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  1. Interesting. Thanks, I will look around at the local community.
  2. Wondering where the best place to do this is. Gotta save for a house, and not really able to play miniatures / wargames anymore. My gaming group is more or less into board games, so I just don't see this getting to table anymore. I got 2 core sets, and everything from wave... 1 I guess you would say. As in, for both Daqan and Waiqar, I have the first expansions - more foot troops, Golem, Lancer, the heroes and the Infantry Command. I also painted one complete core set, and the Daqan infantry commands to a great quality, using Sorastro's paint scheme. You can see pics here: Album of Painted Core Set
  3. So looking at putting a cool logo (simple outline, just black) on all the shields of my Daqan army. Whats the best way to do that? Is there a way to print decals?
  4. Need to post more often I guess. Took like 36 hours to approve by admin
  5. Just in time for the expansions... which I get this week. And my friend is buying another core set and I said he could be Waiqar and I would paint the other core set. I'll never be done.
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