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  1. I’ve played both 2-handed and pure solo a good deal, and I massively prefer 2-handed. I stopped playing pure solo almost entirely; sometimes I do so on OCTGN only, to test a deck meant to be self-sufficient, but I haven’t played pure solo with physical cards in years. I just prefer the deckbuilding flexibility that comes with 2-handed, and I think many quests balance better with 2 players. I’ll say this for pure solo though: I think more people pay attention to your deck on RingsDb if it’s meant for 1-handed play
  2. Maybe the best idea is to sleeve Eleanor, draw a beard on her on the sleeve, and rename her Dis.
  3. Access to spirit would be good, at least, even if you stick with Dwarves. Throughout the whole hobbit saga, the treacheries make every quest pretty “swingy” since many of them can be game-ending. If you happen not to draw them, the quests are fairly “puzzle like” and straightforward to defeat. But if you haven’t planned for those treacheries or have bad luck and get hit multiple times with them, you might as well start over.
  4. Yes but typically text somewhere in the game -- like on a quest card -- will prevent this from working. I can't think of any case where this would work. Could you give us an example?
  5. I asked a question about when a quest is considered "defeated" for the purposes of a card like The Road Goes Ever On: Is a quest card considered 'defeated' if no progress tokens are involved in advancing to the next stage of the quest? (Advancing via an effect printed on the quest card instead)... examples I include advancement when no enemies are in play during Into the Pit 2B, and all of the quest cards in Fate of Wilderland. And the response:
  6. Not at liberty at the moment to dig through the FAQ, but that is where I would look for a direct answer on this question. It’s an old question which I believe was addressed directly. When a defender leaves play during any point of an attack, that attack becomes undefended. If the rules reference created a conflict with that, it’s probably unintentional... best to play your games consistent with the old ruling, lest your wins be “invalidated.”
  7. Card effects that allow you to declare attacks often include the step in which you declare attackers. For Grimbeorn, the cost (everything before the word "to" in his Response) includes the step of declaring him as the attacker. You, as a player, do not have a window in which you can declare attackers. The card effect does this for you. Same goes for Quick Strike. Note the difference with the Ambush trap: "Combat Action: The engaged player discards Ambush to declare an attack against the attached enemy." There is no language which declares an attacker for you. You do that step yourself, and can choose 1 or more attacks as you wish.
  8. I want to make a deck that brings Merry out as the 9th member of your fellowship with that contract card, then bounces him out of play and back in for the rest of the game.
  9. Not seeing an article by FFG, but this has been updated to “Shipping Now” on their upcoming page.
  10. This is the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game forum and not X-wing; perhaps you are looking for this? https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/222-x-wing/
  11. How about: When Northern Tracker exhausts to commit to the quest, place 1 progress on X locations in the staging area. X is the number of players in the game.
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