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  1. I know there has been some talk on the boards about Decipher's Star Wars CCG from back in the day. In some ways the game is still alive and 'virtual' cards are still being coated by the players committee. Seeing that Fantasy Flight does have a history of re printing old games I would have to push for an acquisition of the rights to the Decipher game and a reprint as a LCG. I believe Decipher exists, if just barely, and in its time Star Wars CCG was one of the top card games in the world. Fantasy Flight has an extra advantage of having on of the most active Star Wars communities in its hometown, and if they worked with the players committee they would be able to shape the massive collection of cards into LCG sets. If nothing else it would be great to see them buy the mechanics and re launch the game, but with over ten years of playing there has shown to be a clear set of useful cards, and turning them into themed LCG releases would be feasible. Many players lament the fact that Decipher lost the license, and the fact that the game is still played, ten years after going out of print is a testament to the following that the game had.
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