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  1. I had a crazy idea a while back that the way to fix the B-Wing was to allow them a Reinforce (Forward only) action.
  2. My Talonbane build, which I've used in store tournements before was Talonbane Cobra — Kihraxz Fighter 28 Push the Limit 3 Cloaking Device 2 Engine Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 37 With the title, that's now 3 points cheaper, 34 instead of 37, but in truth I've never had great success with it. Now, on the Ynot Benchmark site I have been getting interesting results with this build: Talonbane Cobra — Kihraxz Fighter 28 Adrenaline Rush 1 Cloaking Device 2 Pulsed Ray Shield 2 Ship Total: 33 So this now clocks in at 30pts with the title. The basic plan of attack for both of these builds is to cloak on turn 1, decloak forward + 5K in turn 2 and offload a 5 attack dice primary attack up the **** of someone in front of them. The second build works better with AR and Pulse Shields since you can do that, still focus, and can then forward 1 in a situation where your opponent is sandwhiched between your ships and can't necerssarily make use of that. But with a mind to take full advantage of the title, I propose this: Talonbane Cobra — Kihraxz Fighter 28 Adrenaline Rush 1 Cloaking Device 2 Pulsed Ray Shield 2 Stygium Particle Accelerator 2 Hull Upgrade 3 Vaksai 0 Ship Total: 33 33pts for a shield regenerating, 6hp ship that hits at 5 dice up close, is PS9, cloaks, and we've finally found a use for The Styg. Hallejuhah.
  3. That wasn't a heavy handed nerf batting. What happened to Manaroo was heavy handed, what Palp got was a knocking down a peg. He's still an 8 point Get out of Jail card, it just now you can only use him for the rolls you KNOW you need him for, and not the roll you need him for that you never see coming. So, when a Ghost vomits 4 hits onto Fel, then you know to seed that roll with an evade. It's when a TIE fighter puts 2 hits on Fel, with his customary Focus + Evade combo at range 3 and he then rolls 5 blanks and takes 1 damage and loses his Stealth Device, those are the times that are going to get through now. Manaroo though? Savage. Didn't even NEED the Zuckuss nerf at that point, but we got it anyway. It doesn't hurt Paratanni, but Dengaroo is basically dead.
  4. I'd remove an AD from the TLT myself. Kanaan with Acc Corrector sees no change in his killing power, it's stil capable of killing low evade dice ships like before, but it's not so efficient at it that B-Wings and G1-A's effectively no longer exist. Rebels can still play TLT-K-Wings loaded down with bombs and it'll still work fine. Sure B-Wings will still need to worry about Kylo, but that's what the Stresshog is all about. He doesn't care how many dice those turrets are rolling as long as it nets him the ability to offload 2 stress at range 3 on a TIE Shuttle or an Upsilon. It also means that they're less reliable at taking down 2 Evade ships like the X-Wings and others, which improves them as well. Well, T-70's anyhow. To be honest, the whole way the TLT works feels very odd, and I wonder how many revisions and rewrites occured before we got the card that we got. Maybe originally it was supposed to be a 3 dice attack that worked like Assault Missiles under certain criteria (Unsaved crits?) to represent it spraying an area with BRRRRRT? Or maybe we can see parts of it in the Arc Caster, a Turret that would hit and then do 1 extra damage to a nearby target. Heck, maybe it was supposed to work like Baze Malbus, but they realise just how crazy that would be when paired up with A2. But what do I know.
  5. My predictions for Wave 9 Imperial Veterans Boxset (Defender + Bomber) Missile Gunboat (So Imperials get SLAM access, and also to finish all the hard work FFG have put into making munitions viable) Scurrge H-6 Bomber (Rebel opposite number containing similar upgrades to the above, but is a large based heavy bomber) Mandalorian Fighter from Rebels (for Scum) [unpredictable wildcard that none of us see coming] If were ever going to get Poe's recolor and the SF TIE-fo then it's going to be through a box-set most likely. Something like "Battle over the Starkiller" with them both in.
  6. At this point what stuff can we say definitely doesn't have an ace pack? E-Wing and Defender as stated, both could do with a boost aside from Corran, who is now a much bigger risk in a world where Adv. Homing Missiles exist anyway. Y-Wing? It got a big buff with Scum & Villainy, enough not to warrent an Ace pack upgrade though? Z-95's probably don't need the buff, and pretty much everything else either has one, or is working fine. Bomber's getting buffs in the form of Extra Munitions and newer meaner bombs and munitions to use with them. What about Imperial Firespray? That could probably do with a few more odds and ends as the Scum Firespray stuff hasn't really done anything for the Imperial flavour. What about Scum? A Starviper and Scyk ace pack would definitely be appreciated.
  7. To be honest Gunnery Team isn't really very good for it's points. If it let you target a different hull zone of the same ship then I'd like it more, but as is the only use I can find for it is with Demolisher zipping about the place hitting things like a freight train with it's Expanded Launchers enhanced frontal firepower + Screed.
  8. Yeah a lot of this article is frankly very badly thought out. I kind of wish FFG would stop with the strategy articles alltogether with how hit and miss they are sometimes. I have used Elusiveness on Ibisalm in the past, but that was many many moons ago, and frankly Opportunist is probably a better pickup if your going to go for her over the superior Keyan and Tem choices you have. Bodyguard... you can theorycraft as much as you like but I honestly can't find any way that's ever worth it, except perhaps on a Tansarii Vet Scyk running wingman for a twinked out Boba Fett, and even that's situational as hell. If it wasn't Scum only I'd rate it higher, this card would be great on a Green Squadron pilot for instance. Decoy is basically trying to be a range-2 Swarm Tactics with a downside, but realistically Veteran Instincts is 9 times out of 10 just as good for a point less. If Decoy removed the keyword "friendly" from it's text THEN we would have a great card. Guri with APT does work though. Although if you want to REALLY go to town, you could toss in Deadeye, Title and Adv. Sensors as well. Adv. Sensors on something with Boost is generally useful anyway.
  9. Sadly it doesn't look like it, I checked out his website and whilst he's done the artwork for the Raider Mk1 and the Raiders art for X-Wing it doesn't look like he's done the specific piece of art I'm referring to. Unless of course there's some kind of agreement with FFG over that one piece of art, which seems unusual since he's already got the artwork for the MC-30 and one of the Hounds Tooth pilot cards up.
  10. Were you also the guy who did the Raider-II card artwork shown in the Wave 2 preview? I really like the look of that, and I'd love to see a bigger version I could see more clearly.
  11. My idea I had yesterday was that you could add generic abilities to Torp and Missiles. I had a few ideas as to how to make that work. Torpedoes: "After the compare results step, you may cancel any (or maybe just one?) [Crit] result and deal one face down damage card to the Target Ship this still counts as a hit." So, now Torpedoes are really really nasty against things with lots of shields but poor agility. Problems? Ion Torps could now cause more than one damage, and it might make Flechettes more deadly than they should be. But limiting it to only one crit doesn't feel deadly enough. Missiles "At the modify attack dice step, you may cancel any [blank] or [focus] results to reduce your opponents agility by the amount of results cancelled." So, now they're more accurate against things with high-agility and firing them off without having a focus token or a second target-lock or something is a bit more viable. Opinions?
  12. So, if this is going to be another discussion of "how do we fix munitions?" I might as well throw my two cents in. So, here's my first idea I had in the shower. Universal Rule for Torpedo Upgrades "After the Compare Results step, you may discard 1 (all? any?) [crit] results to deal 1 face down damage card to the target. This still counts as a hit." and in a similar vein: Missile Upgrades "After the modify attack dice step you may discard any [Focus] or [blank] results to reduce the targets agility by 1." So good? Bad? Obvious exploits? It raises the value of Calculation a little, but not by that much. Marksmanship takes another step towards being worth it's points (although I think everyone agrees it's still got far to go) and that one ability of Proton Torps becomes a bit more useful, and gains an effect similar to the Proton bombs. Ion Torpedoes become weird though, since they now might do two damage. Also not sure how fluffy this would be for Flechettes either. What about missiles?
  13. Yeah that sounds better. But honestly I think I'm right about the rest of it. There's not much else it could be really. It really comes down to how much it costs. Stay on Target only clocked in at 2pts, and that just causes you to make a red maneouver, this one throws in damage cards as well.
  14. I am 90% certain that the second EPT reads like this Light Refit small ships only Whenever you reveal a white or green maneouver, after you place your ship you may rotate it 180 degrees and take 1 damage card and then take 1 stress token AFTER your move has resolved. [or whatever wording would mean you couldn't move on a green and then lose the stress immiediately] It's actually a really nice idea, as it means S-Loops for everyone, but you got to pay a toll. It's probably best on cards with high Hull scores, like Virago or this, but I could see it working on a Y-Wing or an X-Wing as well. Hell, this would synergise really interestingly with Porkins and R5-D8.