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  1. Mward1984

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    6 Dice APT vs 4 Green Dice with Concordia Face-Off PLACE YOUR BETS.
  2. Mward1984

    Rebel Captive is Back! Stress-Sith!

    The other thing I hadn't considered is that you can give droid ships focus tokens using this. I'm still not entirely comfortable with it being MANDATORY that any ship you coordinate with Sidious HAS to take a stress, if it was optional I'd be 100% on board with it. It's going to be finicky to work out when is the best time to flip Palps over.
  3. Mward1984

    Rebel Captive is Back! Stress-Sith!

    Can anyone think of a single point that you'd ever want to flip to Sidious? I'm drawing a blank. It's not like either Seps or Reps are fielding ships replete with green on their dial (barring R4 droid usage) is it? Whereas being able to Rebel Captive things that want to target either your Infiltrator or supporting ARC-170 feels like it's always going to be more useful.
  4. Mward1984

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Ten Numb still bugged as being able to use his ability without rolling any eyeballs. Which is weird because I think Garvin Dreis HAS been set up properly with this rule in mind. I mean, sure nobody wishes more than I that The Pilot Formerly Known as Keyan Farlander worked how he used to, but those days are gone.
  5. Mward1984

    Actis Speculation Thread

    They could do it with slotting. Like, give the Actis a Systems or a Tech slot. Consider the Aethersprite with Advanced Sensors or Fire Control, or the ability to just boost or BR through terrain. Or with Primed Thrusters?
  6. Mward1984

    Clone Wars!

    Well, let's wait until the points PDF comes in first, but yeah maybe. Maul being sub-90pts is a pretty big "if" as well. He's Init5 with 3 force tokens, that don't come cheap.
  7. Mward1984

    Clone Wars!

    It's they're 20pts and Maul manages to come in under 90 then you could field 5 of them. Consider that. A 6 ship swarm list with a HUNDRED POINT large base ship in it!
  8. Mward1984

    Purple Actions

    How do we explain that neither the starter squadron box or the Aethersprite expansion include evade tokens for them? (The box only has 2 for the v-19's)
  9. Mward1984

    Crew upgrades depicted with the ARC

    They did the same thing with the Grappling Struts card for the Vulture Droid further up the article.
  10. Mward1984

    Where in the world is Jar Jar Binks?

    I think I already did him for 1.0 with Strange Eons. The forum wont let me upload him, but basically, he was the Imperial equivalent to Sabine crew and Cad Bane crew. You got a free bomb slot, and you never had to discard bomb cards if instructed to. The downside was at the start of the activation phase you had to roll an attack die, on a blank you had to drop a bomb. And on a crit or focus, you had to launch it directly in front of you range 1.
  11. Mward1984

    Whats best, TTS or Vassal

    Fly Casual
  12. Mward1984

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    ...well, a quick read of the page you posted mentions by name the Pivot Wing upgrade for the U-Wing, did you have one of them?
  13. Mward1984

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    I know what that is. Giving an X-Wing the closed servomotors card now causes it to crash. You have to make it so the configuration card is in Open only. You can immiediately set them to closed when you place the model, so it's not really a problem too much.
  14. Mward1984

    T-70 article.

    Poe's probably gonna get used the most. If Jess is unchanged I'd imagine see her a lot as well, although a lot of her appeal was her relatively cheap point costs.
  15. Mward1984

    T-70 article.

    How far across the board does two 4 speed straights and a boost take you? Like, is ioning yourself likely to end with you tabling yourself next turn if you do that?