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  1. 2 Core sets 1- Xwing Expansion 2-Tie advance 2 Y-Wing So a total of 12 ships, with plans to add 1 each of Falcon and Slave, and 2 each of the A wing and interceptor
  2. Oh I am familiar, but as an action a barrel roll is a barrel roll is a barrel roll, how you actually say you performed it, the action is still a barrel roll so only one per phase.. at least in my house
  3. I play Dawn Patrol/Fight in the Skies, a WWI air combat game, and in tourneys, we start the game with a tourney box, which is smaller than the large play area (undefined), game play has to stay in the tourney box for "x" turns usually 2-3 turns if I remember. I could see the same with Xwing, start with the 3x3 board but after turn 4 (my best guess for number of turns, have not tried this yet) move to the 4x4 board. This should keep the game time down, and allow for serious "dog fighting" and keep things interesting. My .002
  4. I know this is a 'what if" but this should fall under " a ship cannot perform the same action more than once per game round even if it is a free action" rule……………………………
  5. In the event of a collision (overlap) with another ship do both ships then lose their action, or only the ship moving currently into the overlap lose thier action for that turn. Thanks
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