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  1. Fine, I shall not use the term 'retarded,' either to refer to prats at GW or different but similar prats who use linguistic political correctness to strike back when it becomes clear that no-one agrees with them... Back to the original subject matter. I'll refine the question: Should FFG give us an Only War supplement containing the fliers used nearly exclusively by the Imperial Guard and similar ground forces, said fliers used for reasons which shouldn't have to be explained here since the assumption is that any Only War GW should know enough about post-WW I warfare to realize the value of air support on his/her own, or would it be preferable for FFG to make an entirely new game about the Imperial Navy? My own choice is both, but, then, I'm greedy.
  2. Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. Yes, wouldn't that be nice!
  3. I believe cpteveros has the gist of the problem, that some prat at GW made a really ignorant, retarded boo-boo some time ago, and now it affects the RPGs, because the FFG fellows have been pretty good at staying canon (much better at it than GW, as a matter of fact...). And no amount of attempting to rationalize it with 'Chaos this, Chaos that' will change that central boo-boo. Since FFG is so good at trying to stay canon (and I hope I'm not the only person who loves their swipe at 'canon' in the background sections of Black Crusade), that's why I was wondering if they'd put out another game based on the Navy. It would be, as I said, sort of a cross between Only War and Rogue Trader. And it would be pretty good, I think.
  4. More than just the Valkyries, I fear. What about speeders? The IG had them (I still have two lead speeders myself - armed with multilaser and heavy plasma gun, egad!). And what about air transport? And aerial support? The Thunderbolt fighter and the Marauder bomber are NOT space craft, nor are they capable of performing the tasks needed for space fighter/bomber combat (space fighters are bigger than Marauder bombers! And space bombers - or, as I should say, attack craft - are the size of Gallofry medium freighters from Star Wars!! Check out Battlefleet Koronos.). Leaving out the Guard's attached aircraft is a criminal piece of negligence, and making them Navy was a criminal piece of idiocy on the part of the prats at GW.
  5. Absolutely. Think of it from the standpoint of the navy, whose bailiwick is space...you know, as in big? Really big? (Kudos to Adams.) Imagine that you not only have to operate the fleet, which is a task far surpassing monumental, but also ground support aircraft - planetary craft. What a logistical nightmare; spacecraft and aircraft are so dissimilar that their engineering is entirely different. Which means the logistics of supplying those craft is entirely different. Why the frak would the Navy even agree to that! What a pain! And then you come to the roles of each force. The air force exists entirely to support the ground force, handling transport, recon, air superiority, and ground attack. The Navy exists to control space. Aircraft have all sorts of trouble operating in space - their drives don't have to fuel reserves and thrust to operate for long without an atmosphere and gravity well (for aerodynamics and gravitics), while true spacecraft risk damage from the undispersed heat of their own plasma drives! (The energetic plasma expands rapidly in vacuum, at near relativistic speeds. In atmosphere, the plasma is constrained by pressure in a 'bubble.' The result is a constant low-yield plasma explosion at the ship's tailpipe, which cannot be good. This is why interface craft - lighters and so on - are expensive, since they have to handle space and the soup.) Finally, imagine joining the Navy and being told you're being shunted off to support the groundpounders as an air jockey. Goodbye, career path. I maintain that whatever prat at GW came up with this malarkey was an ignorant idiot.
  6. "That, citizen, is a cat."
  7. I haven't been on the forums for a while. Has anyone brought up the notion so far of FFG coming out with an RPG about the Imperial Navy? I think it would be a perfect bridge between Rogue Trader and Only War. (We also might get the fliers associated with the Guard, since some retard at GW decided that such things were Navy only...as if that bunch would give a rat's patoot about anything having to do with planetary warfare. Sort of like how the USAF treats the idea of actual ground support, which is the whole reason for air superiority in the first place.)
  8. Warboss Krag


    I question the insistence that the Navy operates the Guard fliers. I forget where that piece of Brit stupidity is mentioned, but it's operationally retarded. Besides, it makes part of the Navy wildly subordinate to the Army, and that's an anathema to the space-squids (as well as being utterly and totally reliant on the Guard for supply and maintenance in addition). Anyway, FFG should have included the fliers in the main book, or come out with stats PDQ. Maybe someone there should get a **** clue that even the tards at GW have figured: Surface warfare is distinctly asymmetrical, and has been since the invention of paratroops. VTOL craft make it even more so, and the Guard adheres to this as well, when it can. (And for those who don't know, asymmetrical refers to the third dimension in land warfare, not to mismatched force compositions or guerilla tactics.)
  9. Warboss Krag


    Don't know if this has been asked before, but I'll ask it anyway: Are there any books on the way to deal with the Imperial Guard fliers, such as the Valkyrie and even the Land Speeder (still have my old lead model!)
  10. Yeah, they ship when they ship. Wish their command would realize that they've about reached the limits of wringing productivity out of their small staff and expand to include perhaps two more editors and commensurate art, layout, and production staffers. Maybe then they could get their products out in a more timely fashion, instead of whenever their puny staff can manage it.
  11. Weird. Girl power, then, I guess.
  12. We've played a combo of characters recently that we call 'Charlie's Angels:' The Dilitante, the Scientist, and the Researcher. And we've blown through the game in record time with almost no difficulty. Looking at the rest of the female characters, they seem to be more powerful, particularly in combination, than the male ones. Has anyone else played this combo, or seen the power of similar female combos?
  13. Man, why is it I keep getting the impression that a lot of you guys play against opponents that don't array their squads in mutual support? Said close combat attacks can easily be reacted to by another enemy squad that's within 12" of the squad being close-combat attacked.
  14. True, you can move the full 12", if that's your move. But at least Dakkon was correct enough to note that it's not a good idea to get into attack position without support, and where the enemy can cut you to ribbons as you wait for the command phase…so jump in last. And as for the 1" separation, Dakkon's response nails him as a rules lawyer, who won't accept any condition not directly stipulated. And he missed completely my direct stipulation that a jump cannot be reacted to, so he's not a very good rules lawyer… As a rule, I prefer to leave such rules lawyer one-upmanship out of these forums, Dakkon. We're trying to give the benefit of our experience, not have a 'making water' contest.
  15. I think you put too much importance on deploying a single model over 12" away from the enemy as a reserve entrance. If that works against the people you play with, fine. Someday they'll figure out how to deal with it and your force is boned if that's your one tactic, which is sounds like. And the SSU and their helis laugh loudly at the idea of only one unit at a time being air deployed… They also laugh at the Fireball. Apparently you're not familiar with SSU tank-killers.
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