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  1. Give us X-Files NOW and take your time making a good LCG of 40k! Nothing more to say
  2. Yes, even here in Germany FFG is very well known. To my shame I have to say I know FFG since The Elder Sign but it seems everyone else in my fantasy shop konws them. Since we are playing Blood Bowl Team Manager I fell in love with FFG...
  3. Old topic for an not so new game but finally I was able to get a copy of Re:coded... I'm so into this that I have to play every game of the series except "Birth by sleep" because I don't want to buy a PSP just for this game.
  4. DerHannes_


    I just recently joined because of Elder Signs even though it hasn't launched here in Germany. After playing some singleplayer sessions and 2 quick but successful 3 player games I have to say that I'd be really happy about expansion packs. I like Traverser's statement about new places. Maybe a new gameplay mechanic that allows investigators to travel to new places (new enterances) like the Miscatonic, Innsmouth or Dunvich. I'm not sure how to combine it to the "fight" against the Old One's at/in the museum but FFG surprised us all over time. Maybe they'll find an attractive new way to do it.
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