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  1. Cuz it is a hidden set of equipment (items) and not a warning scrawled on a rock (signal). It was not done for game mechanics, so looking for game mechanic explanation, like broken combos, is a dead end. It's just card theme pure and simple. It is inconvenient now that we have cards that interact with the signal trait, but at the time it was released, we had none. So there's your explanation.
  2. This guy: There are a couple of decks built for him already on ringsdb. What would you build with him in order to take best advantage of his ability? Battle-fury is a nice combo that I've heard mentioned. It's very expensive (1 tactics, 1spirit, and 1 leadership resource), but you could use that to attack an enemy engaged with you ("any eligible target") or another player if you get ranged onto Eomer, then use his ability to attack an enemy in the staging area. Late Adventurer is a good card for Eomer. If you combine it with Don't Be Hasty, you can double up on his ability. Pushing enemies back into the staging area is possible and, recently, even reliable with Fastred, but I can't see the benefit for doing so (other than Fastred's threat decrease). Otherwise, you can seek to keep the enemies in the staging area with low threat in solo. In multiplayer you would need to rely on card effects like Noiseless Movement. What are your thoughts on this guy?
  3. Play a game, read a book or watch a movie to celebrate!
  4. I believe it is fine. This wouldn't work if the card used the language "then" for the second effect. But it does not use that language.
  5. I saw a guy do a Strider deck with just Elrond and Treebeard once, and as I recall it was effective. Not game-carrying or anything, but it worked. Mirlonde is also a possibility if you want to go Mono-lore, or Lore Pippin. You don't get access to another sphere's tools, but it keeps threat down. If you're going to put Cloak of Lorien in there, being a mono-lore combination, Mirlonde is an extra target for it. Otherwise, Pippin is the more functional choice.
  6. I guess instead of suggesting Merry makes Secrecy too easy, I should have said he provides you with this text: "Ignore forced engagement checks. You cannot be eliminated due to threat." Are those effects commensurate with the level of difficulty it takes to set up the Merry combo? Again, talking about games with 3 or 4 players here. He is not such a big deal in smaller games.
  7. With Eleanor or Spirit Merry. So how are people feeling about this combo? It's existed ever since the Tireless Ranger boon was introduced, but I think people just kind of accepted it because it can only happen in campaign mode. Merry with Wingfoot means you can reduce your threat every time an enemy is revealed. That means you can pair Merry with any 2 other heroes -- why not Elrond and Gandalf for example? -- and reasonably expect to get down into Secrecy in games with a higher player count. Eleanor with Wingfoot means you can ignore all treacheries in every game. You still have to be prepared for 1) cards that say "cannot be cancelled," and 2) more locations and enemies to replace the treacheries you're cancelling. And of course you still have Doomed and Surge to deal with. But still, this 2-card and 2-cost combo (3 counting the hero, but you don't have to draw into that card) shuts down one type of card in the counter deck permanently. Just wondering how people feel these combos. Cool with it? Think it deserves errata? Have you tried it or seen others try it?
  8. Hmm, well its counterintuitive to me to have a "do this unless this" for a core game mechanic. Sure there are plenty of counterintuitive rulings in LotR, but if I can avoid one more, I'll try to do so...
  9. As for reshuffling in the quest phase on a Surge card: I believe reshuffling the encounter take takes precedence over other actions. So you'd reveal the last card, then immediately reshuffle before resolving any of its effects. If that was an event card, it will wind up in the now empty discard pile after being resolved -- not reshuffled into the deck. Sailing tests are different. The Grey Havens manual says you reshuffle the deck BEFORE the sailing test, if you determine there are not enough cards to complete your sailing test. So, you'd reshuffle it after you commit characters to the test: "If the encounter deck does not contain enough cards to look at, shuffle the encounter discard pile back into the encounter deck first."
  10. The rule book says: if you have a Guarded keyword and have a guarded objective come up as the reveal, you put that objective in the staging area (you don't attach it to the original card). Then you reveal another card and use that as the guard for the original guarded keyword. After you're done with that, remember that the guarded keyword says you are revealing a card, so now you also have to resolve the Guarded keyword on that second objective. So no, you don't end up with a 3-card chain, you'll end up with 2 separately guarded objectives. "If another objective card comes up while attaching a card for the guarded keyword, place the second objective in the staging area, and use the next card of the encounter deck to fulfill the original keyword effect."
  11. I haven't tried Sam with Spirit Pippin. Their abilities seem to work against each other. It would be a Dunedain Cache deck for sure, rather than the janky Elf-friend+Rivendell Bow combo that I'm trying to pull off here, but it would run into most of the same problems with card draw.
  12. Good point about Knight of the Swan, I totally forgot that Ethir Swordsman affects him too. I'll admit I haven't ever used any of the Outlands allies except for that Ethir Swordsman. Another good sideboard card here would be Gather Information, if other players are willing to do it and in a scenario that doesn't penalize you for ignoring the main quest. Of course, then you have to draw into that 1-of card.
  13. I definitely like that Open the Armory, it's a natural fit for what I'm trying to do in the deck. I don't like to proxy cards but it'll go in once I get my hands on it. I like the ideas about the big allies. I think they, and Test of Will, are sideboard cards for now and get slotted in depending on the scenario. I'd like to talk about this Trollshaw Scout / Elven-light combo for a moment though. I'd never used it before and I'd never seen anyone put it in a deck. Turns out it's pretty solid. I like it more than I thought I would. Mainly it's in there because the deck is desperate for draw. And it does support the purpose of the deck (ranged attacks with Merry). Unfortunately, every possible spirit/tactics draw card requires a combo in itself, excepting Ancient Mathom, which is not great in 4-player. Elven-light doesn't work on its own because there's no native discard in this deck. In the case of Trollshaw/Elven-light, it's a really good draw combo if your deck has money to burn (which this deck does, with Resourcefuls active). When Rod of the Steward came out, people said "2 resources for 1 card? Too weak, but 1 resource for 1 card would have been too powerful." Well, in a 4-player game, Trollshaw Scout/Elven-light is basically "pay X spirit resources to draw X cards." The "X" value is only limited by the number of enemies on the table. It is pretty amazing when you get it going. As long as you have money, in a 4-player game there will be plenty of enemy targets. Still, it's a combo that you need to draw into. I wouldn't include it in this deck if I had better draw options.
  14. You all offered nice suggestions, but basically you were suggesting I scrap my deck and run a different one. I already have 3 versions of this deck with 3 different hero lineups, as mentioned in the original post. I was hoping for some ideas to improve the spirit/tactics version. So no, the decklist above hasn't changed.
  15. Thanks for all the help. After running attempts in OCTGN, definitely Dunedain Cache is the safer way to go (no brainer, it doesn't require a combo). I tend to favor the spirit/tactics deck even though it's less reliable. It's a more reliable support in a 4 player game, maybe, because it puts willpower on the table faster. And it offers the novelty of playing Spirit Pippin, hah!