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  1. Don't worry. There are plenty of folks on the forums and Reddit who know what's best for the game. I'm sure they'll get scooped right up.
  2. Nothing to do with how the game is designed, I agree we'll hopefully get new ideas because I'm not a fan of the direction of the game, I just don't like you.
  3. I miss the times when you went away and hid.
  4. There really was a glorious period of real talk prior to the shut down. Good times.
  5. gennataos

    ETA Reactions

    I've played maybe 5-6 games, mostly with ace + gang, and it sure feels like the System Phase reposition (along with dial, high init and force) catapults them into the highest of ace tiers.
  6. Are all of your games in this thread? Just curious if you've played against beef, swarms or much stuff with bombs. The emboldened part of the quote seems like a pretty, uh...bold statement.
  7. gennataos

    ETA Reactions

    Unless I'm missing something, they have one way to natively stress themselves (4K), so can probably drop the R4s and do something else with those points.
  8. gennataos

    ETA Reactions

    If BB-8 had the R4 ability built in, I'd be happy as a clam. But, yeah.
  9. gennataos

    ETA Reactions

    Naked, I have a hard time believing in most of them. Include a few upgrades and it seems like some could be the most slippery aces in the game. I haven't played any yet to develop a real opinion, but plan to. Those MFers get BB-8 built in. SO MAD.
  10. I’d agreed with hyperspace being the superior competitive format since its inception...until now. I’m glad the format exists. It is cool to have a format which forces choices. To suggested it’s currently a well-balanced competitive format seems fairly disingenuous. I’m happy to be proven wrong, but I don’t think that’ll happen. Many vocal proponents of the Hyperspace format basically summarily dismissed GSP extended data for various reasons, so I’m not sure how Hyperspace data could end up being any more relevant.
  11. Is someone planning a big hyperspace event? I’m not sure why that’s something to laugh at. People play the game, even the competitive game, for different reasons.
  12. I actually think named "leader" + generics is a pretty cool archetype, but I think that's a valid point. I'm not sure if presented with ace + generics or ace + cool named dudes, all things being relatively equal power-wise, that I'd pick the generics.
  13. New Snap + 3 BSAs continues to be one of the most enjoyable squads I've played (without Poe) in a long while. Like, a super long while. Just don't give up Snap for a song, though...it becomes less enjoyable shortly thereafter.
  14. They share characteristics, but it's an apples to oranges comparison, at best, due to how the lists can be built and played.
  15. That's not my hope or goal, but I get it if you feel like I'm being a jerk. Good luck on staying away! I've had periods of weeks/months where I try it and end up stumbling back in.
  16. To be fair, I think you started the swarm conversation in the thread. (below) Then @GreenDragoon provides a bunch of data and it looks, to me, like you (and others) summarily dismiss it, maintaining the "people just don't like swarms" mantra. No one said that, that's how I inferred it. That's how I read the gameplay preferences stuff. Speaking of gameplay preferences stuff, the whole Hyperspace vs. Extended preference stuff has been really dumb and does nothing but create more opportunities for us (collectively) to be pissy with each other. Don't like Extended? Okay, don't play extended stuff, don't bother commenting on Extended meta, don't dismiss Extended meta and events with talking about the merits of Hyperspace and why it's better. Visa versa for Extended enthusiasts. No one is forcing us to play any format. I think a lot of us are disappointed that this thread has devolved, but all of us should take some ownership of their role in why that happened. I know I've been snippy and take particularly umbrage when I infer people are being passive aggressive with dismissive or condescending comments. It may not be intended that way, and instead of taking a breath and trying to talk through it, I lash out. I kind of did it above. I'm not trying to attack you, @Boom Owl. You're just a guy who's posts I used to get excited to see, every time, and things have changed. I don't know if it's me or you or both. Doesn't have to be that way and I'm trying to get better. Pretty much all things Poe, and always with BB-8 because there's nothing to play for, so might as well have fun. And it might actually be good. (R2-D2 might be, too) Overdrive Thrusters absolutely has done what I wanted, which is make him the ace he deserves (in my head canon) to be. I don't win every game, but I win most and he feels fantastic. I'm not sure on the wingmates, but it's probably either Rey or +2, with one of those +2 being an A-Wing (with a Procket or being L'ulo).
  17. I think it makes some valid points. But I've also been in the "not playing the competitive game" camp for a while, so I don't delve too far into figuring out what I believe. /shrug
  18. I think only one blog guy was suggesting nerfs of the t-70, bomber, etc...? I think a lot of people acknowledged that if the bug menace was nerfed, the likes of sloane swarms and wookies would likely replace them, and that may not feel much (any) better.
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