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  1. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    Yes. The Genius changes GUT Nym like a fish since you can no longer use Genius and Bomblets together since Genius now specifies you need to discard the upgrade card to work. You can make up for it with Extra Munitions so you can get away with it once, maybe twice when low on health. But you certainly can't do it speculatively like before. It's going to require a complete rethink on how people build Nym, and it's possible the meta might just decide it's not worth it. The lack of TLT nerf still annoys. Those things just suck up fun.
  2. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    X-Wings now gone completely. Triple Scouts gone. Paratanni gone. Nym gone. K-Wings with Sabine and Mines gone. So, K-Wings gone. The meta is wide open.
  3. The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    It's just that it goes off after you finish your move, so I guess it's for things like Oicunn or detirmining when Deadmans Switch goes off. On that subject, Deadman Switch going off if you leave the board is hilarious.
  4. What pilot do you try to make "work"? (But just doesn't)

    >Searches whole thread for mention of Talonbane Cobra >0 Results But seriously, I've tried to get Eaden Vrill to work with no results, NuHan once, NuChewie with HotCops, Rage and Inspiring Recruits ALMOST worked, but not quite, and numerous times with Keyan Farlander (I miss my PTL+Lando (crew) combo build, nobody expects a B-Wing to have reliable double Evade token access*) but yeah I have tried a couple of times to get Talonbane to work and so far he just doesn't. Guns For Hire soon though... *I had Dash + Jan Ors floating about, it used to work.
  5. Linked Battery B-Wings

    I paired up Baze with Hotcops on a NuChewie build once. It was not unsatisfactory. By which I mean Chewie desocketed the arms of about 120pts worth of imperial shipping all by himself. but my red dice were pretty hot that day.
  6. Build me a Talonbane Cobra!

    So, I basically finalised my Talonbane build into this: Talonbane Cobra — Kihraxz Fighter 28 Adrenaline Rush 1 Cruise Missiles 3 Cloaking Device 2 Stygium Particle Accelerator 2 Guidance Chips 0 Vectored Thrusters 2 Vaksai 0 Ship Total: 33 With the full list looking like this: Thweek — StarViper 28 Fire-Control System 2 Glitterstim 2 Autothrusters 2 StarViper Mk. II -3 Virago 1 Ship Total: 32 Fenn Rau — Protectorate Starfighter 28 Push the Limit 3 Autothrusters 2 Concord Dawn Protector 1 Ship Total: 34
  7. Can we REALLY talk about the Kimogila?

    Why are you giving him Extra Munitions? You have reload. If you need missile regen that doesn't lose you a turn of shooting go for Scavenger Crane instead. It will work at least once, and after that you can just go back to reloading.
  8. Can we REALLY talk about the Kimogila?

    These days he does. Thankfully the days days of Dengaroo with Zuckuss and Overclocked are long gone. Overclocked + Inaldra Mindlink still kind of works, but a 14pt Light Scyk is INFINITELY easier to deal with than the Manaroo of old.
  9. Green Dice: What Are They For?

    Depends on how good the Shield Dice are. They could be 8 siders with 4 blank 2 Focus and 2 Evades on them, or 5 blank, 3 Evades. Or maybe a new symbol that means "Evades Hits only, no Crits" or "Counts as an evade but gain 1 stress if you don't already have one" or the same thing but with Ion tokens instead. Armada gets away with 3 dice.
  10. So the Silencer?

    Some of those have been nerfed heavily already. Palps literally just for green dice now, Zuckuss only works once per turn and X7 no longer works if you screw up manouvering the Defenders dial. Advanced SLAM nerf is happening we've already seen the revised card in the Gunboats spread. GC's are basically what makes the older ordinance work at all, and I don't see a problem with them. They are perhaps a bit TOO essential for anybody who wants to take a Torpedo or Missile to the detriment of cards like Munitions Failsafe and Long Range Sensors but otherwise are fine. TLT's needed a special criteria to work, literally everything other than the Ion Cannon has some kind of restriction in the Turret catagory NO HAVING NO RANGE 1 IS NOT A RESTRICTION. Blaster Turrets need you to spend a Focus (an Errata removing the spend criteria might see that come back, and I don't understand why they haven't instead of inventing the Sync Turret) Autoturrets are R1 only, and Sync Turrets need a Target Lock. The TLT needs nothing to fire, and to be honest I don't think ANY Turret should have range 3. If the TLT had been Range 2 only I think it would have been a lot fairer, because let's face it, the Y-Wing isn't great at precision movement, and it'd see Vectored Thrusters appearing more on them. Sabine needs to an errate restricting her card to only work in the Bombs detonate step at the end of the Activation phase. Contracted Scout needed somebody to actually listen to the OPPONENTS of the playtesters. It needs to get removed from the game entirely and then reprinted with sensible pricing in a Bounty Hunting Veterans pack that includes new Punishing One and Mist Hunter models. Same for Dengar really, although I personally think he's fairly priced thanks to the Title Tax, and nerfs to Zuckuss and Manaroo have VASTLY blunted just how terrifying he is compared to how he used to be. I'm still trying to assess how good or bad Bomblets are, I feel like a mistake may have been made there, but I suspect this was another poorly thought out way to bring more Punishers to the table. I haven't really seen anyone but Nym using these, and the thing with Nym is, he melts like a knob of butter on a griddle. You just have to bring the heat to him. I'd like to see how viable some other potential Bomblet Users are, like Cad Bane in Constable Tuvio, the Adrasta or that one Punisher. Kylo (crew) in a vacuum needs a better kind of restriction on him, like targets in his forward firing arc only for instance, but right now he is LITERALLY the only thing left to Imperial Players in the competitive meta. It's just him, riding shotgun with Rear Admiral Chirpy and pretty much any Imperial ace the game has ever known. Selflessness isn't bad per-se, it's just part of a really nasty combo that makes taking it on like trying to headbutt your way through a brick wall. Personally, I think the problem is less Selfessness, but more that you can put in on Lowrick. If Lowbie hadn't had an EPT slot, who would would you be putting that card on? Would you bring in an ARC? You could put it on Wulf, but now you've got to downgrade something in the list.
  11. Is there a UK Nats thread?

    I'm guessing All Fighters Follow Me! on the Pelta probably helped Tem Numb get into position. Toss in Bomber Command + Toryn Farr on the Bright Hope and yeah, I can definitely see how Tem could shred an entire TIE ball in a single turn with Yavaris. It's nice to see both Imperials and Rebels fairly evenly spread in the rankings. Makes a change from the UK X-Wing Nations, where it's just Miranda Doni and Nym as far as the eye can see.
  12. So the Silencer?

    That's not free. That's an 8pt combo spread across two moving parts, that allows your opponent to dictate your targeting priority to you. Plus, if I'm bringing RAC, why on earth would I not just put the objectively superior Kylo crew on him and take a better wingman option for the Decimator like Vader, Quickdraw or if you want to go oldschool and your local meta supports it: Whisper? I mean what does the Kylencer do on the table that isn't better done for less? By HIMSELF in the crew slot no less! If I want a small ship that people don't want to attack, I take Rebel Captive on Whisper. But I wont because there's a lot of PS10 in the Meta right now and VI ATC Vader works better. But if you're up against Fairship lists, what is Kylo going to do against them? Lower PS than him so they get a turn to make sure the affected model is inside Bigg's bubble and soak damage like they do. Maybe he has a new card that's going to let him deal with bombs, maybe the FAQ is going to come and make everything right, but maybe it wont. This is the literal $40 question: What does Kylo Ren bring that isn't better served elsewhere for cheaper?
  13. So the Silencer?

    Speaking about trick shot, if we're right about that second unique, consider the following. Let's assume a base cost of 33pts (if we're good little boys over christmas, maybe 32!) and let's say there's an EPT there. Give it Trick Shot and Adv. Sensors. 36pts. Sure if you wanted some dice mods you could toss in the title for 38, but that's beginning to get just a touch unweildy now. So, ride up to the largest debris field you can (because you HAVE taken 3 of the largest debris fields haven't you?) TL someone on the other side, and enjoy shooting that turn with 6 attack dice. But wait there's more! Maybe the debris token doesn't HAVE to be so large? What if it's small enough that NEXT turn (and the turn after that...) you could Adv. Sensor BR and then do a 1turn so that you are now still facing the thing, but facing 90 degrees to the left or right? You then spend the rest of the game do-si-doing around this obstacle vomiting out 6 attack dice at range three, like some unholy mobile arc of doom (but no dice mods, unless you took the title) and if people want to shoot you, well, you've got 4 dice (possibly an emergency reroll) to play with. For 36-38 points, I reckon that's not too bad, and much easier to put into a list. Assuming we can find the right sort of debris token to work with it.
  14. So the Silencer?

    This. Even if he's worth every point, which he fundamentally ISN'T. 40-45 points is objectively a huge wack of points from your list. You are effectively putting half of your points into an archetype that the Meta largely killed off in Wave 8 and put the nail in the coffin of when they overnerfed Palps. It's EXACTLY the same problem that the Defenders and the Starviper had, it simply costs too many points to fit into a decent list. if you want Kylo Ren, take his crew card on RAC instead. It is unquestionably a better way to put his condition on things because it's proactive instead of passive. YOU the Imperial Player get to choose where that condition goes, AND you can do it before the start of the combat round. It is 100% better than a passive effect that will only go off when you are hit. Which you don't want to be, because you are the least HP for Point effecient small base ship FFG have ever made. People are NOT going to avoid attacking Kylo just because they might get ISYTDS like they did with Rebel Captive, because in these circumstances they could easily have a WHOLE activation phase to either get out of arcs, SLAMM or otherwise turtle up. You can't run an aces list with Kylo in it, not just because you wont have the points, but more because you need someone at a low PS to try and get an unsaved crit through on things that Kylo might have MIGHT HAVE conditioned. There are some interesting and good cards in this box (Threat Tracker is a literal wildcard here). But the actual ship itself wont be worth it until we get a First Order Veterans box that gives it a -3 Title and the ability to Boost or Barrel roll when it receives an Evade action, and adds an Evade action onto your action bar.
  15. So the Silencer?

    Current popular theory is ACTION: Gain Evade Tokens equal to the number of Obstacles within Range 1 of you. To a Maximum of 2 (since the Silencer only comes with 2 Evades) If right, you could go Youngster +Debris Whatever, 2 Crack/Juke blacks and Quickdraw with Swarm Leader for something really nasty. In general I could see a card like that being a really good engine for Swarm Leader. Another good example would be a pair of Greens with it and Juke backing up something with Swarm Leader. Plus it's a generally decent way of getting Evade tokens on stuff that doesn't normally have Evade access, like the X-Wing, Y-Wing, Starviper etc. Think of Keyan Farlander with that and Experimental Interface. If it caught on, it would also encourage people to consider Seismic Torpedoes more. Although with the nerf to Evade token expenditure it wouldn't be as good as it once was.