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  1. Yeah I was looking at the cards and seeing how they could battle too.... it's a cool idea, but if they do it I hope its just in one set... I think the main reason why so many new players (new to card battle games in general) love and want to play this game. I think the co op takes away the pressure of competing for most, and since everyone can see everyone's cards its a great way for new players to learn as they play. Too bad they can't pull a Dice Masters and just take the game rules and put DC heroes (not hating on Marvel, big MCU fan and the comic books) and other fantasy characters from other franchises.
  2. If you're all referring to page 5, I'm not getting whats the major difference. It seems like they just explained it differently but it's still the same. It's kinda a unspoken rule in all the card games I've played, most interrupt cards work when you're the target. I played a lot of Yu Gi Oh, those are trap card rules lol
  3. I was referring to the scenarios/encounter deck most!y. As the game grows your favorite card combos might not be all that great anymore. What if a Villain like Mysterio comes along; casting a spell that turns your Allies against you and they start to attack you. What if there is some Villain that drains your energy with Adam Warlock's soul gem so you lose HP when you're in the hero phase. they might introduce a new card type for the villains that force you to change your play style, they could add the infinity gauntlet to screw things up. There are lots of ways the game could get harder with more card options. LCGs play just like TCGs in my opinion, what makes OFF great for me is I don't have to track rare cards or open 100s of random boosters to build a deck. You get all you need for that month and you on par with everyone else 😁
  4. True! That's a great strategy. I haven't thought of that before. Thanks for the tip!
  5. I think they're called scenario packs because they're more then just a villain, they're like mini story lines. I think of this game like it's a co op boss battle from a tabletop RPG like D&D... you, or you and your team, have a mission to complete and a big bad to take down. The game is also called "Marvel Champions The Card Game" there is a tabletop RPG called "Marvel Champions" so there maybe some inspiration from that.
  6. Tweak villain decks to force you to play different or use a different aspect cards. The game is all about customizing it to fit your play style or Challenge your strategies. The card pool is small now, but as they add more cards the game is going to get harder.
  7. If FFG wanted to be cool and fix the printing issue at the same time, they could do what the comic book industry does with Trade Paperbacks, a Trade Paperback is a big book that has all the comic book issues related to a story arch, it's a way for readers to keep up and not have to track down comic book issues. FFG could do the big box like a Trade Paperback... put out a few heroes and scenarios (Just like a comic book issue) then later in the year put out a big box with reprints of those heroes and scenarios for that year (Trade Paperback). Note: This big box wont have the core set heroes and villains.
  8. I don't think one game is enough info, but yes I got the game for my Birthday, didn't have enough sleeves to sleeve all the cards so I just opened the start decks with the Rhino deck. I played as Spider Man; beat Level 1 and 2 Rhino pretty easy (Web Kick is fun). It was a close game though. I think I was at 2 HP... and before that, Crowd Control popped in the game and my Nemesis showed up too! I'm going to guess and say it may have took about 7 rounds. I was stunned at one point, but I had a card that saved me from that, I forget what it was called. I'm about 95% sure I played everything right. I may have beaten him with out losing all that much HP, I think I had that flip card at one point and just never used it 🤣 Next is going to be my fav Captain Marvel.... If I beat Rhino again I'm going to try level 3. Until I get the rest of the sleeves for the game I see myself playing only with the Spider Man and Captain Marvel start decks. It's a fun time. Felt like I was in a real comic book story.
  9. Just look at the core box. It's going to be Thanos related. I don't think they're going to do a comic book story (won't they have to pay more people if they do a real Marvel comic book arch?) they're going to probably use all the characters you see on the box and just do their own arch.
  10. You can always play the game with the collection you have now. Or make Proxies.
  11. I think the game was screwed from jump. I have one core set that I found by luck at my local Gamestop... For a few months I would call different Gamestops asking if they had any new packs, they never had packs even though it was listed as a product they sold in stores. I don't think FFG put the effort in to make the game easily available for people to pick up and play. Online Shopping shouldn't be the only place to get a few packs of cards.
  12. Beautiful work! I'm a huge Dragon Ball fan. Are you going to have all of Goku's Saiyan Levels?
  13. Really?! 😂 They must have came out in the late 90s /early 2000s, there were so many TCGs out there at that time. It was a fun time to be a card gamer. I knew about the Xena Card game, but I had no idea they had card games for the other IPs lol. I have some research to do tonight 😋
  14. If the upgrade or support card is in your hand you can spend them to put cards in play. If you already have the resource or support card in play (Equiped) you can't discard them. The rule book and the text on the cards are very straightforward, you'll get the hang of it in no time 😋
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