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  1. 33 minutes ago, Sixter said:

    I couldn´t find R2-D2 as a crew member for Han Solo in the YT-1300. Either R2-D2 is missing or I´m blind.

    It's not been implemented yet. But then again, Han right now is bugged to only give rerolls for attack and defence rolls anyway, so that probably needs to get fixed first.

  2. 13 hours ago, gadwag said:

    We haven't seen all their ships yet, but the hyena bomber has blue hard 2s (white banks though). The actis will probably have a lot of blue

    The other thing I hadn't considered is that you can give droid ships focus tokens using this. I'm still not entirely comfortable with it being MANDATORY that any ship you coordinate with Sidious HAS to take a stress, if it was optional I'd be 100% on board with it. It's going to be finicky to work out when is the best time to flip Palps over.

  3. Can anyone think of a single point that you'd ever want to flip to Sidious? I'm drawing a blank. It's not like either Seps or Reps are fielding ships replete with green on their dial (barring R4 droid usage) is it? Whereas being able to Rebel Captive things that want to target either your Infiltrator or supporting ARC-170 feels like it's always going to be more useful.

  4. Ten Numb still bugged as being able to use his ability without rolling any eyeballs. Which is weird because I think Garvin Dreis HAS been set up properly with this rule in mind.

    I mean, sure nobody wishes more than I that The Pilot Formerly Known as Keyan Farlander worked how he used to, but those days are gone.

  5. 2 minutes ago, svelok said:

    I am an unbelieveable level of in.


    Well, let's wait until the points PDF comes in first, but yeah maybe. Maul being sub-90pts is a pretty big "if" as well. He's Init5 with 3 force tokens, that don't come cheap.

  6. 14 hours ago, dsul413 said:

    I bet you can fit 4 and a kitted Scimitar. 4 should be able to fit < 100 points if priced at TIE/LN or better.


    It's they're 20pts and Maul manages to come in under 90 then you could field 5 of them. Consider that. A 6 ship swarm list with a HUNDRED POINT large base ship in it!

  7. 11 hours ago, Forgottenlore said:

    Yeah, I commented on that somewhere. A lot of people seemed to think the sidious card is the back of the palpatine flip card and that they just tossed an extra into the spread to show it off, but I’m not really buying that. 


    They did the same thing with the Grappling Struts card for the Vulture Droid further up the article.

  8. I think I already did him for 1.0 with Strange Eons.


    The forum wont let me upload him, but basically, he was the Imperial equivalent to Sabine crew and Cad Bane crew. You got a free bomb slot, and you never had to discard bomb cards if instructed to.

    The downside was at the start of the activation phase you had to roll an attack die, on a blank you had to drop a bomb.

    And on a crit or focus, you had to launch it directly in front of you range 1.


  9. 7 hours ago, Daijin said:

    I can make a squad without an X-Wing in the squad and I still get the crash error, so the problem is something else


    ...well, a quick read of the page you posted mentions by name the Pivot Wing upgrade for the U-Wing, did you have one of them?

  10. On 10/26/2018 at 11:10 PM, Force Majeure said:

    Not sure what is going on since this showed up before the game even began. I selected a saved list, and a random one for the AI.


    I'm on a Windows PC.

    I know what that is. Giving an X-Wing the closed servomotors card now causes it to crash. You have to make it so the configuration card is in Open only. You can immiediately set them to closed when you place the model, so it's not really a problem too much.

  11. 1 minute ago, DoubleOdd said:

    First and foremost, who else is anticipating buying the expansion and repainting the model?

    Secondly, me still being new to the game, what do you see as the more commonly used T-70 build in the Meta?

    Poe's probably gonna get used the most. If Jess is unchanged I'd imagine see her a lot as well, although a lot of her appeal was her relatively cheap point costs.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Jo Jo said:


    At around 3 points I can see this as a nasty way to swoop in and get a torpedo shot off with Poe. Or add Afterburners. 4 straight, Slam 4 straight, boost. Yeah. I'm over on this side of the board now.


    How far across the board does two 4 speed straights and a boost take you? Like, is ioning yourself likely to end with you tabling yourself next turn if you do that?

  13. Just now, Stryker359 said:

    I don't think was a ship with nine uniques in 1.0, was there? The T-65 might have had close to that, but I'm not 100% sure.

    In 1.0? Well, if you include Wave 14, it probably had more than that since were still missing Wes, Hobbie and Tarn in 2.0.

  14. Just now, Arc170Chris said:

    9 uniques? holy crap that's a lot of options. This is by far the most pilots per ship so far in 2.0, right? 

    Not even close. The X-Wing has 9 as well, and the TIE Fighter has 10!

  15. So what are we thinking about with regards to points?


    Probably going to be somewhere around the 8pt mark. It's basically two shots of Supernatural Reflexes, but it doesn't recharge.

    >Black-1 Title

    Honestly not sure, it depends on how FFG rates Slamm. I'd say no more than 3pts. It's a gimmick item, like Boba Fett, it's not actually a competitive card, just a fun one. It might be more, depending on if you can use BB's ability in conjunction with the Slam. I can't recall if a Slamm works that way.

    >Generic BB

    4pts maybe? Since it only does half of what BB-8 does now, and this was BB-8's price and ability in 1.0?


    He's back. Gonna be 6pts minimum for sure. 8 possibly given how good he was back in 1.0. Shove him back on Jess Pava, TL a friendly ace who want's to spend actions to reposition, or on enemy aces with innate dice rerolls and watch the salt fly. Loved that little guy.


  16. 2 minutes ago, Cuz05 said:

    I always keep the last build when I install a new one. If I'm AdvSring with my list, I go back to 6.4 unhotfixed. 

    Got a handsome crit chain onto Dutch the other day :D

    ...so do I? I'm just saying that this is an issue with the current build.

  17. I'm getting some weird results with stress and advanced sensors in the current build.

    A turn after I Advanced Sensor and Red Manouver, then lose the stress in the combat phase (this is with Tem obv.) the game still skips both my Advanced Sensors phase AND my normal action step. This is replicatable with Braylan Stramm as well. Even though I've lost my Stress, with regards to actions the game still counts me as having a Stress if I have an Advanced Sensor. But I can still do Red Manouvers.

    It's weird because it WAS WORKING FINE in the previous build.

  18. 3 hours ago, AllWingsStandyingBy said:

    Yup, which makes him pretty underwhelming for his high, high cost.  More people bring Ezra for his cheaper-than-Luke access to a Force Point in the gunner slot, and for the potential to then bring Maul for another Force Point.  I don't think anyone is really planning to trigger his ability more than once every other game.


    He and Veteran Turret Gunner still should probably come down a little bit, maybe 2 to 4 points max.

  19. I think R2-D2 (crew) is fairly priced, what's making the combo work here is being paried up with Chewie who can repair crits, so you should only need to worry R2-D2 manages to flip a damage card twice in a row, which statistically he shouldn't be doing all that often. It's really not a cheap build though 127 points is a whacking great big chunk of points. Ezra is literally just there to provide a force token, which is great and all, but 18pts?  I'd be tempted to spare some points with Bistan or Hotshot gunner and then be able to take an 80pt Supernatural Luke.

    I mean, with the Ezra build you can still take a decent 60pt Wedge, but you don't have enough points for anything else then, and Wedge sort of hits diminishing returns past the 60pt mark, but do you REALLY wan't to put even more points onto the Falcon?

    What was he running Han with?

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