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  1. After reading AiME by Cubicle 7 I was as thinking I would probably prefer Genesys over 5e. The Corruption mechanic was one I was considering working with. Using Star Wars’ Morality might work, but I wasn’t sure if I’d modify it a little since in my experience it’s weighted towards light side growth.
  2. I definitely prefer the theory that you could see the blasts from Starkiller base, as a side effect of how the beams manipulated hyperspace over visualizing a metaphor.
  3. I knew that explanation, but since Disney (and Lucas before them) doesn't seem to care for anything that's now legends, I would be very careful in saying what a character can or can't do. The explanation makes sense, but so did the gravity wells for hyperspace jumps.....before JJ ruined everything. I agree with everything else. My apologies for going off topic a little, but I have to say, it looked a lot like Cassius jumped from inside the gravity well on Jedha. As to how JJ messed with hyperspace... yeah, kinda annoying. At the same time, am I mistaken in remembering when anyone gave a technical reason for gravity well issues in Legends it was because of computer safeties? Can anyone think of any sources to look at besides the Thrawn trilogy and the Yuzzah Vong series?
  4. Force sensitivity doesn't necessarily mean force powers. In the EU, uncanny instincts and good luck like the chain of events in Rogue One often suggested some sensitivity or connection with the Force. It's entirely possible I'm reading too much into it, but some of the descriptions of Lyra and Jyn in Catalyst seemed to suggest some instinctive weariness/affinity for the mood of what was going on around them. Could just be Luceno's writing/language using too many code words that surrounded the Jedi and force sensitives in other books. I can't think of anything specific from the movie that made me think it, except the exceptional luck and prowess that surrounds most of Star Wars' main characters. EDIT: I later saw an article saying early drafts of the script had Lyra as a Jedi in hiding. Depending on when that was knixed, that could explain why I got that feeling after from the descriptions in Catalyst.
  5. Am I the only one suspecting Jyn might have slight force sensitivity? Especially after reading Catalyst, it seemed like she might not be aware of it, but have some intuition.
  6. My players got their characters to the 500 xp mark, and while they were each exceptional in a skill and a power, none of them were quite as capable/well rounded as RotJ Luke (enhance/sense/move/bind (his force choke?)). When focusing on one thing like mechanics or piloting they could come up with 4-6 die dice pools, and had uneven success with their powers, more like Luke in Cloud City. Nothing like Obi-Wan in TPM or Anakin in AotC. Some people say it's not fair to compare our characters to Prequel-era hyper idealized Jedi from the movies. While I think that's true of the prequels, it's fair to compare progression to Luke since that's the only original era (which these books are emulating) comparison we can make. Ignoring the ace piloting and mechanics Luke exhibits in ANH, his lower level capabilities with multiple force powers in just ESB cost quite a bit. RotJ shows much better control of his powers probably reflecting an increase in his force rating (completing a force tree).
  7. I think it's a valid gripe. I'd like to see continuing stories, leave the past a little nebulous. I thought that's where going back to the Knights of the Old Republic was a great move. They got to dabble in other areas of the lore, but it was far enough back it could remain clouded by time and not have to be called back all the time. I also got frustrated in the EU when Luke would continuously fall to the dark side because authors didn't have anything else interesting they thought they could do with him. I thought the Aboleth premise was annoying, but the way they handled the his relationship with Ben kept me reading it.
  8. Have I been the only one wondering if there was any way they might make Ezra become Snoke? The darker his arc gets, the more I've been wondering...
  9. Another complication with bringing Leia back is, the more involved she gets, the more it stretches credulity that she isn't suspected of treason. The Imperials are already very heavy handed and don't need very much of an excuse to disappear someone. Especially if it undermined the credibility of political adversaries like Bail Organa by outing his daughter as a rebel.
  10. To me the 2 most plausible ways to sell it, if Rey is Luke's daughter are: He had a fling and didn't know about her He had a daughter around the time of Ben's fall, but sent her with mommy because he was afraid he'd send her to the dark side too. If mommy left her on Jakku then got captured or killed, Luke might've had cause to believe she was dead too. I think it was Fragments of the Rim which pointed out how much of his character motivation is driven by family relations (ie: not going to the academy to help with harvest, surrendering to the emperor to save his father from the dark side).
  11. I'm not sure if I like having those two be Rey's parent more than Skywalker having a kid he didn't know about? But it's an interesting theory. I get why people want the break from the Skywalkers to some degree, but they've said the saga will continue to be about the Skywalkers while the one shots explore other corners of the universe. And I'd like to think Luke found some happiness after RotJ instead just failing at everything. I kinda have mixed feelings about JJ's secretive lean on the movies. On one hand it would be nice to know more about the characters, but we didn't know anything going into A New Hope the first time and I liked learning more as I read more books and the universe was fleshed out. Since they rebooted the canon I can't blame them if they're taking their time to re-establish plausible relationships and events rather than giving us Luke falling to the dark side every other story like the old EU.
  12. The Visual Dictionary also calls out that all the circular modules outlined with orange circles can be swapped out with other modules. If you want to scale back some of the tools from the astromech because of size/encumbrance concerns you could create different packages for different tasks. If you want to be that fluffy.
  13. I don't have it in front of me, but look in the sidebars. Somewhere in each product line they have a suggested order for tying the Beginners Game, it's followup, the Core book adventure and the GM Kit adventures into a mini-campaign or start of a campaign. I think the beginners game follow-ups are meant to provide additional ideas within the scope of the pre-gens, and wrap the group's establishment of the group resource, and presents ideas for making the players deal with the consequences of their adventures. Also if you consider the beginner's kit a methodical introduction to playing the game, the follow-ups do the same for the game master. Now they're not telling you the order, but giving you ideas and details to weave together as you wish, because that's how your games are going to progress.
  14. While either of the above is possible, Yoda did also imply that Anakin was in trouble or was being dealt with: "Faith in your new apprentice, misplaced may be. As is your faith in the dark side of the Force."
  15. I had a character ask the very same question, and this popped into my head: "Excuse me, Lord Vader. You can stop slaying younglings now, you can't get any more conflict this session." I can't imagine there would be a cap to conflict earned in a session, but especially if you think Luke blowing up the Death Star is conflict worthy, I would temper it by the circumstances.
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