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  1. I have a pretty defined bias, but I think Resistance is completely plug and play with the introduction of the transport and pods. Poe + 3A is solid and known. Poe + Cova(Leia) + 2 and Poe + Finn + 2, which seem like the logical starting points with the new stuff, can be so varied, I'm not sure if one could try all of those permutations. Unltimately, Poe + 3 whatever hodgepodge someone wants to put together can probably end up decent to good. That said, and I know you're not asking this question @Boom Owl, I think Resistance is mid-tier for this archetype. Republic and Empire definitely do it better, and FO probably does it better as well. People running Poe should probably be looking at astromechs other than the default R4, because the prevalence of Sense is making Poe's life hard.
  2. Proven or theory, @Boom Owl? Spam here or your inbox?
  3. No @Boom Owl on the last two Liberty Squadron episodes. 😭
  4. I've messed around with Chewie + others. Chewie needs to be protected well for him to pull his weight, which isn't always easy to do. I think this version is straight up a "gotcha" list, as (anecdotally) evidenced by it making cut, but going no further. I think Ethan Van Sant's list from GenCon is better, and even he said it could be improved (like, by swapping the RSE for Bastian).
  5. I agree that'd be preferred, more fun and how I've thought about list building. I think I'm quickly falling short of complete destruction being possible, though, often when lists go on the table. The overwhelming majority of lists I've played are 3-4 Resistance with some 5A thrown in for a mediocre performance at GenCon. I'd wager 80+% of my games go to time. I want to kill everything, but I usually don't have a viable path to do so. that makes me sad. I've thought about just that scenario, too...playing to "not lose" can end up with a loss a lot.
  6. The talk about games going to time got me thinking...what if I wasn't trying to achieve complete destruction? I know some lists are built specifically to try to win on time and some are specifically built for complete destruction. I'd wager a lot of lists are somewhere in between and those of us flying them aren't quite sure how we're supposed to be winning. I know I seldom approach early to mid game as "scoring points"...I'm aiming to remove ships. It's not until the end game that I usually bother to get a running tally of points scored. Maybe scoring points, like in a timed football game, is how I should be approaching things? Get a lead and protect it? That doesn't necessarily mean score points and run. To me, it means score points then endeavor to never put your ships in a compromised position. Maybe that ends up the same as running and ends up no fun. I don't know. I just know most of my games go to time anyway, so why do I keep trying to figure out ways to kill opposing ships when, sometimes, I really don't have to?
  7. Don’t you mix your catastrophe with my resignment! Adjusting, to me, means: 1) Join 2) Purposefully list build to counter 3) Develop strategic options to combat with whatever I want to play and accept results I’ll do #3 at least until the November GC, then reevaluate afterwards.
  8. Maybe it's the prevalence of force nowadays which feels bad. Prior to Republic, you'd run into a force user every once in a while. Now, it feels like the majority of lists I face have a force user. Jedi, Kylo, Vader with a sprinkling of Luke. On heavy rotation. To be clear, I only posted on the topic because it was only recently that I've come around to believing it's a problem, and maybe that's because of the rotation of stuff I'm facing. I don't think the sky is falling, I just need to adjust.
  9. It's always on passive mods that don't have to be earned aside from paying the cost of the pilot or upgrade and cannot be denied by my opponent in any way. That's in direct opposition to what I thought the original design philosophy of 2.0 was, but I might just being inferring that.
  10. I don't care about redesign sessions, but I have fully come around to force being a problem, as currently implemented.
  11. This week, the halls will echo (even more) of “Nerf The Big Deal!”
  12. A high init, highly mobile ace and two other ships which cannot be ignored. Those other two need to either be tough, or also highly mobile and higher init, or both. At least two need to really pack a punch. Damnit, @Boom Owl, you’re steering me away from 4 ship. I blame you.
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