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  1. GrandSpleen

    Legolas (core) vs Misty Mountain Goblins

    Good to know!
  2. GrandSpleen

    Legolas (core) vs Misty Mountain Goblins

    You are correct-- the active location acts as a buffer for the quest, so if as card effect instructs you to place progress on the quest, the active location will act as a buffer. So Legolas' tokens will go on the location first. If a card effect instructs you to remove tokens from the quest, there is no buffer to consider. So Misty Mountain Goblins will remove progress tokens directly from the quest card even if there is an active location with progress tokens on it. The only time a card effect will directly place progress tokens on the quest, even if there is an active location, is when the card uses the language "bypassing the active location." There are other cards that place progress on the quest, such as Gondolin Blade, and they work the same way that Legolas does.
  3. GrandSpleen

    Mono Tactics Spotlight

    Hah, I wrote that before I clicked on your link. Tactics Imrahil. Well, no offense intended
  4. GrandSpleen

    Mono Tactics Spotlight

    I’ll be more likely to look at a deck when it contains uncommon heroes, or heroes that don’t build decks all by themselves. If I see tactics Imrahil there’s a good chance I’ve seen some version of that deck before. If I see, say, Fastred and no Dunhere, I’m probably gonna think “hey now, what’s this?”
  5. GrandSpleen

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    There is little doubt.
  6. From Caleb’s comment in the article, we are definitely getting one or more characters in this cycle that people have been asking for for a while. At this point, Thranduil is the one everyone is expecting, myself included. Caleb seems to take all of the repeatedly requested characters seriously though, so I would expect to see a Radagast hero in the game’s life at some point, or at least an updated ally. Gwaihir hero seems likely, as that one is often called for. And Spirit Aragorn. Not expecting to see all of that in the upcoming cycle, mind you... Personally I would like to see alternate versions of Frodo and Bilbo (which can be used outside the the Saga expansions).
  7. GrandSpleen

    Noldor Deck Building

    Noldor is my favorite trait to build around for willpower decks. I look to Noldor to give me a deck which quests well but whose role doesn’t end with “O exhaust everyone to quest. See you next round!” Narya helps you achieve that. Ally Glorfindel also. My go-to Noldor deck is blue and green, with Cirdan, Arwen, and Galdor. I would call Arwen more of a staple for the Noldor archetype than Erestor is— he defines your play style so much that he is really an archetype unto himself. I prefer Galdor over Erestor because I like a slower, deliberate play style in general.
  8. GrandSpleen

    Too Much Cancellation?

    Yes, I've definitely done Dwarven Tomb recycling with Map of Earnil before, for the express purpose of re-using A Test of Will. You're totally missing the Lore side of things though. Scout Ahead (side quest) and Out of the Wild to remove the treachery of your choice (or enemy or location!), with The Door is Closed as a hard cancel to extra copies of that card later. Scry, and then Gildor's Counsel to reduce the chance that you even reveal that treachery, or Risk Some Light to put it where you want it. When you see it come out as a shadow card on the same turn, you can rest assured you have done something similar to cancelling it. The Door is Closed did some nice work for me on my saga playthrough versus Shelob's evil treacheries.
  9. GrandSpleen

    Limit on Mounts

    I don't know why that would matter, Elfhelm's bonus doesn't change if you have multiple mounts on the same character. No stacking here.
  10. GrandSpleen

    Quest suite

    People tend to like scenarios with a static setup when they test new decks. Passage through Mirkwood is static but too easy for most peoples' tastes (although, beware some of the cards in that deck, easy or no). Escape from Umbar is one that has been coming up as a 'test quest' more recently. A lot of people use Journey Down the Anduin, which is not a static setup because it has a random reveal, but otherwise you know exactly what hurdle you're going to have to get over on that first quest card. I usually build decks 2-handed. Sometimes I will want to just pilot one deck, so I "pretend" to have a 2nd deck. I'll pull up a quest and my to-be-tested player deck in OCTGN. Then I will pretend that I have a 2nd deck which functions well. I'll be revealing 2 cards each round, and if my "pretend" deck is a combat deck, it's going to take 1 or 2 enemies and deal with them each round. If the "pretend" deck is a quest deck, it's going to start with 7 willpower and increase that over several rounds, but it's not going to take any enemies (unless forced for some reason). Anyway, just something I do when I'm trying to test a deck built for 2-player, but don't have the time or patience to actually pilot 2 decks on my own.
  11. GrandSpleen

    Chieftan Ufthak

    After he completes the attack. That first attack will be for 3 attack strength. If he attacks again next round, the attack will be for 5.
  12. GrandSpleen

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    Send a message to the group admin for the Facebook group, and you'll get your invite. For discord yes, you'll need to make an account.
  13. GrandSpleen

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    I’ve been on this forum for years, and yes I do think it is quieter than it used to be. But I think that mostly just means that the action has moved elsewhere. There is now the Facebook group here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1524879351170755 And there is the Cardboard of the Rings Discord server. Post in either of those and you’ll be getting replies within the hour if not immediately. I still prefer this place, and only rarely make posts in other places, probably out of habit I suppose.
  14. GrandSpleen

    Ambush on the Shore - Side B

    You should resolve all cards as normal, including treacheries. Also, I am guessing you DO have some exhausted characters at this point. You have just completed the previous quest card, which means you had some characters committed to the quest... they remain exhausted after questing, so that treachery will still damage them.
  15. GrandSpleen

    Vilya, Put into Play, Resource Match

    Nice -- thanks!