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  1. You can read more about it on p.52 in FaD - Core, hope that helps
  2. I haven't found any maps either. You'll have to make your own based on the descriptions of the unmapped levels. My players have made the temple their base and are in the progress of expanding it using the rules for base building from one of the supplements in AoR They even managed to capture Rav Naaran alive and are trying to bring him back to the Light side, hoping to gain him as a mentor
  3. I've read about the specializations and the Force powers a bit more and sure, there it is. Both talents and upgrades that lets a player activate their characters Force powers as either a maneuver or an incidental. Thanks a lot guys (and gals, if there are any :P). Sincerely, Tegman
  4. Hi, as the topic says, does a Force user have to use their Action when they commit Force dice? In the FaD rules, all powers that use Force points are Action based (unless the description say's otherwise). You have to roll to see how many 'pip's you get to spend, but while you commit you just temporarily reduce your characters Force rating. None of my players have made an issue of this, yet, but I would like to hear from someone with more experience in playing the game how you have solved this? If it costs an action, then they'll loose one or more turns just to activate their powers, a thing I don't see in the movies. Incidentals is maybe too cheesy, but maybe a maneuver? Sincerely, Tegman
  5. Aye, a hard point might work as well, then they'll get to keep the cargo space on their ship.
  6. Hi, in the Special Modifications book, on p.94, there are rules for workshops. In the text it says that, if bought, a workshop costs tens of thousands of credits. The different workshops are: Default, Shipboard, Homestead and Industrial. My players will most likely be interested in the shipboard variant, which also lacks information about how much space it takes up (other than the ship must be of silhouette 4+). What I wonder is, does anyone have a clue how much the different sizes of workshops might cost? Sincerely, Tegman
  7. Thanks guys, using Perception is a good idea and I¨'ll use that
  8. Hi guys, I'm wondering if any of you can help me out. It states in the basic power of Sense that: The user may spend a force point to sense all living things within short range (more if range upgrades are bought) of himself (including animals and sentient beings). What I wonder is, does the force user know if a creature is sentient or an animal or does he only get to know how many living creatures that are within range? Sincerely, Tegman
  9. In my game I use it like that too. I don't understand how anyone can get the idea that their character can shoot once everytime it's triggered, just because it doesn't state that. For my part it's just common sense. You get one attack action, and with overwatch you can use it later, if it triggers, simple as that.
  10. I had totally forgot those rules. They're nice if the PC's wants to take someone alive by using a paralytic poison.
  11. I like your idea and I'm gonna use it in my campaign.
  12. I'll tell my players to make sure their characters stay away from cans from now on
  13. Thanks, I have those books as well, didn't know they had conversion rules
  14. Thanks for the input guys, I'll just go with exchanging * with + and adjust if needed
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