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  1. Bucket List

    Would like to see more victory display shenanigans! And more heroes with dual sphere effects. Hey let’s kill two birds with one stone: Lindir Lore Hero Threat cost 8 2 willpower 1 attack 2 defense 3 hit points Noldor trait While there is an enemy worth no victory points in the victory display, Lindir gains the Tactics resource icon. While there is a location worth no victory points in the victory display, Lindir gains the Spirit resource icon. While there is a treachery worth no victory points in the victory display, Lindir gains the Leadership resource icon.
  2. Attacks & Defense with Exhausted Characters?

    Hi! Welcome to the game. I'll do my best to give some clear answers: -Enemies don't engage characters. They engage players! During the encounter phase, you'll "engage" an enemy by taking it out of the staging area and putting it into your play area. It has not engaged any characters. It has engaged YOU, the player. Character readiness/exhaustion, and having characters committed to the quest does not factor in here. -When you delcare an attack against an enemy, you exhaust a character (or multiple characters). If you can ready one of those characters later on (example: Unexpected Courage) then yes, you may use that character to attack another enemy that is engaged with you. -If your character is READY, you can delcare it as a defender. You have to exhaust the character when you delcare it as a defender, so it needs to be ready first. When you commit your characters to the quest, you exhaust them. So generally, characters who quest cannot later defend an attack. Again, if you can ready that character through a card effect, like Unexpected Courage or Aragorn's ability, then you can use that character to defend. -You'll put 1 encounter card on each objective (not 3 on each objective) in Dol Guldur. Total of 3 encounter cards with 3 objective cards. Yes, the encounter cards will contribute their threat to the staging area. It's a very very hard quest with just the Core set box, honestly just prepare to lose a lot. For more community resources, see: Beorn's Path Tales from the Cards' buying guide: Ringsdb for other peoples' decks. You can filter the search results so that they only show you decks which were built with cards that you own! Welcome again!
  3. Surge as Shadow effect

    A fair point. Back to head scratching!
  4. Behind Strong Walls

    No, you can't (Caleb's quoted ruling a few posts above this one makes it clear).
  5. Surge as Shadow effect

    Look at dale's first reply. He quotes the FAQ, which clarifies that Surge is resolved any time the card is revealed, not just during the quest phase.
  6. Surge as Shadow effect

    The shadow effect in this case says 'resolve the when revealed effect.' The 'when revealed' effect in this instance grants the card surge (surge is not simply printed as regular keyword on the card). So yes, Surge would trigger here.
  7. A dwarven mining deck inspired by the arcade classic, Dig Dug! Watch out for Frygars!
  8. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    I'm operating under the assumption it was out of their hands.
  9. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    Not sure how all this works with shipping and printing. But we learned about Quickbeam missing his uniqueness symbol long ago, due to some people getting their packs early. This means at least some packs were already printed at that time (in other words: past the stage where correction is possible). Best guess is all packs were already printed way back then, when some people got theirs early. The Quickbeam you now hold in your hand was already printed when those first pictures went online. So the error was likely discovered after printing occurred. With that in mind, it would be a terrible financial decision to trash them all and get them reprinted. So no, I wouldn't expect the delay had resulted from needing to get him corrected.
  10. That is how I played it. You would immediately advance to stage 2, so the Forced effect on stage 1 does not get resolved.
  11. Behind Strong Walls

    Well that clarifies things, thanks for sending the query. My take-home from this: when triggering an effect, you are able to target a character who is only eligible for a portion of that effect. But there does need to be some kind of eligibility (something needs to affect the board state). Sound correct?
  12. Behind Strong Walls

    Caleb's explanation above just mentions that Behind Strong Walls can target a ready Gondor character because it doesn't explicitly state that the character needs to be exhausted. He repeated that point when discussing Flame of Anor, but didn't mention a secondary effect as requisite for that point to remain true. So currently it seems that you can do all of the things I typed above. If your deck is empty, I wonder can you play Mithrandir's Advice? Same idea here, paying a cost for no effect. (whoops, you're right, no Cram on allies, but Spare Hood & Cloak and Born Aloft are 0-point attachments that would also work, should we ever see a Dale ally that is returned to hand)
  13. Behind Strong Walls

    If we get a Dale ally with a general action that returns him to your hand, you have an interesting combo. Put the two recently spoiled heroes in: Brand (Leadership) and Bard son of Brand and get Cram into play. -Play Cram on Dale ally, draw a card (per King Brand) -Return ally to hand -Get Cram back in your hand (per Bard's effect) -Play Dale ally -Play Cram (draw a card) So if hypothetical ally costs 1, you get "spend 1 resource to draw 1 card," on par with Elven-light but you don't have to find a way to discard it, like you need to do with Elven-light. If that ally costs 2, you get "spend 2 resources to draw 1 card," which is expensive and on par with Rod of the Steward. If it that ally costs 0, you have a broken combo that draws your whole deck, so-- minor limiting of design space, I guess.
  14. Behind Strong Walls

    Well, ok then. Here are some things you can do with this, that i thought you couldn't do (maybe other people thought otherwise?): "Ready" Boromir every phase to get to Valour Use Gimli (leadership)'s ability to give Legolas +1 even if he's not exhausted Same for Legolas (Spirit) for boosting Gimli's willpower, although that has less utility Discard a card every phase if Glorfindel ally is in play (trigger Galdor, power up Eregion Survivor, put the right type of card on the top of your discard pile for Sailor of Lune, get repeated uses out of Elven-light) Discard Cram for no effect (this will combo with the upcoming Brand Leadership card for a free 'deck thinning' option, like putting 'We Are Not Idle' in non-dwarf decks) Use Narya to give combat boosts to allies that were already ready Exhaust Spare Hood & Cloak + attached character for no effect (the cloak won't even pass because the following sentence uses 'then'). I don't see much utility here. Only thing I can think of is ensuring that a Silvan elf will heal every round while a Silvan Tracker is in play. Use Boomed & Trumpeted for its attack boost on a ready Ent character. You could combo Song of Mocking or take undefended attacks to satisfy the damage part. Use Common Cause to exhaust a character for no effect (again, poor utility, but legal) Use Tale of Tinuviel and target a character that is already ready Get the attack boost from Taste it Again on a character who is already ready Some are significant upgrades. There were times I couldn't apply Narya before because my ally wasn't exhausted, I'm sure of that. And I've definitely sent tactics Legolas questing, thinking I needed him to be exhausted. So this alters tactical decisions. Some of the effects of this ruling are pretty meaningless though (like Spare Hood & Cloak, weird but no big deal). In general it gives more utility to every card affected. I don't see anything broken, but still. Kind of surprised here.
  15. Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    Yes that's what I did. I avoided rescuing cards on stage 1 as well, so I didn't have to reveal more cards, until I was good and ready for it. I used all hero defenders, so my defense couldn't be wrecked by a card that steals my allies. I actually didn't clear stage 2 as quickly as possible-- there were just way too many enemies in play. I got it a little bit more under control before advancing, but you do get the extra card every round on stage 2, so you can't hang out forever. I still ended up having 6 or 7 enemies to deal with once on stage 3.