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  1. But Worlds is Minnesota. That's not Poland, either. Also, I'm no longer going. I couldn't justify that much time away from the family.
  2. I wouldn't disparage Poland by associating them with the Cubs, however distant that association may be.
  3. Nah, just sounds like someone gets dumpstered by Polish players or by lists which originated in Poland. It was great meeting you at Adepticon! In Chicago! In the United States! Which is totally not Poland!
  4. Done tried it. It was okay, but just okay. Also, not really my jam, so that didn't help.
  5. It's been mostly with Resistance Chewie and some A-Wings, so I'm kind of ambivalent about how long he lives.
  6. I've never run Finn with anything more than Heroic and thought he was a fantastic use of 30 points. I don't see that changing much. Granted, I don't run this list, and maybe that's what you were talking about?...specifically in this list?
  7. One thing, on that Finn Heroic reroll, you could have (and probably should have) added his BLANK die and re-rolled all three dice. His ability and Heroic have the same timing window, so you can choose the order. As far as the other stuff, I'll just ping those who know the squad better... @RStan, @GreenDragoon, @Mistborn_Jedi
  8. That comes preloaded as a squad blueprint for me now in LaunchBay.
  9. What made it difficult? How did it play out? Tavson can get that one action during his activation with PA, but his ability is effectively turned off while he's stressed.
  10. One thing I really want to be clear on, if you're somewhat new to the squad, @doweaver...this squad makes for a long day at a tournament. Most, if not all, of your games will go to time. Most, if not all, of your A-Wings will be on fire or dead. The individual ship decision-making process isn't too hard, they're easy and fun to fly, but getting the whole squad to coalesce can sometimes be taxing. If you take it to a 6+ round tournament...buckle in.
  11. Here is the final. I think there's another game or two from Firestorm as well.
  12. I'm not sure what you're looking for. Generally with 5A, I block when it's effective, utilize the rear arc when it's safest and turn around earlier than I'd like, but the net gain on turning now is usually better than that one last rear arc shot.
  13. I...don’t think I agree, but that’s not really what I was trying to say. I just think it’s cool that there’s so much variety.
  14. Marcel has always been a special snowflake (we can smell our own, he's just way better), but I love seeing this trend continue. Take some known good stuff, throw in some of our own ideas and see how it shakes out. Use ListFortress and MetaWing to start the germination of ideas, not for copy-paste.
  15. Way to go, Marcel. One more Anakin in the community nerf crosshairs. Ruiner.
  16. Give it time. Those who create multiple forum accounts have a compulsion to share their wisdom with the masses. This same compulsion will be their undoing.
  17. Question for the hive mind...no Grand Champs thus far has had an x-1 type cut, has it? I've looked and see UK, Germany and Canada had top 32 with NOVA having top 64. Do I have that wrong? Did I miss a grand champs? I ask because the St. Louis Grand Champs has announced a x-1 cut, and I'm trying to figure out how much effort I should put into a crusade against that in favor of a top 32.
  18. Cascade out for US System Opens? https://www.yetigamingevents.com/
  19. How hard do you think people would have gone after these as faction prizes (but not available for sale)? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/9/3/beautiful-destruction/
  20. I think the lure of prizes is what got me traveling in the first place. If it wasn’t for that, I’d probably never have travelled for an event. I might have done GenCon because I go to that anyway. The true prize really is the friends I’ve made along the way, but I don’t think that'd have happened in the first place without prize support.
  21. They can be blocked and they do take damage from focus fire. Also, if you want to tech specifically against them, take Jedi with Spare Parts. They'll likely never get off their ordnance, which means they'll likely never do much damage.
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