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  1. Just got the call from my FLGS that my copy arrived today (USA).
  2. Well, it wouldn't be terrible. My opinion of Grey Wanderer is that its effects simply compensate for the cost of the deckbuilding restrictions, and offers very little else to you. It's just a strong Secrecy support tool. So, changing this into a contract that lets you use guarded attachments for free.... I guess that'd be OK.
  3. Or add a faq entry that says if a guarded card enters play while there is no encounter deck, resolve its effect after there is an encounter deck.
  4. Or just errata grey wanderer to specify the attachment can’t be guarded, I’d be happier with it that way.
  5. Finally getting around to another one of these, hope to bring a smile to somebody’s face in these trying times! https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/16675/middle-eartharcadebubblebobble-1.0
  6. You just lose your whole deck. Some decks are not suited for every quest in the game... Three Hunters contract decks are definitely decks that are straight out defeated by some quest mechanics.
  7. We know the current cycle is the last cycle. They have also said the game will return with new content after a “hiatus,” but not as a second edition. And I believe that’s literally all we know, with anything else being speculation (please somebody correct me if I’ve missed some other news about that). Personally I’m not expecting any new content after the last adventure pack from this cycle. Maybe a Scouring of the Shire event for a future GenCon or something, but I’d be very surprised to see a series of new content being published regularly at any point in the future. I think they consider the game complete.
  8. They halted all new releases from March I think, until just now. In the states.
  9. If you use Helm of Secrecy on a hero who has Thorongil attached--- I presume the new hero entering play, and you'd just trigger the Thorongil response freshly? (if there are even targets for it in your collection)
  10. How does it work if you have Thorongil, use lore Aragorn’s reset, get Thorongil discarded somehow, then reattach it and get lore Aragorn’s ability back? Would this leaving play and coming back reset the counter? It’s not even coming from lore Aragorn himself, it’s just card text granted from Thorongil... so I’m wondering if that would circumvent the usual restrictions. Wouldnt really be overpowered, as you wouldn’t be able to set that up yourself, short of killing Aragorn and using another card to bring him back. Unless the encounter deck does it for you, there isn’t a voluntary way to discard Thorongil.
  11. Best guess is that this is Steve from accounting's 5-year card art.
  12. Yes I was getting confused about it not being a contract, don't need Desperate alliance.
  13. 3 cost is a high entry point ... it's hard to find cards I would definitely want to use this with. You end up very much wanting to cheat this into play, and there are few ways to do that with an attachment. Here's a fun thought experiment. Someone else gives you control of their hero temporarily via Desperate Alliance. If that hero is a Messenger of the King 'hero,' you could then attach a hero version to that. So, you could have someone starting the game with MotK Faramir and attach the leadership hero version to that instead. Start the game with MotK Gimli and attach the tactics hero version to him. A way to start the game with the ability that fits your deck best, even if it's the ally version. In some cases, starting with much lower threat. Just a thought. It's a pity this doesn't allow you to use an ally version of that hero, that would make so many more options available. At first I thought you could, but the last couple of lines on the card make it very clear that the other version needs to be a hero card.
  14. I have to agree, I find the pack probably the most underwhelming of the whole cycle. Aragorn in particular is pretty underwhelming. I like to make a positive comment when I make a negative comment but, man... none of the cards speak to me really. I guess maybe the contract is interesting? edit: oh I get it now. You're not supposed to ever have this spirit Aragorn on his own. Always use him as an attachment with Thorongil or use another ARagorn to attach to him. I guess that works.
  15. This discussion seemed to inspire dalestephenson to make his “stereotypical” deck series, in which he analyzes a bunch of published decks for a certain trait or hero or mechanic (like “silvans”), and publishes a deck list that is essentially an “average” of all those decks. Just search for “stereotypical” on ringsdb. But this doesn’t your criterion of being 1)progression style or 2) intended to be used to play a particular cycle. So the actual answer is probably no, there is no community effort to create that.
  16. Grey Wanderer lets you choose 2 options at once, so you can ready and get resources. The timing problems with doing that on round 1 apply to Gwaihir as well as any other hero, but starting from round 2 Gwaihir actually makes very good use of both the readying and the resources during the planning phase--- he doesn't have to intentionally time his use of the contract to make full use of it.
  17. So what you’re saying is that there are more ways to ready Gwaihir than any other hero in the game
  18. And then Sword-thain them for good measure
  19. Ally Gwaihir is superior because he has the crown
  20. Sideboard, situational. To be used when the situation is correct. I think what we disagree on is the likelihood of a “correct” situation ever coming up in a game. Just different play styles I guess
  21. about that point in particular. Nobody here is saying the effect is strong, but some of us are definitely saying that it would be a very good sideboard card *if* if wasn’t relying on a dwarf leaving play.
  22. It’s probably the weakest card we’ve seen recently... but i kind of like that. Oddball underpowered cards do a lot more for my deckbuilding drive than obvious power cards like the Book here.
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