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  1. i'd love to get a copy of these rules you made…we are huge AGOT players and are just getting into BOW I'm not a member of boardgamegeek and i cant dl the pdf
  2. awesome thanks i was going to email them again but figured i'd post in here to see what hte response time usually is such a great game i nearly won in round 4 then 4 of the 5 players ganged up on me and reduced me to 2 strongholds...it was tense! lol
  3. so we were playing this game i attacked a territory with one unit and my opponent had one unit we used the tides of battle option and i won and killed the unit with a sword icon my opponents tides of battle card had a skull icon so my unit was destroyed as well so what happens to the contested land? can i establish control or does it become neutral again?
  4. how long does it take them to respond...is it better to email them directly or to fill out the customer help form? i emailed them friday last week and its now tuesday with no response...
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