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  1. Mward1984

    Kill Han

    He and Veteran Turret Gunner still should probably come down a little bit, maybe 2 to 4 points max.
  2. Mward1984

    Kill Han

    I think R2-D2 (crew) is fairly priced, what's making the combo work here is being paried up with Chewie who can repair crits, so you should only need to worry R2-D2 manages to flip a damage card twice in a row, which statistically he shouldn't be doing all that often. It's really not a cheap build though 127 points is a whacking great big chunk of points. Ezra is literally just there to provide a force token, which is great and all, but 18pts? I'd be tempted to spare some points with Bistan or Hotshot gunner and then be able to take an 80pt Supernatural Luke. I mean, with the Ezra build you can still take a decent 60pt Wedge, but you don't have enough points for anything else then, and Wedge sort of hits diminishing returns past the 60pt mark, but do you REALLY wan't to put even more points onto the Falcon? What was he running Han with?
  3. Mward1984

    Ship Vader or Whisper with Crew Vader?

    Or something else then.
  4. Mward1984

    Ship Vader or Whisper with Crew Vader?

    I'm not even sure that Collision Detector is 100% neccessary. Fun? Yes. But without it you can take a Juking Rexler and still have 41 points left over for Iden or Saber Squadron.
  5. Mward1984

    M3-A Interceptor in 2.0

    Only in Fly Casual. Only decent ones I've found are Sunny Bounder without upgrades and Professor Laetin with Juke. Good cheap pick-ups that can sometimes surprise.
  6. Mward1984

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    We aren't getting dual EPT's back. Whilst you could never really break the game with those in 1.0, in 2.0 they probably don't want to have to worry about combo possibilities of something that can combine Talents. I feel like you're probably right about the attack dice, and it's particularily bad right now because the 1.0 fix for that: Prockets got nerfed pretty hard with it's bullseye only arc change and points increase, which was required when they simplified it's attack dice mechanics. So right now the A-Wing is like a pre-ATC TIE-Advanced. Two attack dice ships are either ordinance boats, or cheap sacrifical blocking chaff, and since rebels already have headhunters who are cheaper for that role, there's no place for the A-Wing there. They need access to a high damage missile that only they can make work or at least some way of upping their firepower that doesn't step on the toes of the Resistance A-Wing, although, to be honest since they're different factions now I feel that should be less of a factor. A range 0-1 missile with 4 attack dice and 2 ammo might do it.
  7. Mward1984

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    I don't give a single **** about it being a free focus, it's about being able to remove stress on a B-Wing with it's absolutely godawful dial with pathetic blue and way too much red that I want. But the fact that you can't spend it even if you don't get a focus result any more which is a big nerf for the Pilot Formerly Known As Keyan. Seriously, if they just made it so I could spend a 1 regenerating charge to remove a stress at the end of my turn with no other ability I would like it better.
  8. Mward1984

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    I get what they were doing with the A-Wing, but I don't exactly like it either. I'm hopeful for what we'll get in the reprint but I am concerned we might not be seeing Tycho making a comeback since there's a lot of nu-canon pilots who have used A-Wings: Hera, Shera Bay and Ahsoka are all possible pilots. Shera would be actually pretty good in an A-Wing, it'd be an interesting way of upping your firepower on the cheap. I'm actually kind of surprised Hera wasn't put into an X-Wing to be honest, but whatever. Whilst them dropping the second talent slot from the A-Wings was a dissappointing, I do kind of understand that Vectored Thrusters is meant to be pseudo representing PtL and actually having two talent slots could result in something ridiculous and unbalanced... somehow? It's an A-Wing for gods sake. But that's besides the by. My main problem with A-Wings aside from the lack of high PS ace is the lack of Mod slot. Why in the name of christendom does the most modified fighter in canon, to the point that there are versions of it with bespoke hand crafted wood panelling in the cockpit, not have a mod slot? Why can't I put an extra shield or hull on this? Would Afterburners really be so broken? I have exactly the same problem with the Fang Fighter not having one as well. I also feel that the B-Wing is in a godawful spot as well thanks to it losing the crew slot, and a torp slot, and now it has two cannon slots. Why. Why does it have two cannon slots when none of them are really any good? It currently occupies that position that the E-Wing had with Corran Horn in that they have one good pilot in the form of Keyan Farlander Tem Numb. I really want to see what we get for the reprints because as it stands the A and B wings are wounded animals, one half of a combo that currently does not exist.
  9. Mward1984

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Is there any way that Veteran Turret Gunner can be made to recognise the difference between a primary forward arc attack and a Turret Attack? Because by design that's supposed to be how the Y-Wing get's it's forward double tap back, but right now it's registering a forward primary arc attack as a turret attack. But if the engine simply can't support that then fine. Oh, and I guess easier to do would be removing that second Astromech slot the Y-Wing currently has for some reason. Lastly, Tem-Numb shouldn't be allowed to spend his stress unless there is a focus result for him to spend it on. In fact, you can't spend tokens if you can't change the results with them full stop now.
  10. Mward1984

    What is the A-Wing's place in second edition?

    Jake is super awkward compared to how he used to be, but he's also more flexible than he used to be in other ways. With all the pilots who should make it into the A-Wing reprint, I am super concerned for Tycho right now. Hera, Shera Bey and Ahsokha are all possibilities and I think they might squeeze out Tycho completely. I'd also imagine it'd be the pack that gives Rebels the Composure upgrade.
  11. Mward1984

    2.0 Upgrade cards creator

    Still dickering about....
  12. Mward1984

    Pushing the Envelope: 2.0 Imperial Squadron sample article

    I'm not sure Krennic in a Reaper is worth it if it means not having the points for Juke on Whisper. Vader on Whipser is an interesting idea that hadn't ever occurred to me though.
  13. Mward1984

    Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Whisper

    Anyone else find it hilarious that "Fat Whisper" barely costs more than an unupgraded 1.0 Whisper in old money?
  14. Mward1984

    Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Whisper

    Personally, I'm tempted to go with this: Saber Squadron Ace — TIE Interceptor 40 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 41 Saber Squadron Ace — TIE Interceptor 40 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 41 Turr Phennir — TIE Interceptor 44 Daredevil 3 Ship Total: 47 "Whisper" — TIE Phantom 52 Juke 4 Advanced Sensors 8 Agent Kallus 6 Ship Total: 70 It's quite janky, but I think Daredevil and Turr might have some interesting synergy now.
  15. Mward1984

    Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Whisper

    Conversely, I would say no. Whisper's dial is decent, but you tend to find yourself using the lower speeds a lot more than the higher ones, and I think those 8 points could be used elsewhere. Plus it interacts badly with Adv. Sensors, which is also expensive and more useful.