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  1. The only challenge will be flipping the Exhausted side over. I think this might make a strong argument for T-70's to actually make a firing pass, fly through and reset, specially Snap. People in other threads are acting like you're hosed the next turn. I don't know about you guys, but I find myself in plenty of situations with T-70's where I'd rather 4-straight out of dodge after a pass and come back around to reset.
  2. Yes, 100% yes!
  3. Holy crap. Snap and Jake are really going to dig this.
  4. Rebels only. I got a StarViper for Christmas, which I gutted for the Autothrusters and traded off. I've traded for a few other non-Rebel upgrades, but have never bought anything non-Rebel, nor do I plan to (cross-faction like the Scurrg H-6 Bomber doesn't count). Just like the Rebels, I'll make do with what I have!
  5. @Wiredin - I know you kind of did this before, but can you walk through how you fly your Jess/Jukes/Jan list? I ask because the problem I have when flying Jess and the Jukes without Biggs....the Jukes get gunned down, which then weakens Jess. It's fairly common to lose one of them before any of my guys fire. That could be mitigated by not flying them in formation, flanking with the Jukes, but that weakens Jess' re-roll opportunities.
  6. You're welcome to continue flying it.
  7. I played two games today with this list, one win, one loss. The loss was actually a pretty good lesson in range control. I got Heff stuck out in front with 3 arcs on him, Biggs and Norra not far behind, but out of range. That got Heff pretty beat up early, which meant he went down much sooner than normal after Biggs died. Norra did some work at the end, but it was Countess and Pure Sabaac against her, and she just couldn't stay out of their arcs, they're too maneuverable. I still like the list the way it is, no tweaks (yet).
  8. Aaaaand, I'm off this list. I played it at lunch and it did nothing I wanted.
  9. Good point! Fixed!
  10. "Best" is subjective. I want to try out Rey and Chewie and see how it goes.
  11. An ORS? Jan Ors?
  12. I'm pretty set on this Rey build, but I'm not sure how to kit out Chewie. Ideally he's blocking, still shooting, and making himself a general nuisance. I originally had C-3PO on him instead of Zeb and the Ion Projector, but I don't know that one evade per round is worth it on a ship that's unlikely to see any crits in the first place. Thoughts? Adaptability (0) Finn (5) Kanan Jarrus (3) Inertial Dampeners (1) Smuggling Compartment (0) Millennium Falcon (TFA) (1) Chewbacca (42) Trick Shot (0) "Zeb" Orrelios (1) "Chopper" (0) Ion Projector (2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  13. @Khyros presents some sage advice and statistics to back it up. There's an argument for Expertise on Rey, but I agree that Expertise on Norra is a mistake.
  14. I've been flying this more, and I'm kinda of falling in love with it. It does what I want it to do, which is leave Norra in the end, solo against another ship, which is a battle she'll usually win. I've only lost with it once, and that was 100% due to me forgetting things and not thinking things through: Don't forget FCS on Heff! Don't forget to regen on Norra! Don't forget to apply stress with R3-A2! Don't forget that Alliance Overhaul turns a focus into a crit! Don't forget Norra's ability can be used defensively! Think about Heff's free actions on bumps, don't just dole out focus tokens from Jyn! Plan Heff's flip well in advance...don't forget to flip to the landing side! I could probably keep going. I flew great in that loss, but forgot so much stuff that I deserved the loss...which ended with me tabled and my opponents last ship at 1 hull. 1 hull. I'm pretty sure my opponent was stunned that they won, too. I still have trouble comprehending it. I was 1 damage away from the win, for a while, even with all of those mistakes. But!...learn from the mistakes! Norra is a mother effin' monster in this list and I think Tail Gunner is the right choice. I also need to consider rock placement just a little more. I think there's real potential to exert more control of the first engagement and the first few turns afterwards with proper rock placement and that Seismic Torp.
  15. If your opponent deals out stress, it's a nightmare. If they don't, it's amazing. It's has everything to do with what your local meta is like.