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  1. Locally, people are all over Ion lately. If Nym is such a concern, I'm not sure why more people aren't just planning on including Ion in their lists. It makes every complaint about AS/ABT/Bomblet Nym go away.
  2. Really, I'd just save BB-8 Intensity Poe for fun matches. For the reasons you already stated, he's just not enough of an ace for his point cost. He's 1 point more expensive than Miranda with TLT, Bomblets, Sabine and LRS. I can kit out a really good Nym for around 40 points, too. It's a bummer, but it's not even a contest. There's no way a non-regen Poe stacks up to either of those ships. PtL/R2-D2 Norra is probably better, too. He's a distraction, which is why the regen version of him is so much better. He may be kind of boring to fly and running away a lot, but he's one tanky son of a *****.
  3. It can work, the real fear being higher PS alpha (PS11 Imperials) or some dud ordnance shots. I've run something similar, Airen/Wedge/Nym, and it usually does what you'd expect, which is either nuke a ship first round our set it up to nuked the following round. After that, it can get really crazy.
  4. Yeah, Rey is probably one of the hardest ships to build outside of her primary build path. The sloop title and Finn are basically stapled to her.
  5. Yeah, not like an x/7 defender player needs to tell me every time they get their free evade.
  6. Really? I do that out of courtesy, so my opponent knows how I did this or that. I hate the opposite, where people move, plop down a pile of tokens and down bother to say how they got that pile.
  7. Agreed. I just didn't agree with that game being shown as an example of anything other than how not to fly FSR.
  8. I'm not sure if Duncan gets credit for applying obvious strategies that even a n00b like myself recognized. I'm just saying Ron flew badly, and a list flown badly doesn't tell you much of anything about the opponent nor their list. Monday night I tabled a newer player in 20 minutes with Dash/Poe because he flew over obstacles and didn't concentrate fire. I then played against a TIE swarm + QD with the same list, got Dash killed with only 2 damage on the opposing list and the game went to time with Poe against QD and two remaining TIEs. I wouldn't consider either of those games indicative of the abilities of either of my opponents lists nor Dash/Poe. I'd just say those were 2 poorly flown games by the losing side.
  9. I saw this video in one of the FSR threads. Ron seemingly did everything wrong in that game. He allowed entirely too tight of an obstacle cluster He then flew directly into the tight obstacle cluster He bounced off, over, through obstacles He spun Rex off all alone to die Duncan dangled OL like a carrot and Ron bit, chasing OL half the game I wouldn't consider this game a good example of how Duncan's list would perform against FSR in a typical game.
  10. In a vacuum against FSR, it'll probably do well. I've flown a lot of Snap Shot A-Wings and can tell you it's far too reliant on variance to be effective against most other competitive lists. Snap/Crack has more flexibility and damage output than Snap/Juke, but they're still, ultimately, A-Wings.
  11. Looking for the Worlds 2017 Alt Art Rey Have: Q3 2017 Alt Art Omega Leader Q3 2017 Alt Art Crackshot 40th anniversary R2-D2/Integrated Astromech x2
  12. Why would people shoot munitions at Biggs in that list? Roark could easily go down in 2 decent ordnance shots.
  13. Yeah, it's not free. In my Rex/Biggs-free variants, I've definitely lost that reinforce action for Lowhhrick!
  14. There are plenty to be found. Check out RadioTCX on Twitch...they have a long stream from a storm championship where it's flown a couple times. You're not going to force this list into the rocks. It can choose it's engagement. You can block it, but that's not going to negatively impact it's damage distribution other than Lowhhrick's ability. Even then, you have the blocker probably facing a pile of range 1 shots, unmodified or not.
  15. Both regen and dodgy versions of Intensity Poe pair well with the freighters. When I run BB-8 Poe, I lean towards Rey for the theme. I think a tanky Hank or Lone Wolf Dash would be more competitive, though.