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  1. I'm a big fan of ffg and I was wondering whether this is a good purchase? Could anyone sell the idea of buying this game to me? I have a game of thrones the board game second edition and I was also unsure whether this would be too similar. Thanks!
  2. That doesn't really have much to do with the Greyjoy-Lannister problem. Baratheon in a 4-5 player game is a different matter all together. Baratheon have the advantage of being able to capture the south without any resistance. As far as anyone knows, there is no was to solve the Greyjoy-Lannister problem without changing the board or how Lannister starts. The way I've dealt with it is I always have Greyjoy played by a very fair and seafaring person who doesn't like smashing Lannister as they are too easy. I always play as Lannister and I manage to win later on when I'm secretly gaining strength without him knowing.
  3. We just change Davos' ability to whichever 4 card the house with him had. For eg: The red viper was in Davos' deck and when he was used Davos' ability came into play. Other cards such as salador and victarion just change to which house they're with.
  4. My friends and I had a game where we mixed the house cards between us and played a game like that. It was quite hard to choose the cards fairly seeing as the people that picked first had the best advantage. I picked last but I ended up winning due to a strange Loras and Roose combo. I was wondering if there are any ways to do all of this fairly. A house card point system or some other way to make the game interesting but not unbalanced.
  5. Is there a link you can give me that tells me all about the new rules and cards?
  6. Would you happen to know any more about the ADWD expansion?
  7. I agree about the pointlessness of the fortification icon completely. Given Areo's position in the books it seems appropriate that he have defensive capabilities. Perhaps another two fortification icons would have sufficed so he could be the anti-Gregor!
  8. You've sold me haha I apologise for my stubborness. I feel like all my past wins count for naught when I've been playing with the wrong rules for certain things. The part the confused me the most was when it said printed power icons when all of them are printed, except for the tokens you place but they aren't on the board at the time you draw the card.
  9. Hmm after looking at the board again it wouldn't be as bad as I first thought. I'm still not sold as to if the text actually means what you say it means
  10. Hold on a minute here. I've been playing the game for most of the year and I've always dealt with the GOT card like this: When the game of thrones card is drawn, every player collects one power token for each printed power token on the board (The main base of your house or any others you currently control) and one power token for each port that you control with a ship in it. Am I to understand you're meant to collect a power token for every CROWN icon you control?! It seems to me this would severely unbalance the game
  11. Cheers. That was really bugging me all week!
  12. My friends and I played with that rule except we changed it to one power instead of two. It worked quite well but near the end of the game no one was able to purchase mercenaries which lead to the cards deciding the battles (just as if the were no tides of battle at all).
  13. My friend brought up an interesting point the other day and we have been unable to solve it. When the third deck of the westeros phase comes up sometimes it gives restrictions to the planning phase; no defense orders, no march +1 etc. Would the player with the raven be able to change one of their orders to one of the restricted ones seeing as it's not in the planning phase?
  14. I think those rules are bloody brilliant! On the other hand they would aid the winning players more so than the loosing. I'm definitely going to give these rules a try
  15. I'd like to see more of your ideas of objectives. How many would you create at the start of the game and would you give everyone the ability to swap objectives or would you give that power to the iron throne?
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