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  1. AI doesn't do boosts or Barrel Rolls at all, my guess is that the Adaptive Ailerons is covered under that.
  2. I don't know about the rest, but the Rebel Han issue is an old old one that I've definitely mentioned at least once.
  3. Tested it, that is what was happening. Thanks for the help.
  4. I tested with every Rebel ship with an appropriate Astromech slot. No extra blue anywhere on the dial. This is from a fresh install with the old folder deleted.
  5. Some bugs I've found 1) R4 Astromech no longer functions. 2) Fireball ship ability hasn't been implemented 3) Republic Chopper (Astromech) Is STILL not interacting with Anakin's ability correctly.
  6. Hmmm. It's intriguing, but the only card that really stands out for me would be Targeting Synchronizer. Plus I don't really see that giving E-Wings the option to be even more expensive is what they need. Personally, I think the uniques need to come down a few points. Gavin ISN'T eight whole points better than a Rogue Squadron escort at the same Initiative with no difference other than an ability that's similar to a 1pt EPT. He just isn't. He's 4pts more at best (for 57pts) Corran's a little harder to parse because he gives out a bonus attack and he's Initiative 5, his main problem is that Wedge is right there, is arguably just as lethal, and is a whole, whopping 11pts less. The Double-Tap is NOT what it used to be with it's Bullseye only restriction nor is it all that rare anymore; Every single B-Wing can now get a 4 dice bullseye double-tap that wont leave him disarmed for 7pts. Y-Wings have been effectively priced out of such shannigans but still have the option etc etc. He needs to come down. The only way that ridiculous price makes sense would be if he had a force token. He needs to go down to somewhere around 60-62pt level at least.
  7. Is the frontend that lets me use this in windowed mode meant to be gone?
  8. I'm expecting Burnout SLAMM to make a reappearance at some point next year.
  9. Let me clarify, Hotshots and Aces only contains new pilots for ship that have ALREADY got a 2.0 release or rerelease. Hopefully FFG will get into the habit of doing these card packs and we get one every 6 months or so. Maybe with every points rebalance?
  10. It's because they're only doing ships which have 2.0 releases.
  11. Leia is definitely not bad, but taking her means you can't have Leia (crew) , who even at 6pts is still really good as well. So I'm not sure myself. Gina is literally designed to synergise with the other named B-Wings, so I'm hopeful she'll be quite cheap since her trait is almost a negative. The real draw here is that she's I5. Like everything we've seen so far, it's going to come down to the points.
  12. ...no, but you CAN pair Debris Gambit up with the Closed S-Foil BR to Evade linked action. I think they even clarified this in an FAQ update that had us scratching our heads and wondering why they were saying that and trying to figure out who even could do this.
  13. Perceptive Co-Pilot + Jyn means 1 Evade and 1 Focus for one action. The Falcon title let's you reroll your rerolls so you can get your Xzibit on, and then spend an Evade if even that doesn't work.
  14. I think that's because those are boost actions technically, and the AI simply doesn't use repositioning abilities in this.
  15. What part of the activation order is Anakin's ability on currently? Because it should be at the same point Fine Tuned Controls and Chopper go off: The "After you execute a maneouver" step, it doesn't seem to be doing that currently. In theory he should be able to do a manouver, shed stress THEN have Fine tuned controls go off. Or if he's with Chopper, move, fine tune controls to get into Bullseye or R1, use chopper, shed stress, take a final action. All of those things occur in the exact same step. Edit: Also, after doing some testing, Anakin's ability also seems to be proccing off any enemy ship in R1, not just R1 in his front arc.
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