one of the Vettes himself. So, ideal situation you put 5 damage cards on a VSD whilst you take 1 each on three vettes and 2 on a single Vette. Now, next turn he will kill that Vette. That will happen. Then if you're lucky he will ram somebody so that's now 6 damage card. You meanwhile give everybody firepower tokens, concentrate fire somewhere everyone can target and maybe just maybe you take him out with the extra dice and all. But if you don't, no matter, just turn and burn, get yourself into his rear arc for next turn. Then Luke and his X-Wings (hopefully) swing in and finish the job. The real risks here now that I think about it aren't maneouverability, it's the following: 1) Being able to kill that second ship the Imperials will have. The Rebels are down to 3 Corvettes, all with damage they can't heal with Engineering actions. This is not great. Especially if they are staying in close formation. 2) Motti will shut this tactic down. 3) Who has the initiative and how soon they move and shoot their VSD is going to be crucial. 4) Damage accrued before making the Ramming Formation plan may make it unteneble. Losing even a single Corvette will ruin the plan. 5) Opponent forces you to play the Minefields Objective. So what does this mean for list building to me? Well, the following criteria make sense to me. A) The fleet must be multifunctional. The Rams Head maneouver must be an option NOT YOUR ONLY PLAN. B) The fleet must make a strong counter initiative bid. You WAN'T to be player 2, NOT player 1. C) Mon Mothma is a must as she enables the fleet to survive long range to get close, and mean that your two Evade tokens are still usable at point blank. D) Careful objective consideration. So, here's what with what we currently know, I would suggest. 1 • CR90a Corellian Corvette - CR90 Corellian Corvette (44) - Mon Mothma (30) - Raymus Antilles (7) - Tantive IV (3) • Total : 84 • Code : - 2 • CR90a Corellian Corvette - CR90 Corellian Corvette (44) - Enhanced Armament (10) • Total : 54 • Code : - 3 • CR90 Corellian Corvette B - CR90 Corellian Corvette (39) - Leading Shots (4) - Dodonna's Pride (6) • Total : 49 • Code : - 4 • CR90 Corellian Corvette B - CR90 Corellian Corvette (39) - Overload Pulse (8) - Jaina's Light (2) • Total : 49 • Code : - 5 • Luke Skywalker X-wing Squadron - X-wing (20) • Total : 20 • Code : - 6 • X-wing Squadron - X-wing (13) • Total : 13 • Code : - 7 • X-wing Squadron - X-wing (13) • Total : 13 • Code : - 8 • X-wing Squadron - X-wing (13) • Total : 13 • Code : - OBJECTIVES: Opening Salvo : A good Objective for fleets with lots of ships Fleet Ambush: Forcably splits the opponents fleet Dangerous Territory: Takes out the risk of terrain for you, and also encourages the opponent to split his fleet. So, four ships, four X-Wings, Mon Mothma, but also a decent amount of normal firepower as well (Leading Shots on Doddonna's Pride seems like a really good synergy for me.) As tempting as it is, no Engine Techs as they just cost too much. The fleet clocks in at 5 points under, which strikes me as a strong initiative bid, so can choose to be player two and force the opponent to choose your objectives.
  9. I still worry that 4 suicide ram squadrons of Corvettes with fighter escort is going to break the game, but what do I know.
  10. The only legitimate use for Flechette Cannons I've ever seen is on a B-Wing paired up with Tactician. That's 27 points of something that can potentially double stress. But, come Scum, if you want a good double stress build for Rebels then a Y-Wing with an Ion, Title and R3-A2 is not only 2 points less but also will ALWAYS be able to double stress, AND might even Ion the target as well. The only downside is that A2 is unique so you can't field an entire squadron of four, and you will NEVER see that ship take an action with all of the stress it will be gaining.
  11. That and with FFG telling us that we can only spend 1/3rd of our points on fighters in a list, it would be nice if there was a way of tracking squadron and ship point totals individually. Alternatively, we could just do fighters first I guess?
  12. Presumably they can deliver to EU independantly of the US due to the merger with Asmodee in November?
  13. Pretty much what the title says, as someone eagerly awaiting Armada and S&V, I'd like to know how (if at all) the current dockyard strike would affect us? We know there was at least one copy of the coreset already in Germany for the Essen trade show, does this mean like Imperial Assault were going to be looking to get the game much earlier than in the US? Or would the EU release be delayed for a concurrent release? If released seperately, does this mean that there will be two release articles? One for europe and another for the US? Or just the one for the US like we had for Imperial Assault? Obviously we all understand this isn't what in an ideal world FFG would want to do, but I think we also all understand that events are largely out of FFG control right now. I would just like some sort of clarity into this issue on these topics. Thanks.
  14. FFG could put out some titles that have at the top "This changes the faction of this ship to Imperial" I suppose. Although I agree in the main with line that the fleets have been carefully balanced against one another. But on the other hand, Priam and Warspite. I suppose if it was to be done, it would have to be done in a way that gives Imperial Frigates a different role in the Imperial fleet than in the Rebel fleet, and until we actually get some games under our belt, we wont know exactly what that is.
  15. Wait wait wait. Were all talking about the Interdictor having some kind of debuff effect on the enemy, but what if we used it for one of the canon maneouvers that it was actually used for in the books? What if the Gravwell Generator could be used to have Imperial ships held in reserve appear on the board out of hyperspace? For example, ships can be held in reserve, and if they do so, they must still prepare their order stack as normal. In order to enter from reserve, a ship must spend a number of [maneouver] tokens equal to it's command value. Place the ship in any facing exactly the length of the shooting ruler away from the base of the Gravwell equipped vessel. A ship spends these tokens and appears instead of it's movement phase. A ship with the required amount of Command Tokens does not have to deploy from reserve, but if it is still in reserve when all ships with Gravwell generators are lost, then it is lost as well. It'd be a great way to jump ships in exactly where you need them, but still risky, what if there's a crit that would disable the generator? What if you lose all your Interdictors?
  16. I will say that the X-Wing and TIE fighter games did have a LOT of missions where you had to hang around protecting an assault shuttle as it boarded and captured the odd freighter, Corvette or Frigate. So I'd say Boarding operations via some kind of dedicated fighter scale token wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility. Hell, I'm of the opinion that we might get a second booster set of Fighters for both factions at some point anyway (Imperials could do with a Defender, and we know that FFG had Han and Chewie in the Falcon flying around in the GenCon demos.) so adding some boarding craft for that would work.
  17. It's not THAT bad, don't forget Crits count as misses in fighter combat.
  18. The Interceptor was a modified Action Transport right? Wasn't Talon Karrdes ship an Action? Yeah I could see that working.
  19. Personally, I feel like there are two no brainer choices. Imperial Star Destroyer: Throw in Darth, Ozzel and/or Piett and the Devestator and Avenger title cards, and don't forget a Tractor Beam upgrade to catch pesky princesses with! MC80 MonCal Cruiser: Ackbar Commander card, Independence and Home-One title cards. The "big ship" choices, mirroring X-Wings wave 2 which introduced the Falcon and Firespray. As for what else, that's where things get tricky, as there are some good ships to choose from. Rebel Marauder Corvette: It just looks cool, plus it canonically had two design types, a conventional patrol ship, and a long range missile bombardment vessel. Corellian Gunship: Slightly tougher than the Corvette and with a missile slot. Might be a good ship for a Crix Madine commander card? Quasar Fire Carrier: A smaller dedicated carrier ship, recently statted in Stay on Target as well Assault Frigate Mk1: Since we already have a Mk2 Dreadnaught Cruiser: Should synergise well with Garm Bel Iblis, perhaps with a Command of 3, but also a non-unique "Katana Fleet" title that allows it to gain extra tokens when it gains a command token? Heavier firepower than the Assault Frigate Mk2, but poor squadron rating, still not as tough as a Star Destroyer. Imperial Escort Carrier: A cheaper option for those wanting to run fighter heavy games, possibly not how FFG want the Imperials to work though? Loronar Strike Cruiser: Lewd! Interdictor/Enforcer Cruiser: Mini-SD with bubbles. Interdictor would fit a tonne of debuff and disable, the Enforcer would be a speed demon attack ship. Not sure if FFG want the v1 and v2 of ship cards to have different speed values though. Broadside Cruiser: The Gladiators older midget brother, and a direct analog to the Marauder. Lancer: All of the AA dice. All of them. Carrack Cruiser: Cheap patrol ship. There are obviously others, but these seem like the most likely to me. I'd love to see the Marauder, It's such a nice looking ship. Interdictor/Enforcer would be great as well.
  20. Is this confirmed as to how Counter works?
  21. Ozzel for the ISD is plausible, but considering that Vader was the actual commander of Death Squadron I'd consider him equally likely. Certainly one will be bridge crew and the other will be a fleet commander. Ackbar for the MC80 is pretty much a shoo-in though. The only real question is what title we'd get aside from Home One: Independance or Defiance
  22. Personally, I think squeezing in an Overload Pulse in there will pay absolute dividends in a Vette swarm. But Mon Monthma is definitely the best commander for an all Vette list, so I'd squeeze in three B's alongside three A's instead of 6 A's. Then give the B's either Overload pulse each, or perhaps just the one with Overload, and another with Dodonna's pride. With that latter option You still have 7 points left over, which you can either go for Capt Antilles, Intel Officer or X17 Turbolasers or you could give out the other titles.
  23. Thing is, VSD's are really slow and ponderous, whereas smaller stuff is correspondingly more agile and (presumably) would know to get out of the VSD's way, the thing can basically only go straight unless it reveals a navigation order after all. Given that even without ramming, it's in an opponents best interest to try and get behind those big ships anyway, I think this would be fine.
  24. Yeah, but that's in a 3 VSD list, if you're just going VSD - Gladiator + Fighters then it might be more troubling. It still feels like a very valid tactic as is. Heck, just take 4 and a pair of Nebs or something, the Vettes ram and the Nebs clean up? Or just 5 vettes and some fighters.
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