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  1. Playing the first scenario from the new expansion, Sanctum of Twilight. I did a search action and the app told me to gain the Charlie Kane spell. The image shows the Membership ring Unique item.
  2. Yes, we find spells in books and scribbled on papers.. But the events says that you read the words. So I was thinking that the spell get etched into your mind, since the investigator have to take horror with learning the spell. Since when learning the spell they learn a lot of heavy truths about the world..
  3. Only when casting a spell.. when resolving the after effect (solving the back) you are NOT casting the spell..
  4. Well.. that would not explain the whole "getting hit in your head so hard that you forgett the magic words and must discard a spell"-events..
  5. Possessions are tradeable, and spells are possessions.. This always seamed wierd to me.. Spells are stored in your memory, since the game makes you lose spells from memory losses, damage to the head etcetra.. And when casting spells, the game quite often straight out says that you try to remember the words of the spell.. But some how, spells are tradeable?? How does that happen? Do the investigators transfer them via some bluetooth in their heads, or something??
  6. Is FFG even reading this? Do they know about this Issue? Are they trying to resolve it? Do they even Care? Would be nice if the FFG-people could make a simple respond so we know if they have an answer to any of the above questions!!
  7. I have this problem too!! I sent a mail to FFG (about something else) and can't read their reply, because I have to enter my ZIP-code, but it wont let me!
  8. Kastagir said: Avoid this game in its current state. You know, there are certain strategies to the game. LEarn what investigators to use on what Adventures, when to use your items, what adventure to tackle and so forth.. Learn that, and it gets easier. As the previous poster said. "Play Better"
  9. Must start wiht saying that i LOVE this game, but there is one thing that bugs me. Did anyone notice that, after you conjure the glyphs, you may touch the objectives to read a small filler text about the objective. First I thought this was cool, but then I realized that they made no sense to the adventure they are in! I remember no names here, but as an example, there is a location that is a vast ruin, with no life anywhere (says so in the adventure description), but one of the objectives say something like "I have never seen so many varied lifeforms.". What? How about the adventure where we can't fall asleep (with a midnight effect), one objective tells of a small statue.. Why, is it so boring we risk to fall asleep because of it? Ever single Adventure is like this, the objectives makes no sense at all! I find this kinda cheep really..
  10. The Mythos card order is nothing I noticed, as I beat Azathoth without getting the +3 doom, and quite often several monsters in a row.
  11. Just found one difficulty changer.. Some adventures removes a doom tooken when succesfully completed.. Don't know if that change is in the Azathoth campaign too though.. One thing Im dissapointed in, is that they should have made new intro and ending videos that's more suitable to the GOO we are facing.. I just faild against Yig, and saw the "the entire world is eaten" film.. just as if I faild against Azathoth..
  12. I like it, not that I found any real difficulty difference either.. And I yet have to try Cuthulhu..
  13. Nah.. I rather wait for new AO to be released.. Two new are on our doorsteps, one (Yig) as a free update and one Cuthulhu as a in-app DLC.. To bad Yig is an easier alternetiv, but Cuthulhu is hopfully harder. They never said anything about his difficulty though.. ..
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