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  1. Thank a lot! We'll try out all these suggestions next weekend and hopefully have better results!
  2. Artemus Maximus said: In the Revised Rules published, the only restriction that weapons with the 'Heavy' trait have is that they cannot be used to launch an Overwatch attack. Is there a page number in the revised edition book that you know for this one? We were looking everywhere for a mention of what Heavy meant.
  3. So my friends and I recently picked up Tannhauser. We've enjoyed the games so far but recently have started to see that all our games are becoming seriously lopsided favoring Union. This mostly seems to have to do with Barry and his giant gun. We tried seeing if there were rules for "Heavy" or anything that might temper him a bit but no luck so far. We're not sure if we're just missing something. Basically every game involves Barry single-handedly winning the game. I saw conversations about minimum range rules which I'm assuming aren't in the game any longer? Any suggestions on possible rules we may have overlooked or anything that might balance it out for us would be appreciated.
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